WHAT IS HE SAYING?! SPEAK AMERICAN, BLACK MAN. Yes, Michael Steele has made another major boo-boo today, telling Univision that Arizona’s immigration law is “not a reflection of an entire political party.” WHAT? ALL REPUBLICANS MUST ADHERE TO PARTY ORTHODOXY, AND THAT ORTHODOXY SHALL BE DICTATED BY THE MOST EXTEME AND HATEFUL AND LOUDEST. Michael Steele obviously thought that Real Americans could not hear his words behind this Messican talking over him, but we must have sophisticated 21st-century technology that now has let our reporters hear the English that is being said.

“The governor and the people of Arizona made a decision that they thought was in their best interest, and that’s the beauty of a republic, that’s who we are.”

The beauty of a republic is that we can hate people with brown skin and use that to inflame crazy voters and raise money from crazy people, Michael Steele, if those white-sounding words ARE your real name.

He said Tuesday that since the immigration debate is now “in full bloom,” he hopes that “level heads will prevail” in finding a “commonsense solution” to the immigration issue.

What a controversial suggestion! How can he say such things? HOT HEADS must prevail. ANGER SENSE must prevail. If we take the time to think, deliberate, and come up with a reasoned solution, the Messicans will have already taken 100% of our lack of jobs. [The Hill]

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  1. Heeeeeeey, vatos! That little thing in the A-Z? No grande deal-o, right? Look, I’m just as chocolate as any of y’all and here I am on your Sabado Gigante es-pek-tak-u-lar, so we’re cool, si? Don’t worry about those other guys, they’re just letting off a little steam-o. Between you and me, they LOVE you guys. Word! And remember–Democrats hate the Blessed Virgin, so I’ll be counting on your votes this fall.

  2. Oh, all the other Republicans know that’s just something you tell the Mexicans — like “At $2.00 a bushel, a good worker can end up making twenty bucks an hour.”

  3. I’m sorry. I just can’t focus on these articles with Brian Williams on top of Jenna Jameson in the ads. You must fix this. Two of America’s foremost media darlings cheek-by-jowl, as it were, down the right skyscraper of the site?? It’s just too much.

  4. ANGER SENSE! I like it! Like “spider sense”, but for the rage-ahol-fueled Teabagger swarms.

    bagger #1: HERP DERP Thar’s a muslin over thar! What do I do nows?
    bagger #2: Use yur anger sense!
    bagger #2: That told ’em.

  5. Off topic and not snarky, but tangentially related: It’s election day in Arizona and according to the news, voter turnout is “exceptionally low.” It was a sort of wasted exercise for Democrats given that in most categories we only had one candidate running. But Republicans got to choose among hardcore teabagging xenophobes, mildly crazy people, certifiably crazy people, and the incumbents who do-nothing-except-blame. Their candidates certainly spent enough trying to differentiate their “views” (a.k.a. Republican stimulus). Alas, as one Tucsonan told a reporter outside the polls, “People like to demonstrate and scream and go on television to express their views, but give them a vote and they don’t use it.” John McCain cops to having spent $20 million (so it was probably $40 million); with a little division we should be able to determine how much Cindy had to spend per voter to get another six years of keeping her creepy husband at bay.

  6. My computer must be broken: I keep pressing “1”, but I still can’t understand a single fucking thing this illegal “Miguel” character is saying.

  7. Well, what do you suspect from Michael Steele. He obviously has a hatred for White People? White Culture? Either way, his skin looks awfully dark to be an American. I’m sure John McCain will be denouncing him in the next 24 hours.

  8. At least he didn’t bring up the mountain of evidence that suggests that illegal immigration poses no actual threat to the U.S. economy. Then he’d be in some REAL trouble.

  9. @ slappypaddy – the only big tent you’ll find Steele near, is the one in his pants when Michelle Malkin or Ann Coulter walk past. It’s twoo, it’s twoo

  10. See, the GOP can afford this now, since Muslins are the Browns of the month. Will that straw fire last until November? Stay tuned. Mexicans are last month’s news. They still have September and October, they need two more minorities to demonize. Blacks don’t count since that’s a perennial, so suggest Jews, that should work well, or maybe reach way back into that American history they love from afar and go for the Irish. That would be great. I want to see O’Reilly and Hannity thread that needle.

    Steele resigns and spends two Sundays in a row doing the full Ginzburg, talking about the assholes that lead the GOP, how he couldn’t fake it anymore, how being relieved from his duties is like being released from an asylum for the criminally insane. One can dream, right?

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