Wonkette’s Evan Hurst posts this video of Michele Bachmann’s husband at another blog, because he is two-timing us, and we shall now cry like Meg McCain about this. This video’s description says Marcus Bachmann likes to cure homosexuals of their gayness “as part of his therapy practice.” (By out-gaying them?)

[Truth Wins Out]

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  • BrianKraemer

    People generally go into ex-gay ministry because they are ex-gays themselves. It is almost certain that in the next few weeks and months, men who have had sex with this man before he was "cured" are going to start coming out and exposing him. He will then likely admit his former ways, but assure everyone that he is a changed man and dearly loves his wife, presidential candidate Michele Bachmann. The majority of us won't buy it, will believe he's living in denial, that Michele must be one frustrated woman being married to an "ex-gay" man, and finally, a few men might come forward with whom he has "failed" since his "healing." I'm gay. I used to be ex-gay. Now I'm ex-ex-gay and happy. My gaydar is going off with bells and whistles to this guy's walk, giggle, gestures, dancing, lilt of vocal tone, admission of the "temptation" to homosexual behavior, and of course, his chosen work of helping others leave the so-called (according to Michele Bachmann) "sinful, depressing, homosexual lifestyle." Of course, I don't know her husband's private life, but I doubt this story is going away. If something looks like a duck, acts like a duck, waddles like a duck…By the way, I love gay people and I know that the majority of gay people don't fit the stereotypes, but what interests me in this situation is the hypocrisy. This man claims he doesn't use reparative therapy yet at least one client already has stated that he does. Again, time tells all.

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