what's that majority? you say you wanna kill jews?

Majority of a Population Can Never Be Bigoted, According To Member of Majority Charles Krauthammer

Oh wait, this man is white? You don't say.Oh those libruls! They are losing power very quickly, yet they continue to take positions against majority opinion when that opinion is bigoted. How dare they say support of the Arizona immigration law is bigoted?! How dare they say support of Proposition 8 is bigoted?! How dare they say opposition to the Burlington Coat Factory Islamic community center is bigoted?! Oh, right, because those things are the very definition of bigotry. But according to Charles Krauthammer, views held by a majority cannot be considered bigotry. Sounds like somebody forgot to take his history-remembering pills this morning.

Now we know why the country has become “ungovernable,” last year’s excuse for the Democrats’ failure of governance: Who can possibly govern a nation of racist, nativist, homophobic Islamophobes?

Yes, good question. Here’s your answer: fascists. And that’s why we need solid right-wingers like Krauthammer in office. They can enforce bigotry.

Note what connects these issues. In every one, liberals have lost the argument in the court of public opinion. Majorities — often lopsided majorities — oppose President Obama’s social-democratic agenda (e.g., the stimulus, Obamacare), support the Arizona law, oppose gay marriage and reject a mosque near Ground Zero.

Right: Note what connects these issues. In every one, a majority of the country is white Christian people. In every one, a majority of the country is almost entirely ignorant of the issues they’re being polled about and certainly do not think about the complexities of the issue when an annoying pollster bothers them during dinner to talk about some random law down in Arizona.

Then came Arizona and S.B. 1070. It seems impossible for the left to believe that people of good will could hold that: (a) illegal immigration should be illegal, (b) the federal government should not hold border enforcement hostage to comprehensive reform, i.e., amnesty, (c) every country has the right to determine the composition of its immigrant population.

Yeah, no. It’s impossible to believe that people of good will could endorse racial profiling and an erosion of rights for people who happen to look brown.

And now the mosque near Ground Zero. The intelligentsia is near unanimous that the only possible grounds for opposition is bigotry toward Muslims. This smug attribution of bigotry to two-thirds of the population hinges on the insistence on a complete lack of connection between Islam and radical Islam

Oh, okay. So we shouldn’t let Krauthammer practice his religion either, because a handful of crazy people have used it as a justification for murder. Just making sure. Wouldn’t want anyone to smugly insist on a complete lack of connection between Krauthammer and the guy who murdered George Tiller.

It is a measure of the corruption of liberal thought and the collapse of its self-confidence that, finding itself so widely repudiated, it resorts reflexively to the cheapest race-baiting (in a colorful variety of forms).

Otherwise known as standing up for liberty and other democratic principles against the will of the majority.

You know what would be fun? Let’s write up some wedge issues about the rights of handicapped people and poll the general public about it. Bet Krauthammer would respect the majority’s opinion in whatever they say. [WP]

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  1. Fuck Toad

    “Wouldn’t want anyone to smugly insist on a complete lack of connection between Krauthammer and the guy who murdered George Tiller.”

    Kraphammer is Jewish, so let’s just swap “the Stern Gang” in there.

  2. PsycGirl

    The Americans with Disabilities Act is totally bigoted against able-bodied Americans. Why would I want to walk up a gently sloping wheelchair ramp when I can clomp up some steps? However, those ramps were pretty handy when I, an able-bodied breeder, had to push some baby strollers around so I guess they can stay.

  3. Zadig

    Of course the majority’s opinion is never wrong, either in terms of truth or morals.

    As much of a fascist neocon asshole as Krauthammer is, his insistence on jerking it to polling and “people on the street” wisdom means he’d actually be more at home on CNN than Fox.

  4. freakishlystrong

    Good ole'”Conservatives”. In a year and a half, they’ve managed to take a nation that was overjoyed, optimistic and
    unified at the prospect of a new beginning for this forsaken country, and turned it in to a antagonistic, bigoted, racist shit monster. They’ve managed to demonize everyone that is not an ignorant, hateful, intolerant white Christian Republican. Sigh, I can haz cocktail now?

  5. respite

    Can’t we just laugh at Sarah Palin some more?

    This bigotry makes me ill in my tummy, and I’m long past being able to snark at it. I wanted two things in my world by my 40th birthday: flying cars and not to have to worry about any group being systematically denied civil rights. Looks like neither of these are going to happen in the next nine months, and that makes me very, very sad for my country which I love.

  6. edgydrifter

    Does KRAUT-hammer stand for the Pledge of Allegiance? NO? Does he stand in respect for the flag of the United States of America when it passes? Nooo? Not even at military funerals?!? OUTRAGE! This man’s only “handy-cap” is his defective, treasonous, anti-American attitude. Burn him!!

  7. Hooray For Anything

    Actually, I have to give Krauthammer credit for this: “Now we know why the country has become “ungovernable,” last year’s excuse for the Democrats’ failure of governance: Who can possibly govern a nation of racist, nativist, homophobic Islamophobes?”

    That’s actually one of the most perceptive things said about the difficulties of the past two years.

  8. Sue

    I think Rand Paul has already supplied the wedge issue: should an employer be forced to undergo the expense of putting in an elevator just so its wheelchair-using employee can have a nice cushy office? Can’t the employee just work in the ground floor garage?

  9. Serolf Divad

    Back in the 1960s, when large majorities of Americans opposed inetrracial marriage, it’s not because they were bigoted, see. It’s because interracial marriage was actually wrong back then.

    But times hanve changed and now interracial marriage is right… oooh, so sweetly right.

  10. SmutBoffin

    That last ‘graf is abhorrent.

    “…a comeuppance is due the arrogant elites whose undisguised contempt for the great unwashed prevents them from conceding a modicum of serious thought to those who dare oppose them. ”

    Opposition to the cryptoracist policies and attitudes of the “unwashed” is not restricted to some monolithic minority of progressive snobs. It’s much, much more broadly-based than that and K-Ham might see that if he ever made it out of the FOX News studio.

  11. CapnFatback

    Let’s right up some wedge issues about the rights of handicapped people and poll the general public about it.

    Erm, not to play grammar cop, Jack, but shouldn’t this read “Let’s right up some wedge issues about the writes of handicapped people”?

    Oh, and shouldn’t we also “pole the general pubic?” I mean, according to my Strunk and Teabagger Elements of Stile . . .

  12. Ruhe

    [re=647187]McDuff[/re]: You sure that isn’t the abbreviated Ayn Rand? Which would be ironic since Krauthammer’s rhetoric is so reminiscent of Monkton Toohey.

  13. SayItWithWookies

    As for Proposition 8, is it so hard to see why people might believe that a single judge overturning the will of 7 million voters is an affront to democracy?

    Yeah, that’s an affront to democracy, especially compared to the five judges who overturned the will of 100 million voters in 2000, which was an affirmation of democracy.

    What’s really annoying about Krauthammer’s pissy little embracing of majority opinion over basic civil rights, however, is that it embraces another conservative bugbear — moral relativism. They decry it all the time without knowing what it really is, but equating the changeable will of a majority of people to any idea of an absolute right or wrong is exactly the worst kind of relativism imaginable — up there with the folks who think America is a Christian nation just because it has a majority of Christian citizens, who are forced to conclude that if we had a majority of Muslim citizens we could enact sharia law without it being prohibited by our inherent Constitutional protections.

  14. imissopus

    … is it so hard to see why people might believe that a single judge overturning the will of 7 million voters is an affront to democracy?

    Ugh. Yes, it is that hard to see. Someone needs to brush up on his knowledge of constitutional law. Although it’s really much simpler: someone just ask Krauthammer if everyone was going to jump off a bridge, would he go along with that too?

    And if he says no, let’s roll him off that bridge anyway.

  15. Zadig

    Also, it’s hilarious (mind-shatteringly infuriating) to recall that the same people who are howling about a subversion of the “will of the people” are the same ones who so love to remind you that America is not a democracy, but a republic.

    Let me feed these words to you, bigots: Not a democracy, but a republic. Fuck off and die.

  16. CanHazCoffee

    I think you mean SUPPORT of Prop 8 is bigoted. Prop 8 is the bad thing that stupid people wanted. Not wanting Prop 8 is the good thing that rational people do.

  17. CanHazCoffee

    I think you mean SUPPORT of Prop 8 is bigoted. Prop 8 is the bad thing that stupid people wanted. Not wanting Prop 8 is the good thing that rational people should do.

  18. Mr Blifil

    The majority of Americans don’t like ugly people. Neither are the majority of Americans all that into “nuance.”

  19. Ducksworthy

    “Who can possibly govern a nation of racist, nativist, homophobic Islamophobes? Yes, good question. Here’s your answer: fascists.”

    That Jack is the kind of thing that keeps me coming back to stare at the hideous freaks whose spewings you feature hear. The ability to cut through the smoke of obfuscating carp and self justification to get right to the point of the argument. Thanks.

    Yes. The justification of fascism is fascism. Worked for the Brown shirts.

  20. JMP

    Someone either did not do the research, or is outright lying; polls show that the majority of American people approve of health care reform, and now actually support legalizing gay marriage. Given that it’s Krauthammer, it’s safe to not be charitable and assume he’s lying.

    Of course, that shouldn’t matter when it comes to issues of basic human rights; the whole reason the Bill of Rights (and later, the 14th Amendment) were thought necessary were to protect minorities from the tyranny of the majority; in other words, the public opinion in support of bigotry that Charles loves is something the Constitution says we must ignore. Poophead.

  21. Whiskeybaby

    I’m confident the majority of wonkette readers wish Charles Krauthammer would literally sit on a beer can and be roasted over an open flame. But does that make it right? (Yes.)

  22. WHAT?

    No, no, no. He remembered to take his history forgetting pills. He forgot about Little Rock, Selma and Kristallnacht, when the majority expressed their opinion.

  23. weejee

    [re=647215]imissopus[/re]: Or perhaps ask him if the majority voted to do something a bit nasty with all the paraplegic Jews, would he be wanting to ask a judge if that was okay?

  24. PsycGirl

    [re=647247]JMP[/re]: I thought Rasmussen polls existed to preserve the illusion of the gay hatin’ health care rejectin’ American Majority.

  25. Zadig

    [re=647247]JMP[/re]: Come on, it’s equally likely that Krauthammer is an incurious asshole and didnt care enough to look. ESPECIALLY since there’s always a good chance that it might disagree with him.

  26. Accordion-o-rama

    Who can possibly govern a nation of racist, nativist, homophobic Islamophobes?

    Clearly, the party that can whip them into the greatest frenzy.

  27. Guppy06

    Homework assignment: find fun and interesting things, such as gun shops or military surplus stores, near the site of the old Murrah building.

  28. actor212

    Let’s write up some wedge issues about the rights of handicapped people and poll the general public about it.

    People in wheelchairs have privileges because they can sit anywhere they go! Fuck that!

  29. JMP

    [re=647256]WHAT?[/re]: He forgot about history, and also the present. The Islamophobes like to point to the way many Muslim countries mistreat women and religious minorities as justification for bombing and conquering them (they also like to pretend all Muslim countries do so, ignoring places like Turkey and Egypt that don’t); yet that persecution is supported by the majority, so according to Krauthammer that should be just fine.

  30. Baby who ate the Dingo

    Teacher: “L’il Charlie, use ‘bigotry’ in a sentance:”

    L’il Charlie Krauthammer: “This heah l’il cullah’d boy is too big ta be strung up in et-there sappling; we’z gunnah need a “bigotry.”

    L’il Cullah’d Boy: “Yazzuh, thet-errr sappling nevah do! An, I’ze ‘bigoted’ agin the mahjoity o’ you hookin’ me up like some strange fruit on nis biggah tree ovaheah.”

  31. Ducksworthy

    [re=647247]JMP[/re]: Sorry to point this out but reality means noting to these clown and I fear that they are correct in believing that public opinion can be influenced by by liars shrieking loudly over and over that public opinion is what they claim it is.

  32. Potater

    [re=647305]JMP[/re]: Actually Egypt’s pretty rotten when it comes to issues like female genital mutilation. It’s officially illegal but the law rarely gets enforced. Your point does stand that they’re better than, say, Iran, but not by much.

  33. Hooray For Anything

    [re=647210]SayItWithWookies[/re]: I don’t understand why even allegedly smart Conservatives don’t understand one of the basic tenets of the country which is that whole three branches of power thing and how Judges and Courts are set up almost deliberately to protect the rights of minorities over the rights of the majority. I wonder if they want to get rid of that part of the Constitution too.

    [re=647302]actor212[/re]: I’m sure somewhere out there you could find Rand or Ron Paul screaming about the American Disabilities Act and how that fascist government took away our liberties by forcing businesses to more friendly towards the handicap I’m also sure Krauthammer enjoys many of those privileges that evil over-reaching US Government mandated as well as the government money that went into making it so. Which, of course, doesn’t register with him.

  34. JMP

    [re=647343]Hooray For Anything[/re]: Oh, how quickly we forget: http://thinkprogress.org/2010/05/17/rand-paul-ada/

    “You know, some of the things, for example we can come up with common sense solutions — like for example if you have a three story building and you have someone apply for a job, you get them a job on the first floor if they’re in a wheelchair as supposed to making the person who owns the business put an elevator in, you know what I mean? So things like that aren’t fair to the business owner. “

  35. Extemporanus

    [re=647180]GeneralLerong[/re]: [re=647190]Buzz Feedback[/re]: I like to park in Krauthammer’s spaces while Krauthammer makes Krauthammer faces.

    I’m a LIB-ruuulll…

  36. ArugulaTeleprompterz

    I feel confident that a majority of people polled here at Wonkette would advocate rolling Kraphammer over the edge of a five store building.

  37. Maus

    This all reminds me of Ron Paul claiming that he could never associate with racists because that’s a COLLECTIVIST trait, and he’s obviously a rugged INDIVIDUALIST like mommy ayn.

  38. GOPCrusher

    It’s a sad statement when the hatemongerers not only proclaim their hatred in public, but they also wear it as a badge of honor. If I had known that electing Obama President would catapult American society back to 1950, I might have been tempted to stay home on November 4th.

  39. Come here a minute

    Can’t get to the second floor in that wheelchair? Tough shit, Krauthammer, most of us can.

  40. Mad Brahms

    I fucking loathe that man. The way he slithers though trying to wrap prejudice in the cloak of rational national self-interest, I…


  41. Scaggsville guy

    [re=647421]WATERBOARDCHENEY[/re]: My perdiction:
    Krauthammer will be the next Rethuglican to out himself as being GAY!

    AAAaaaaGGGGHHHH! Gross gross gross gross gross gross gross gross gross gross gross gross gross gross gross

  42. actor212

    [re=647343]Hooray For Anything[/re]: My point is that people like Krauthammer force employers to buy chairs on wheels for their other employees, or else face discrimination charges.

    Ergo, all crips in chairs should be made to stay home and have babies.

  43. AnnieGetYourFun

    [re=647441]Scaggsville guy[/re]: Hey, that’s not funny. Mehlman has done enough damage to the level of Gay Prettiness over the past 24 hours.

  44. Lascauxcaveman

    Lotta good zings back at Krauty’s illogic here. Hope you all don’t mind if I lifted some of your more astute comments and discretely reposted similar back in my hometown paper’s Opinion shouting section.

  45. surfacenoise76

    I still maintain his best work was on “Perfect Strangers” opposite Bronson Pinchot.

  46. Hooray For Anything

    [re=647455]actor212[/re]: Oh, I don’t think Krauthammer does something like that mainly because he’s rich and can pretty much build or make any sort of chair he wants and Kaplan will, of course, do whatever he wants because he likes to bomb things. As for the rest of the crips out there, if they don’t have the money to buy some sort of chair, well, then, go get a job and stop living off society.

  47. zhubajie

    “Sounds like somebody forgot to take his history-remembering pills this morning.”

    Did he ever know any history?

  48. zhubajie

    [re=647253]Whiskeybaby[/re]: I’ve been wondering how long before it genuinely happens to him. Although I doubt he’d taste good. :-(

  49. smitallica

    Thanks Charles.

    Except that a majority of American people are now in favor of gay marriage.

    And that will only go up as more old, bigoted assholes die.

  50. Broken Malice Machine

    [re=647565]surfacenoise76[/re]: Haha for the win! Yes I may be the only other one lame enough (well there’s two of us obviously) to find that post humorous but I’ze had a funny. Oh and that douche has really let himself go…I wonder if Balky would sit on his lap and make his motorized wheelchair tires spin out or something stupid like that and then piss on it and watch Krautty go flying off a five story building…a man can dream, a man can dream.

  51. sezme

    Let’s facelift bar indeed!

    Truck Nutz $17

    Bag o’ salted rat dicks $9

    Charle’s Krauthammer’s soul 2¢

  52. Frances the Cockatoo

    Let’s see. The majority of people in Israel are muslim. There are more muslims than Jews in Israel. I say “LET THEM VOTE, MR KRAUTHAMMER.” Put up or shut your racist mouth.

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