What do we do with this ballot you gave us? Do we eat it? Do we put it in our butt? HELP!Why is our modern political discourse conducted at such a high grade-level? Americans cannot follow it! They did not pay attention in school; they strung themselves along doing next to nothing until they could land themselves a lifetime job of menial labor, which is what you’re supposed to do. YOU ARE ENTITLED TO STUPIDITY IN AMERICA JUST AS YOU ARE ENTITLED TO APPLE PIE AND VAGINAL INTERCOURSE. Knowing this, and knowing people’s hatred of ideas that could complicate or change their political beliefs, Michele Bachmann has optimistically decided to make it easy for us. Here is Jim the Election Guy! He will be with you through this entire campaign to hold your hand! First up: Bachmann’s opponent <3 taxes.

Was that trite and dumbed-down enough for you? No? No, of course it wasn’t. Watch it 10 more times. Sound out the words on the screen. “T-T-T-AX.” Very good! “SP-SP-SPE-END.” Nice work. You get to pick out a sticker!

If voters can understand this, soon they will be able to move onto more complex programming, such as Sesame Street.

Thanks Jim. We have to go try not to drown in our own drool or die of starvation, because both of those things require our full effort. [YouTube]

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