Food Trucks: DC’s anticipation of the lobster truck has officially reached such epic levels that we’re no longer sure if it or the “Ground Zero” mosque is the bullshit non-issue that we should be paying attention to this week. Both do showcase America at its finest. How this city ever functioned without daily access to lobster served directly from a truck, we do not know. Rest assured, the Lobster Truck should open at some point this week. Huzzah! [Red Hook Lobster Pound Truck]

  • Today through August, Sunday 22: H Street has created its own version of Restaurant Week, during which Taylor Gourmet, Star and Shamrock, Dangerously Delicious Pies and other restaurants in the area will be offering $20.10 fixed-price meals. And oh, look at that, most of the menus aren’t that extraordinary, and the deals are in fact good. [H Street Eats]
  • Friday, August 20 through Sunday, August 28: It’s here! DC Beer Week is here! It’s a week-long celebration of beer, because beer is good and it’s too damn hot in August (most of the time, anyway) to do anything besides drink. Some of the better DC Beer Week events include the beer and pie mash-up at Justin’s Cafe, the Shmaltz Brewing Company beer sampling at Star and Shamrock, and the Oysters feast and Rogue Ale sampling at The Reef. [DC Beer Week]
  • Saturday, August 28: Can DC have a state fair if it’s not even a state? We have gardeners, cooks, and bakers who deserve to have the opportunity to enter their tomatoes, cupcakes, and pickles in a contest right here at home — which is, we guess, what you do at a state fair — so a state fair we shall have, period. Hopefully there will be a petting zoo. [DC State Fair]
  • Food to look forward to: A new coffee shop is coming to 14 Street NW and it is located approximately 413 feet from another coffee shop. Amazingly no burger restaurants are located in between the two coffee shops, at least not yet. [Peregrine Espresso]
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  • qwerty42

    Can DC match the fantastic Iowa Butter Cow? Maybe a butter half-smoke?

  • SayItWithWookies

    Fifteen bucks for a lobster roll from a truck? The recession is apparently over. Well, it will be when they start selling them.

  • dcstatefair

    Oh, there will be a petting zoo. Bring the kiddies along with your tomatoes and funky veggies!

  • Icecycle

    Assuming that is a ‘truck hugger’ (a face huggers big brother) I am going to run.
    What ever breaks out of that hood is going to be big, mean, and snarky comments won’t even slow it down.

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