Feel free to use this to forge candidacy documents for Levi in your own local elections.
Internet municipal-election registration-document compendium TMZ has obtained Levi Johnston’s Alaska Public Offices Commission letter of intent to run for office in Wasilla. Apparently Levi is running for “City of Wasilla 2011.” Is it possible to be elected a city rather than just elected to an office of that city? IT’S UP TO THE VOTERS.

By filing the document — Levi is permitted to officially begin his campaign … which means dude can legally accept campaign contributions.

Thank you, TMZ campaign-finance legal wonks, for this clarification. So is that where our donations to Mercede Johnston’s blog will go from now on? [TMZ]

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  1. You shipped over the most important revelation from this document; apparently the Alaskans do give their kids perfectly normal middle names to go along with their inane first names. I’m not sure why the kid goes by Levi when he could be Keith, though.

  2. [re=643933]JMP[/re]: I noticed that too about the normal middle name, but then got completely sidetracked by my lovely Brian Williams ad right next to Jenna Jameson’s ad. Boy, those two aren’t mentioned in the same sentence very often!

  3. I dunno if he can be a city or not, but I am pretty sure that his nether regions are inhabited, nay swarming, with micron-sized citizens/parasites.

  4. [re=643944]Texan Bulldoggette[/re]: I’ve been wondering who PETA thinks they’re going to attract with that ad, seeing as there’s tons of video already available of Jameson doing just about anything you might want to see her do, that comes from before her face was turned into a ghoulish, inhuman warning of the dangers of plastic surgery.

  5. “…wherein the party of the first, hereonwith known as Dude, is legally allowed to accept campaign contributions.”

    TMZ’s use of the word “dude” was actually called out in the legal document.

  6. Several times a “Jenna Jameson ad” has been mentioned in various comments. However, the U.S. Guberment firewall used at my office seems to block it from my screen. DAMN YOU and your anti-aged porn star fire wall, Uncle Sam.

  7. [re=643943]freakishlystrong[/re]: I’ll do you one better – I want him to win, and I want him to be a really great mayor. Wouldn’t that just asplode just about everybody’s heads?

    Then onward to the governorship!

  8. [re=643928]BlueStateLiberal[/re]: The new junior senator from Connecticut can be the moderator. Who would be better suited than carny folk?

  9. I see this as a wild, crazy ploy to get Bristol Palin Virgin back into his manly, snowbilly arms. He’ll need to go some to outdo Mama Malaprop. She inherited a balanced budget when she was elected mayor of Wasilla, but the town was $22-million in debt when she left, mostly because of the athletic center she started to build before the town had clear deed to the land. Mama Malaprop should’ve consulted one of those elites to learn a little something about real estate law. Her stupidity cost the Wasillans millions in legal fees.

  10. Well, it’s worth it just for the info on the upcoming trainings, new educational materials and report deadlines. You never know when you might need those in Wasilla.

  11. Mucho success wishes to Levi. Then, beyond all anticipation, we will all be able to know the names of two…TWO … mayors of Wasilla, Alaska. Talk about contaminating brain cells for nothing.

  12. [re=644068]Buttery1000[/re]: Usually you get three other relatives and a very large tarp, then you wait for a meth lab to blow up, whereupon you create smoke signals.

  13. [re=643928]BlueStateLiberal[/re]: A steel-cage death-match debate between Levi and Sarah! The winner takes the mayoralty of Wasilla! Vince McMahon would crawl naked through miles of broken glass to promote that!

    The best thing about America? Any idiot can run for office.
    The worst thing about America? Any idiot can run for office…and often wins.

  14. Initially I was offended that he didn’t follow the “Month, Year, Location” format requested. Then I realized the printed example ALSO does not follow that format. I’m starting to gather why Sarah Palin was so superelectable in Wasillastan.

  15. Jack, I’m going to nit-pick your nit-picking. The form asks for the identity of the election, not the office he plans to run for.

    BTW, this is not the start of a new rag-on-Stuef campaign. It’s just that Levi is funny enough by himself that it seems a little “fish, barrel” to go after him when he does something (almost) right.

  16. is scott brown gonna campaign for him – or endorse him ? they are both playgirl (gay) centerfolds so they should watch each other’s backs . and they should wear jockstraps only , just for excitement . they could do a fund-raising sex carnival in wasilla , the san francisco of alaska …

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