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Dumb Hick Mosque Haters Can’t Even Spell ‘Ground Zero’

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If only these people could somehow hijack a plane and fly it into something ....
Did you spend the weekend rocking out to the Mosquetard anthem “Keep Your Hands To Yourself”? Well then maybe you’ve already noticed this special part of the video, at 0:39, when the Doofus Forces of Justice raise this banner in support of “Groud Zero, the monument to terrorism!”

America’s differently-abled freedumb fighters tend to have trouble spelling the dumb shit on their signs and banners and trucks, but this particular piece of visual evidence also calls into question their comprehension of the supposedly Hallowed Ground of the WTC site. Is it truly a “monument to terrorism”? And if so, does that mean these wingnut slobs are actually protecting Islam and America’s Muslims from being associated with this nation’s vile “monument to terrorism,” which is the “Groud Zero” home of 9/11? Thanks to weeping-eagle-eyed Wonkette/Twitter operative kandriulli for spotting this historical gem.

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  • Doglessliberal

    If I put my fingers in my ears and shout “lalalalalalalalala” for a few days, will all this be better when I stop?

  • Darkness

    After all that stressful effort spelling “mosque” they gave up.

  • chascates

    Stoopid morans.

  • Dashboard_Buddha

    Maybe they were trying to spell Graud?

  • Adversary153

    Days like these make me nostalgic for Death Panels.

  • Oblios Cap

    Homeskooling is hard werk. That Conservapedia ain’t gonna write itself, you know.

    What did Palin have to tweet about this latest outrage?

  • ManchuCandidate


  • tencentcomic

    Wait a minute. Don’t you guys know about the pateriot spellun buk? Hell fawer you sozialistik slime balls. Get outta their fukkin’ spellin bee, will ya?

  • JMP

    Well, according to Wikipedia, “In abstract algebra, a heap (sometimes also called a groud[1]) is a mathematical generalisation of a group. Informally speaking, a heap is obtained from a group by “forgetting” which element is the unit, in the same way that an affine spaces can be viewed as a vector space in which element is 0 has been “forgotten”;” which I think means that the people editing articles on advanced math need to do a better job of writing in a way that lay people can understand. But the groud zero they’re referring to is mostly a heap of rubble nowadays.

  • nappyduggs

    They heard from some nine-year old on the street that the letter “Q” is always followed by the non-vowel “U”; but, really, a dictionary is useless if you are functionally illiterate.

    Keep ur lousey mosque of Gourd Zeppo!1!

  • Darkness

    [re=643688]JMP[/re]: If it were written in a way that lay people could understand then lay people may think they need to understand. Think of this as a time saving measure– for all involved parties.

  • Otto Reimer

    Well you can’t spell “Minutemen Storm Or Rot or “Merriest Moron Mutton” or “Immense Moron Tort Rut” without “monument to terrorism”.

  • tencentcomic

    [re=643688]JMP[/re]: Yur zactlee right. But, but, aint we tahkin bout hawloud groud where only white folks is gettin’ smashed intu teenee bits by sozialist nazi brown folks in burkeez? I’m cornfuzed here.

  • ttommyunger

    It is good that Americans are being kept aware of Ground Zero. It is a monument to the corruption, duplicity, and mendacity of the Bush Administration and always will be. If you are not suspicious of our Government’s complicity in that whole thing, you just aren’t paying attention. Don’t concern yourselves with these useful idiots protesting the Mosque, hating morons are dime a dozen.

  • obfuscator

    steupid fuking assholls.

  • just pixels

    Also misspelled “tenorism”, writing the “N” as two “R”s. (For some reason the TP’ers have trouble with the letter “N”.) We can all agree the First Amendment does not protect “tenorism”. It’s called freedom of speech, not singing.

  • BigHoss

    Kneel before Groud!!

  • freakishlystrong

    [re=643675]Doglessliberal[/re]: Wishful thinking. But even if it was; they’ll find something else to clutch their pearls over. Fear+outrage=fauxrage.

  • slappypaddy

    the sign maker had a head code.

  • JMP

    [re=643684]ManchuCandidate[/re]: Or maybe grout, which probably is included in the WTC rubble.

  • Darklady

    Yeah, well, spelling words right is just sooo elitist. Dictionaries will be on the big bonfire along with all the other good stuff, I’m sure…

  • jus_wonderin

    If someone hasn’t said it, let me. The missing N is probably because these tard where using that letter on their other hate sign.

  • just pixels

    The most common basis for TP’ers anti-GZM position is that it’s insensitive to the families of victims. They are advocating a public policy based on empathy with a group of their fellow citizens. Last I heard from these folks, empathy was bad — at least in judges, especially ones nominated by Obama.

    Anyway, where was all this deep empathy during the health insurance reform debate last summer. Stories of people losing insurance, losing their homes to bankruptcy, physically suffering from lack of care, dying — those were all just a bunch of exaggerated sob stories. We should be glad the emotional needs of others is a factor in TP policy now. (I’d tell them so myself, but I’m sure they can just “feel” my emotions.)

  • Monsieur Grumpe

    Someone must have told them about the misspelled word but they continue to proudly display their incompetence. I’m sure there is something to admire about their bravado but it escapes me for the moment.

  • Johnny Zhivago

    Every day I say this can’t get dumber, but then it does.

  • weejee

    [re=643688]JMP[/re]: In abstract algebra, a heap…”
    JMP, the maths always make it more clear. A groud is where a heap, in this case of people, want a fine space, Muslin-free Ground Zero, but to get there they haz to forget or ignore some basics. Sounds like a groud is the Teatard crowd exactamondo.

  • jus_wonderin

    [re=643712]jus_wonderin[/re]: For the love of groud, spellcheck your posts!!!!!!!!!

  • weejee

    [re=643716]weejee[/re]: forgot the slash i, sorries

  • Doglessliberal

    [re=643707]freakishlystrong[/re]: Yeah, the guiding principle of the GOP since 2001 has been Scare the Shit Out of People So You Can Lead Them Like Sheep. It has worked all too well.

  • Bordo

    Republicans are the dung beetles of politics.

  • ManchuCandidate

    [re=643713]just pixels[/re]:
    No, it’s more they are a bunch of put upon loser brats stuck in a time that never existed whose self entitlement believes that they would have gotten everything their own lack of talent/connections/intellignece denied them if it weren’t for
    a) Socialism
    b) Black people
    c) Brown people
    d) Black people
    e) Demoncraps
    f) Brown people

  • JMP

    [re=643716]weejee[/re]: Maybe it’s a bit of meta-commentary by a self-aware wingnut. No wait; none of them are self-aware.

  • Quatchi

    Don’t squash gourd zero.

  • Bordo

    Don’t forget homos and educated people. The GOPers hate them, too.

  • gurukalehuru

    I’m going to have groud roud for dinner.

  • bureaucrap

    In all seriousness, this campaign is beginning to look orchestrated, and I’m starting to think the spelling errors are being done intentionally to make the campaign look more grass-rootsy. but that banner otherwise is really well-done.

    I smell “Freedomworks” all over this astroturf movement. As a few commentators have already noted, this non-issue is where Republicans go when they want to divert people’s attention from their single most important issue, more tax cuts for the rich.

    If there are any enterprising journalists out there, somebody should follow the money and see who is bussing all these people in from BFE, giving them homemade signs and sandwiches, and telling them to yell their lungs out on cue. These “spontaneous” demonstrations don’t happen magically. Somebody has to organize them. But Who???? Who???

  • Thomas Allen

    Grou_d Zero is sacred ground, therefore, it is sacrilege to spell out the full name. Thank G_d these good Chr_s_i_ns know better than to affront all that is Holy by spelling-out Gr__d Z___!

  • mumblyjoe

    [re=643713]just pixels[/re]: “Sympathy for the victims” is also a terrible reason, when it’s used to explain why the state-sponsored flying of a flag emblematic of:
    a) The owning of a certain group of human beings like cattle, because of their skin color

    b) a bloody insurrection waged in order to continue the practice of owning said human beings like cattle and

    c) an also bloody terrorist campaign waged thereafter, to ensure that said human beings would be forever relegated to a second-class status with no political, social, or economic capital, as close to de facto slavery as possible.

    Remember, of course, that this is being done on public property, by the state, also, but in those cases, there’s nothing wrong with it, you just don’t understand what the flag of the Southern Insurrection really stands for, which are vague undefined things that are totally not slavery and white supremacism. Not like this “Mosque”, which is being done on private property, but the state should interfere, because we know EXACTLY what Islam’s all about, despite not actually, you know, doing any research or anything, and frequently mistaking any nearby brown person -any one at all- for a gay Muslin ACORN.

  • bureaucrap

    [re=643714]Monsieur Grumpe[/re]: It just goes to support my thesis that these are ringers playing the parts of “disgruntled average americans.”

  • Cape Clod

    People who feel that they are absolutely right on all issues probably don’t feel the need to check their spelling.

  • Holding Out for a Hero

    If ignorance is bless then these folks have reached nirvana.

  • whiterabid

    Groud? Well, Shakespeare made up new words, why can’t American illiterates do the same?

  • Holding Out for a Hero

    Well that was supposed to be bliss but it might work either way with these fools

  • RoscoePColtraine

    I call bullshit. I think they’re trying to bait us. If this shit were real, it would be ridiculous.

  • Dingus McHatred


  • lulzmonger

    Much of any dipshit’s RAEG is the result of their dim awareness that they are a dipshit … & thus the magical circle-jerk of another superfluous life is complete.

    Stupidity & viciousness: two loathsome tastes that taste loathsome together!

  • Truculent

    The Founding Fathers wanted us to spell words as we want to, not the way some government bureaucrat decides. FREEDUMMM

  • RoscoePColtraine

    [re=643749]RoscoePColtraine[/re]: Shit was… — or — shit were…?

    Sorry. I never got around to running that particular usage by Mrs. Horton, my 8th grade English teacher. Any of you grammarphiles care to enlighten me? I’d be much obliged.

  • just pixels

    [re=643726]ManchuCandidate[/re]: [re=643742]mumblyjoe[/re]: I missed the mark. My comment was about the hypocrisy of TP’ers scorning those who suffer from bad health care, but worship those who suffered on 9/11. Repubicans who rub salt in the wounds of first responders who are now suffering from exposure to toxins on 9/11. People who love the “plain language of the Constitution” but can’t seem to see the religious freedom written in the First Amendment. Those who want to “take back their country” from the hands of their fellow Americans.

  • weejee

    [re=643732]JMP[/re]: Too true, self-awarez is not a Teatardly strong suit.

  • mardam422

    It’s really not possible to lose to people this stupid…is it?

  • Lefty Lucy

    Meanwhile, on Fox News, Michelle Bachmann wants you to know that the American people are looking for “constitutional conservatives” in November. Perhaps she means “conserving” the amendments she likes (2nd) and jettisoning all the inconvenient ones (1st, 14th)?

  • mardam422

    The guy was probably working on the banner while looking at it upside down. The “u” was then looking like an “n”. So he figured he had it right.

    Of course, I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt that he really could spell “ground”.

  • Beowoof

    [re=643759]RoscoePColtraine[/re]: Doesn’t that depend upon whether you are using it in the singular or plural form.

  • Zorg

    [re=643751]Dingus McHatred[/re]: Yes, the latest issue of “Wired” magazine has a little item about new words and “Teabonics” as the name for these misspelled banners put up at astroturfed public events. Perfect little word to rile these racist fuckwits, I must say.

  • binarian

    [re=643743]bureaucrap[/re]: Why aren’t these dopes at work? Wait…..they are.

  • mustardman

    Well at least they got ‘monument’ right. Quite an achievement for them.

  • nappyduggs

    [re=643741]Thomas Allen[/re]:
    Xound Xero, also.

    [re=643744]Cape Clod[/re]:
    Game, set, match.

  • Maus

    [re=643781]Zorg[/re]: At least southern “ebonics” has linguistic roots in old english, these guys are a new vein of ignorant.

  • ejreed

    Some lowlights from the Park place demonstration on Sunday.

    Rival Protests Over Ground Zero Mosque
    Rival demonstrations have taken place over plans to build a mosque near the site of the 9/11 attacks on New York.

    What was it that Mencken said? Paraphrasing “no one ever went broke under-estimating the intelligence of the american public.”

  • Manos: Hands of Fate

    Do you know who else spells right? Allah, that’s who.

  • Georgia Burning

    [re=643721]Doglessliberal[/re]: 2001? Nah, scaring the shit out of people so they vote for you has been part of the Republican platform since they freed the slaves and lost their first big issue. It plays much better than “screw you, I’m rich” but every so often you need to reset the target.

  • Extemporanus


  • Extemporanus

    [re=643708]slappypaddy[/re]: Awesumb!

  • Hutch

    [re=643759]RoscoePColtraine[/re]: If it’s a statement contrary to fact, then “were.” As in, were I to be driven nuts by these assholes….” At least, it’s not a statement of fact yet.

  • One Yield Regular

    [re=643688]JMP[/re]: Part of my job forces me to read efforts to provide lay descriptions of advanced mathematics. After several years of doing this, I can assure you that there is no such thing as a lay description of advanced mathematics. “Groud Zero,” however, appears to be an attempt to describe in lay terms the equation: semi-literacy + received idea divided by the square root of mob mentality summed with racial and religious superiority multiplied by a factor of Pi times aleph 3 of fascistic reactionism. Or something like that.


    And your article is supposed to convince someone you are smarter than the protesters you are mocking? Right…

  • GOPCrusher


  • AnnieGetYourFun

    [re=643751]Dingus McHatred[/re]: Nice.

  • Monsieur Grumpe

    Relax Nancy. We all know that nobody in America is stupid enough to carry around a misspelled sign. It is obviously some dirty commie litards just trying to make real Americans look bad. Now go back to your FOX News and take it easy.

  • RPolanski

    According to, groud means:
    The act of being gay AND proud.
    As in, “Holy crap, I woke up this morning and realized how groud I am about my decision.”

    These teabaggers just can’t seem to avoid the ironic connections they continue to make to homosexuality.

  • jus_wonderin

    [re=643759]RoscoePColtraine[/re]: …shit was vs. hotsquats were…

  • Beanball

    [re=643859]NANCY[/re]: Dearest Nancy, We could care less about trying to convince anybody of anything; we are displaying our disdain for ignorant dumfuks. Some disdainers employ hooting sounds and/or cowbells; we write funny comments.

    Now, show us your TITS! or GTO!

  • RPolanski

    [re=643859]NANCY[/re]: Trol. Trowl. Trole.

  • Limeylizzie

    [re=643859]NANCY[/re]: Oh Nancy, Nancy, Nancy…are you from NYC? If so, you can state your feelings and then GTFO, if you are from some other place just GTFO. OK?

  • TeddyS

    Groud Zorro is Hollowed Groud for onliest nekkid lady gennelmen klubs.

  • meufchelou

    Hey guys, NANCY went to a lot of trouble to think up her original avatar and moniker (leaving out her last name!), just to entertain us with her witty repartee. THanks NANCY I feel so much smarter now that I”ve read your comment.

  • ArugulaTeleprompterz

    [re=643859]NANCY[/re]: We don’t need no convincin’ NANCY POO. We already know we’re smarter than the retards protesting. We know this because we are able to accurately spell single syllable words and tie our own shoes.

  • finette

    No, see, they’re saying the not-mosque would be a monument to terrorism. Muslim Y two blocks from the site where some crazy assholes killed a bunch of people = The Terrorists Win. I’ll gladly translate anything else you need with what I was able to glean from a former classmate who just unfriended me on Facebook.

  • One Yield Regular

    [re=643859]NANCY[/re]: Nancy, for all I know you may be a very nice person, but the mere idea that anything posted on Wonkette (except by trolls, of course) could be remotely construed as an attempt “to convince” anyone of anything is nearly as risible as a fascistic, fanatical mob attempting to deny other Americans their Constitutionally-guaranteed freedom of religion by screeching about the “sanctity” of something they can’t even be bothered to spell correctly, and whose very reactionary fanaticism makes them completely impervious to being convinced by (or even, for that matter, cognizant of) any point of view but their own.

  • slappypaddy

    [re=643859]NANCY[/re]: article? “the”? “a”?

    her name was mcgill
    and she worked as a shill
    and everyone knew her as nancy

    nice bunting you’re wrapped up in there, nancy. you know how to fold that thing properly once you’re done with it, right?

  • proudgrampa




  • madirishman

    “I pledge Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of Hysteria, and to the Political Hate-Mongering for which it stands, one White Nation, under one White God, Racially Divisible, with Liberty and Justice for White Folks only.”

    Beauty is skin-deep. Ugly goes straight to the bones.

  • Escape Goat Nation

    [re=643859]NANCY[/re]: I gotta say Nancy, although I’m really the last person to jump on anyone for spelling or grammar since mine is questionable at best, I would make damn fucking sure that I’d get the spelling on a giant banner correct.
    Yes, it does make them look like a bunch of ignoramuses.

  • trondant

    Hi, Nancy. I’d like to introduce you to my penis. His name is Sluggo and the two of you will hit it off, I promise. Just remember to take him for a walk every day.

  • Enslave the Whales

    [re=643759]RoscoePColtraine[/re]: “were”. Subjunctive.

    Sadly, the bigots don’t appear to be subjunctive. If they were were-bigots, perhaps wolfbane would make them go away.

  • Beowoof

    [re=643859]NANCY[/re]: Oh Nancy I know you are being paid by the RNC or Karl Rove or getting free fried cheese somewhere for posting anywhere folks make fun of Teatard dumb fucks. However, trolling here may not be as pleasant for you without moderators like Huff Po dumping comments that refer to you as tired of riding the short bus so your mama home skooled you.

  • SugarSugar

    The same people that are the ‘spokespeople’ for the mosque (Islamic Community Center) are the same folks that a few years back considered NYC a cesspool of liberalism. And for all the political griping over the mosque, you’d think there would be more fuss made over sick firefighters who need medical attention. Among other things that are likely within spitting distance of the former WTC – souvenir shops that hawk cheap tawdry patriotic 9/11 crap (much of which is likely made in China), fetishizing tragedy and the deaths of thousands for personal profit.

    Yet that’s OK somehow.

  • bobhiggins

    Mebbe when dey rode da groud zero sign dey hadda bad head code.

  • AuntieStupefaction

    Shakespeare did it, also and too. And what is up with the cheezy Italian, bobhiggins?