Missouri Republican Senate candidate Roy Blunt put up this Web ad yesterday, featuring audio from his opponent, Robin Carnahan, and a single Ken Burns-effected photo of the smoldering ruins of the World Trade Center. Wow, this is such a cute ad! How did he accomplish this cuteness without the use of kittens? So this is a gaffe, apparently, and it was taken down. But the Blunt campaign has since put out the exact same ad with a different image, that of Obama and Carnahan. Our head of state, you see, is a Muslim who wants to take over America with his terrorism, and that, that is not a gaffe in today’s America, but rather good politics.

You get it? Obama is not allowed to say he is a Christian like every other president of the United States. He’s lying! We don’t have to give the same deference to this president, because he is black and has a weird name, so people don’t mind if we say he’s an evil foreign menace. There’s no gaffe there. You can say whatever the fuck you want about him! Thus, THIS IS HIS MOSQUE.

And also you can conflate American Muslims with terrorists and imply that they actually hate their country and want to destroy it. They’re a small minority, so who cares if you incite hatred and violence against them? That’s one of the most fun tactics ever used in American history! Retro!

This is just so goddamn cute! The only way Roy Blunt could make it cuter is if he taped a knife to the widdle hand of a white baby and made it stab it into a brown baby. [Plum Line]

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  1. Yeah, but Roy Blunt refused to take a stand against the Pilot Truck stop here in Hunterdon County, New Jersey, so I’m still not sure where I stand on this race.

    I really need to see how these candidates feel about other local New Jersey zoning issues before I’m ready to decide.

  2. When he’s on “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me” Roy Blunt is always hilarious. But when he’s being a Senator he can be very mean. I don’t think that job makes him happy.

  3. Robin Carnahan is so extreme, she won’t even condemn the First Amendment.

    I’m hoping she turns out to have the campaigning ability of her father, who managed the trick beat Ascroft while dead.

  4. Yeah well, at least we beat the terr’ists that done this and the combat troops are all out of…what? Oh, they didn’t do 9/11? Then what the fuck were we there for?

  5. That olde fashioned First Amendment is so 18th century and tolerant. Here’s the Repubican remix:

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion except Islam, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof except Islam; or abridging the freedom of speech except about Islam, or of the press except about Islam; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble except Muslims, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances except demoncrats.

  6. uh… the 2nd ad sounded to me like they were playing the audio of an interview with a reasonable human being.

    But, boy, they sure got her with that “Rubberstamp Robin” zinger.

  7. Honestly, I prefer the first ad — Carnahan’s words over the smoldering ruins of the WTC bring the full force of her statements to bear — that when we focus on what divides us, that’s what happens. I could see Blunt pulling that because if I were watching it, my reaction would be “You know, she’s right — I’m voting for her instead of that coward Blunt.”

    The second version just makes no damn sense at all.

  8. I gotta agree with Abe Simpson when asked why he had a 49 star Flag of US America.

    “I’ll be deep in the cold, cold ground before I recognize Missouri!”

  9. Carnahan thinks it is okay for illegal immigrants to come swarming into Ground Zero and abort terror babies and try to tell us what we can build on our private property! She is an Osama-Obama deviltrix. We let the Irish into the country and see what happened. A Carnahan thinks she is good enough to represent real Americans. Probably a papist, too.

  10. According to another Democratic Senate candidate, “They could build the mosque, or not. That makes no difference. That’s not a big deal. That doesn’t matter.”

  11. Double Doh! With her father dying in a plane crash–probably not the most sensitive angle to go, but Roy Blunt don’t care about anyone’s namby pamby feelings! Esp. some dumb girl!

  12. I thought Missouri was the “Show Me” state, not the “Tell You” state. God, how I wish these Republican goobers from the sticks would just shut the fuck up and go away. They all hate NYC, Chicago, LA, SF, etc. because they’re filled with homos, brown people and professionals with a full set of teeth. They only love big city Murica when someone bombs us.

  13. Good thing Missouri has this guy calling Carnahan out for such incendiary comments like, “I don’t think I should be telling New Yorkers what to do,” and “It’s time for people of all faiths to come together.” Could you imagine the damage this bomb thrower could do if she got elected?

  14. Blunt spokesman Rich Chrismer:
    “Regarding the audio clip of Robin Carnahan, someone got carried away. It was up overnight and quickly replaced. It did not reflect the right tone and was quickly replaced with an image of Robin Carnahan and Barack Obama. Roy Blunt opposes the Ground Zero mosque and Robin Carnahan has rubberstamped Barack Obama again by refusing to oppose it.”
    Blunt’s media people meant to use an image not of Ground Zero, but of the Saracens slaughtering Christian babies.
    Being Roy Blunt means never having to say you’re sorry.

  15. [re=641998]Manos: Hands of Fate[/re]: Clearly, she is basically an evil version of Hitler, to paraphrase my favorite line ever by Jim Newell. Remember that guy? He didn’t leave us much, god knows, but he left us that.

  16. I can’t play the videos right now. Is the crux of the ad that Robin Carnahan, as a US Senator from Missouri, won’t get personally involved in a New York City zoning issue as required by the Constitution and the Bible?

  17. It’s such a relief to know us Wonketteers aren’t the only ones who think Iraq was a failed venture. Today Mr. Bryan Fischer over at the “patriotic” “Christian” American Family Association blogged that he feels the same way. Why? Because we didn’t convert the heathens at gunpoint when we had a chance.
    “If we had an enlightened policy with regard to Iraq, the one thing we would have insisted on is complete freedom of religion for Christians and Jews. We did nothing of the sort, and consequently have spent seven years only to leave behind a nation that officially rests under the curse of God. What a waste.

    It grieves me to the bottom of my soul to think of the soldiers who bravely gave their last full measure of devotion in such a misbegotten cause. They served bravely and well; it was their leadership that let them down.

    All this is due to President Bush’s naive short-sightedness about the true nature of Islam and what it does to the human spirit. I believe him to be an honest and decent man, but deceived and foolish when it came to Islam. He genuinely seemed to believe that Islam is a religion of peace which had been hijacked by evil men. The truth is the other way round. Islam is a barbaric religion of violence and war. The only hijacking that’s been done is by those trying to fool people into thinking it’s something benign.

    The Spirit of the Lord is absent in Islamic lands, and the dark spirit that animates Islam has extinguished the spirit of liberty in those lands and in the hearts of their people. Their spiritual DNA has been altered in such a horrible way that what they hunger for is domination, destruction, and the death of the infidels. It is impossible for such a people to harbor a thirst for freedom apart from a massive spiritual awakening represented by an embrace of Christianity. No, it is impossible to build a free nation on a platform of Islam. It was foolish and expensive even to try.”

    “Asshole” is too good for this asshole.

    Feel free to email Mr. Fischer with your comments at:

  18. As a christian, this makes me sick to my stomach. As an Asian person who sometimes looks Hispanic, I’m kinda scared. And as a legal resident alien, I feel like I need to put aside some cash for that emergency plane ticket back home to Australia in case Americans decide to round up Asians who look Hispanic sometimes, on suspicion of being a Communist.

  19. “Islam is a barbaric religion of violence and war,” sez Mister Fisher, which is why our super Christian nation went to war and dumped big cans of shock and awe whupass violence on them. Why did we go to war with Iraq again? I forgot.

  20. Out of the mouths of babes:

    But Chris, the stripper who volunteered in the Ground Zero recovery, sat on a barstool in a tiny, shiny red dress and defended Park51. “They’re not building a mosque in the World Trade Center,” she pointed out. “It’s all good. You have your synagogues and your churches. And you have a mosque.”

    Chris said she lost eight friends on Sept. 11, 2001 — firefighters from the Brooklyn firehouse next to her home at the time. “The people who did it are not going to the mosque,” she said.

  21. [re=641943]Whiskeybaby[/re]: Yes it’s gotten to the point where one must ration out their poisoned rat dick stock. Only the douchiest of douchetards should get a bag…oh, and since Roy Blunt definitely qualifies, send him a ration.

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