Wacky tobaccy.Like so many great works of fiction — The Canterbury Tales, Macbeth, and Sarah Palin’s Twitter feed — Ayn Rand’s Adventures in Wonderland is not truly understood until one has read the thing dozens, nay, hundreds of times. It may be true that Ayn’s follies are done, but make haste! There is so much pleasure and so much pain to relive in this, your index, of Ayn’s Adventures graphic comic novel.

The Adventure Begins!

Episode 1: That’s Objectivist:

In which Ayn Rand travels from her past to our present, and all that entails.

I'm gonna call you DIZZY!

Episode 2: Future Perfect:

In which Ayn attends her first tea party.

Episode 3: The Headfountain:

In which vomit is elevated to iconic status and a black president causes some discomfort.


Episode 4: A New Hope:

In which we discover the Socialist’s paradise, the homeless shelter.

Rollin' the ball, rollin' the ball, to me: those heavy people reveal the soft spot.

Episode 5: The Ivory Tower:

In which Ayn must confront her academic past, and ‘goes Galt’ for the first time.

Get those wolves

Episode 6: Thrills, Baby, Thrills:

In which Ayn travels to Alaska, and meets a certain snowbilly grifter.

it burns!

Episode 7: The Right To Arm Bears:

In which Sarah Palin proves herself a worthy opponent.

Hot lady in my sights!

Episode 8: Brotherhood Of Steele:

In which we meet the beloved hip-hop chairmen of the RNC.

Goat's Blood, GOAT'S BLOOD!!

Episode 9: Economic Stimulus:

In which Ayn returns to her flock and an old friend reappears.

Ayn's only friends

Episode 10: Third Act Twist:

In which much truth is revealed, Da Vinci Code style.

Instant Nirvana

Episode 11: Psychedelic Derivatives:

In which Ayn’s mescalin binge proves fruitful, in a spiritual sense.

Glamour Shotz

Episode 12: The Ashes Of 10,000 Cigarettes:

In which the Ragnarok comes to pass.

I got some meth cookin' on the radiator, hon.

Episode 13: Never Forget:

In which Ayn finds true justice, true peace, and true wealth.

Your cartoonist has a Twitter and an art blog. He would like to thank you for joining him on this journey through time and space, and would like to leave you with one final thought:

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