RAWR SHE IS GOOD AT HER JOB RAWR  2:35 pm September 3, 2010

Adorable Ad Finally Proves That Barbara Mikulski Is a T-Rex

by Jack Stuef

This is probably supposed to be an attack ad, but isn’t little old Barbara Mikulski just so CUTE when her head is attached to a Tyrannosaurus Rex’s body? And then Reid and Pelosi are too? That should be how Congress does its official portraits. It’s very endearing! ANYWAY, this Eric Wargotz guy is not afraid to put on a silly costume and prance around the Capitol, even though he wants to have a serious job there in a couple of months.

Physician. Family Man. Hardworking. Crabs. This man has crabs.

It is really lovely how immediately after saying “a citizen just like you,” he is shown being crazy around the Capitol, pretending to be Steve Irwin, famed dinosaur hunter.

Also CRABS! [YouTube]

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