One might indeed ask this without preference -- wait, what?The editor of the Boardman News — which outshines even the New York Times in producing coverage specific to Boardman, Ohio — appended this note to a letter sent in by the local Democratic Party chairman, about Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank destroying the moral fabric of their town with his public displays of gayness. Maybe now Frank will get the message and hide himself away in some special catacomb of shame, instead of homo-ing up America’s heartland.

Frank was in Boardman (it’s located just south of Youngstown) to attend the Dems’ big and fancy Chairman’s dinner, raising an estimated $75,000 for party coffers. While in town he visited some brownfield sites and the local Mahoning Valley Pride Center, because when you’re openly gay those are the kinds of places you go.

Frank seems determined to flaunt open gayness wherever possible. More recently, he spoke at a luncheon hosted by the Westport ROMEOs — a social group whose acronym stands for “Retired (Respectful) Older Men Eating Out.” Make of that what you will. He also leaves his house fairly often, mainly to purchase groceries and also to anger total strangers who disapprove of his sexual orientation. The latter is his secret pleasure, like eating carbs late at night is for the rest of us. [Plunderbund/Mahoning County Democratic Party website/Herald News]

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