I need a smoke breakA heroic staffer for Massachusetts model-senator Scott Brown recently saved this nice little cat from a harsh, lonely existence on the wild streets of Washington and brought her to Brown’s office. The feline polled well with Team Brown and subsequently acquired a new name: the distinctive “Lucky, a.k.a. ‘Longshot'” — as well as a new job, it seems!

Lucky has officially become “part of the team,” Brown states on his Facebook page, which suggests that she is now working for him (and against the Tea Party). She does seem to know how to read, which puts her above most Republicans in the talent pool; maybe she’ll be good at opposition research. Brown should also consider letting her handle incoming calls placed by irate Massachusetts Teabagger-voters who just want to shout “socialist traitor” over and over again, to relieve his “human employees” of that burden.

Some of Brown’s fans applaud his bleeding-heart liberal acceptance of Lucky and her transient lifestyle, posting comments to his specially designated “Lucky the Cat” photo album:

  • Give it the okay to claw back at Nancy Polosi.
  • It’s a pleasure to have a Senator who is sensitive to the needs of our furry friends. Lucky is, indeed, lucky!
  • Are you going to get Lucky her own Petizen page?
  • He’s proud to be an American and not afraid to display the flag. Good job Lucky!

(Lucky is a lady cat.)

The majority of the comments are from ladies, too. This is because a) Brown is the Justin Beiber of the Senate; and b) women become very emotional about animals, for it is our nature to nurture.

Brown had better not get too carried away with the cat adoptions, though: The Senate already has an official Cat Lady in Tom Coburn, and she turns vicious if someone tries to challenge her authority. Also, is it even legal to keep a cat in the Senate office buildings? Seems like it would break some sort of hygiene or etiquette rule. Informed Wonketteers with Capitol Hill experience, enlighten us via the comments section, a.k.a., “The Litter Box.”

LOOK, it’s Lucky again! Everybody go awwww:


[Scott Brown’s Facebook page]

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  1. I confess I adore cats and this actually makes me like Scott Brown,but I would encourage “Lucky” to find that nice man Eric Cantor’s office and drop a few logs on his desk.

  2. Subsequent to their long disenfranchisement after Socks Rodham Clinton was evicted from the White House, Feline-Americans finally have representation again!

  3. Teabagger response: “Instead of a cat, he should have adopted a rhino! Haw, haw, haw! Did you get that? A Rhino because he’s a republican in name only! I have to write that down so I remember it. Where’s a piece of paper?”

  4. Lucky will disappear from sight in a few weeks after it’s discovered that she’s brought in a whole bunch of fleas and that she has the habit of peeing under Brown’s desk at night.

  5. This will just further infuriate the teabaggers; in part because they believe being kind to animals is for pussy socialists, but mostly because just about everything infuriates them.

  6. I knew he was a Socialist! And who’s paying for the cat’s food and cute little toys? The American taxpayer, I bet. Goddamn Socialist Scott Brown is what I say.

  7. I believe that anyone who adopts strays AND takes proper, PERMANENT care of them can’t be all bad.
    There I said it. There is hope for Brown.
    Better keep that litter box clean Brown. I’m watching you. And get her neutered. Cats are total sluts when in heat. Kind of like Newt Gingrich without the triple ickyness.

  8. [re=643652]Norbert[/re]: And the household cat comes from the Middle East where it was worshipped by Egyptians. So Scott Brown is a Muslim after all!

  9. I still don’t understand the reason why businesses and politicians have facebook pages. The term “Social Networking” does not fit in with business and politics in my book. Social to me means my friends not someone trying to sell me something or someone trying to buy my vote.

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