Turkeys=MuslinsLast night (which is last Sunday, in the Alaska time zone), Sarah Palin put up a Facebook message coming out against the burning of Korans by that nobody pastor. But wait, doesn’t she usually bait her followers and their hatred of Muslins? This made many of them VERY ANGRY. How can the queen of dumb white people not want to kill all Muslims and destroy everything they hold dear? These folks have been raging in the comments. Usually, Sarah Palin has people that delete comments of Facebookers who disagree with her, but this time the torrent of hilarious, poorly spelled hatred cannot be held back.

This one is a little hard to decipher, but here we have to understand that “rubbing pig blood on a masque” is a very good thing that we should all do in our spare time. (All the other masked guests at the ball will be very impressed.)

This is somebody’s grandma, and she knows all about being a brave detective because of her favorite program, Murder She Wrote.

Oooh, those dastardly Muslims and their modern Internet “e-moms!”

Here we see evidence that Palin’s people are deleting dissenting comments. We applaud this chimpanzee on its self-awareness to be able to recognize it can sometimes disagree with Sarah Palin.

If you haven’t noticed, yes, it’s only the dissenting comments that get “liked.” Especially comments about busts of Frédéric Chopin, which we agree aren’t offensive.

Yes, now Sarah Palin and these idiot middle-aged commenters will have sex with you, sir.

And finally that lady with the boobs chimes in. [Facebook]

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