DRINKING  4:07 pm September 9, 2010

A Semi-Comprehensive Guide To PBR

by Arielle Fleisher

Heineken? Fuck that shit.What better drink to enjoy when you and yours snuggle on the couch to watch some good old-fashioned queeran burning this Saturday? PBR, of course! A beer that reminds us that good things can come from Real America. Whether you think it tastes like pee or you actually enjoy it, here’s (almost) everywhere you can go in DC to guzzle this semi-precious liquid:

PBR: You can get it in a can, or a bottle, or you can even get it on tap — that is, if you actually like it and don’t just drink it so others know you’re drinking it. Sometimes it’s listed on menus by its nickname, and sometimes it’s referred to by its full name. Sometimes, for reasons we don’t understand, it costs $5. Where to find PBR in DC:

PBR in a can:

  • Chef Ikes, $2
  • Atomic Billiards, $2.50
  • The Blaugard, $2.50
  • Social, $2.50
  • Union Pub, $2.50
  • Red Derby, $3
  • Rocket Bar, $3
  • Solly’s, $3 (It’s *always* $3 at Solly’s)
  • Sticky Rice, $3 (But if it rains before 10PM, it’s only $1)
  • Townhouse Tavern, $3
  • Tryst, $3
  • Breadsoda, $4

PBR in a bottle:

  • Argonaut, $3
  • The Raven, $3
  • Wonderland, $3
  • Toledo lounge, $4
  • Looking Glass Lounge, $4
  • Tonic, $5

PBR on tap:

  • Thunder Burger, $3
  • Black Cat: $3.50
  • Meridian Pint, $4

Monday-Friday, the cheapest place in DC to get PBR? Legal Sea Foods, where a can of PBR is just $1.95.

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ginamarieru January 31, 2012 at 12:05 pm

This is missing essential information that you can get PBR for $1 at Hamilton's on Friday nights.. there is no better deal for a PBR than at that bar on Fridays which would then mean this article is wrong for the fact that at Hamilton's on Fridays, is the place where you can get the cheapest PBR.

Not a well done article as it is also missing another bar called the Cod Mother on U St. where PBR is also available on tap. Clearly, this author needs to frequent more bars in order to accurately report ALL of the bars that serve PBR's since the cheapest place was missing on the list.

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