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Maryland Muslim Politician Worships a Rat!

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Peace be upon himDid you know that this is the summer of the mosque? So says important daily journalism product The Washington Post, because of a zoning debate in a city several hundred miles away from where the Post’s subscriber base is centered. Naturally, the best way for them to exploit this summer theme for massive readership was to find a local mosque, or, failing that, a local Muslim. Oooh, how about one who’s running for state office in the Maryland suburbs of D.C.? Exciting! Is it controversial? Is he feeling the hate, because of the mosque? Does he worship a rat? Quick answers: no, no, yes.

This is basically a boring story that probably started out sounding like it might be interesting and then turned out not to be, but they had already paid someone to follow this Muslim dude around for a day or two, so eh, let’s print it anyway. Basically, Saqib Ali is running in a super-liberal district, no one really cares that he’s Muslim, he’s not really super-Muslim anyway, one guy was vaguely pissy at him on mosque-related issues, he may or may not win because he’s running against an incumbent, etc. There are exactly two points of interest. One is that, while discussing his blasé attitude towards Ground-Zero-mosque building, he lets slip that the so-called “religion of peace” is really a religion focused on animatronic robot mice:

As he expounded later, “It’s just like if somebody wants to put Chuck E. Cheese in a strip mall. If they want to and they meet their local zoning ordinance, then it’s their business.”

Remember, every skee-ball ticket gets you another virgin in Islamic heaven!

Also there is this quote from Keith Ellison, the Muslim Congressman with the craftily Christian name:

Muslim candidates lose when they try to run as a Muslim, which, of course, is fair … Christians don’t vote for people just because they’re Christian. Jews don’t vote for people just because they’re Jews. They want to know: “What are you going to do for me and my family?”

Really, Keith? People don’t vote for Christians because they’re Christians? Have you even read Sarah Palin’s Facebook page? [WP]

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