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Here’s a 9/11 Death Chart To Drive Your Wingnut Relatives Crazier

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Never gonna give you up ...Need something to send back to all the hick-jackholes sure to send you maudlin bullshit Never Forget crying eagle gifs tomorrow? We made you a chart of math science! Methodology: We combined the 2001-2010 figures for “U.S. gun deaths” (30,000 annually) and “U.S. automobile fatalities” (379,000 over nine years) to make a second WTC tower to go alongside the U.S. Diabetes Deaths 2001-2010 of Tower One. All information was found on the Internet, using a web browser and popular sites such as the CDC and “the Wikipedia.” Iraq casualties from Iraq Body Count, U.S. military deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan from iCasualties.

Never Forget about Diabetes, the Silent 9/11 times a million.

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  • CitizenCyanide

    If you remember, the people of the United States gave money of their own volition to the families of 9/11 victims.

  • V572625694

    Just found this while solopsistically reviewing my greatest thumb-earning comments. Funny! Come back, Clint! Humorless lefties (I'm guessing) are even more fun than humorless wingtards, if you can find 'em.