IT'S MORNING IN AMERICA  8:45 am September 3, 2010

They’re the Original Odd Couple!

by Josh Fruhlinger

  • Only for comedy reasons, Mr. PresidentWhy does Barack Obama refuse to cultivate a warm, tender relationship with George W. Bush? Is it because Bush is the jackass who is largely responsible for all the problems that are making Obama’s life so miserable? Or is it because Obama is a mean old sourpuss, and racist against Texans as well? The second one, probably. Did you notice that Barack Obama didn’t even bother to thank Bush for starting the Iraq War the other day, when Obama went on TV to announce that we’d won it? That’s not gratitude. [NYT]
  • Thanks to the Citizens United decision, an anti-abortion group can start running ads against Democrats because they voted for the health care bill — remember, the health care bill that pissed off all the pro-choice people because it limits abortion coverage? [WP]
  • BP’s “little accident” has cost the company $8 billion so far. How can they pay for this mess, unless they’re allowed to drill for oil in the Gulf using their other explosion-prone oil rigs? [BBC/NYT]
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