Whatevs, give me abortion moneyThe hardest part of your afternoon editor adjusting to being your afternoon editor has been spelling Michele Bachmann’s name. Surely it should be “Michelle Bachman,” no? But apparently this is a problem for people who actually work for Michele Bachmann too. When they submitted the Federal Election Commission paperwork for her awesome new Michele PAC last month, they mistakenly spelled it “Michelle PAC” and had to correct it later. Which was no problem, because anti-abortion groups still gave it lots of money right away in spite of the misspelling.

So we all know that Michele PAC (MICHELEPAC?) stands for “Many Individual Conservatives Helping Elect Leaders Everywhere,” but this gives us an opportunity to wonder what the acronym of “Michelle PAC” would be.



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  1. Considering the flimsy intellect of the congresswoman, why is anyone surprised that those who work for her are also stupid beyond all human comprehension?

  2. I’m sorry, she just isn’t as much fun as Kitty Harris was. Where are the silent-movie eye rolls? How about an enormous fake rack? The insane-bobby-soxer joie-de-vivre? I’m trying to love Michelle as much, but, well, once you’ve had Prime Rib it’s hard to switch to a dried-out weenie-on-a-stick. The lulz just aren’t the same…

  3. JACK:

    The original hanger headline let rip a “FART” or something awhile ago, right? I didn’t just imagine that, did I?


    (Also, before Beanball* goes all Mustard-gas on yo’ ass again, I’d like to direct your attention to a grammatical error in the second-to-last sentence of the first paragraph.

    *j/k Beanball! I really do like you, and appreciate that you have our Wonkette’s journamalistic integritude in mind. Being a former copy editor, I too have noticed an increase in word salad tossing, but — in light of my own embarrassing penchant for posting comments plagued by the same — felt that I was in no position to mention anything.)

  4. An “L” here, an “N” there? What’s the diff? Those letters are in the MIDDLE! Now, if you were dealing with some good ol’ right wing letters (the X’s, Y’s, Z’s), that would be important, meaningful, stuff.

  5. It’s one “l” and two “n”s, just like Albert Hoffmann, the synthesizer of lysergic acid diethelymide. I don’t know how it could be any easier to remember.

  6. [re=646715]Extemporanus[/re]: Yep, it was definitely “KEN BA-FART”. It’s in my google history, which will probably come back to haunt me. And this comment will probably get deleted, so why am i writing this.

  7. No biggie, NJ Republican Christie just blew $400 million in education funds because his party hacks can’t count. Spellings and countins is just a libruls conspiracy answays.

  8. The spelling of her name is easily settled by seeing her birth certificate. The long form, thank you very much. And I’ll decide if it’s a fake or not. (Hint: It’s a fake.)

  9. I tried to come up with something original for a M.I.C.H.E.L.L.E. acronym, but I think we exhausted all the good jokes the last time we ran with this gag.

  10. [re=646715]Extemporanus[/re]: I couldn’t care less about our editor’s integrity (I’m a very indifferent liberal), but I draw the line at an editor’s grammatical/spelling gaffs. The man is a professional, for Grud’s sake. Mistakes are for us amateurs.

  11. [re=646737]Sharkey[/re]: Oh, thank you, Internet detective — for a minute there, I thought I’d huffed too much ether!

    [re=646894]Beanball[/re]: Were on teh same page, my amatuer freind!

    Our Editor Jack is one of the good ones — even though he probably wants to punch us, he still corrected the error!


    Also, who the fuck is “KEN BE-FART”?! Is he one of “RA’S AL-GHUL’S” evil henchmen or something?

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