SANCTUARY! SANCTUARY!America’s top J.D.-D.D.S. Orly Taitz has somehow lost her chance to appeal the $20,000 fine levied on her by a federal judge in October for filing “frivolous” litigation that the LSM doesn’t want you to know about. Apparently the Supreme Court does not want to tear this woman apart, in what would be the most entertaining trial ever. Who’s at fault? YOU GUESSED IT, Samuel Alito, who hates fun and denied the request. But Orly’s fight is not over. She is now appealing the decision to “an international court of Human Rights.”

In parallel with the certiorari I will be filing an appeal in an international court of Human Rights. The world needs to know about the fact that United States has an illegitimate usurper sitting in the White House without a Social Security number of his own and without a long form birth certificate. The world needs to know that our judicial system beacame a sham, when the most important issue of legitimacy of the US president was never heard on the merits., where brave members of the US military Like Major Stefan Cook or Lt. Col Lakin are persecuted and where attorneys like me a persecuted. It was important for the world to know about the human rights violations in Stalinist Russia, in Iraq, in Iran. It is important for the world to know about the Human Rights violations in the United States during the illegitimate regime of the Kenyan born communist dictator Barack Hussein Obama aka barack (Barry) Soetoro, aka Barack (Barry) Soebarkach . How could those judges decide that questioning this usurper is frivolous if they don’t even know Obama’s legal last name and if they have in front of them a testimony of the senior deportation officer of the Department of the Homeland Security, stating that the Social Security number that he is using 042-68-4425, was issued to another individual in CT?

She had mentioned trying this before, but doesn’t Orly know by now that international courts are UnAmerican™? International courts want to prosecute us for believing in God and killing brown people in wars. Don’t do it, Orly! It’s a trap! International courts love poor/brown people!

YES, it is a God-given human right that we should never have to live under a president who is black. So the only higher power you can appeal this decision to, Orly, is God himself. How could He let this happen to us? [AP/Orly Taitz]

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  1. You know, come to think of it, I don’t think I have a long form birth certificate either. I have one from the District of Columbia that pretty succinct. One page with text related to me on the front, standard stuff on the back. Not issued by a US State either. Uh, oh, I’m in trouble.

    Oh, and Terrance Lakin signed the papers to be in the military and looking for a way to get out of his committment. I hope he enjoys Leavenworth.

  2. Where the heck did Soebarkach come from? I thought I’d been keeping up on all of President Obama’s childhood aliases, but this is a new one.
    Anyway, if this international court of bloggers refuses her case, she’s appealing to the MLB on the grounds that the infield fly rule should’ve been declared in effect because in elections on alternate leap-years with the tackle eligible the ball can be dropped two club lengths away from objects such as sprinkler heads, but only if the player’s father was a US citizen and had jacks or better to open.

  3. Anagrams for Soebarkach include:

    Carob Shake
    Back Ashore
    Bakes Roach
    Break Chaos
    Abhors Cake
    A Rehab Sock
    A Back Horse
    A Brash Coke
    A Bra Chokes

    Esteemed justices of The Hague, you have no choice but to convict. The prosecution rests.

  4. So to get justice within the sovereign state of the US, Ms Taitz will be filing a grievance in international court to overturn the decision of the Supremestest Court in history(!!!!!!!11111111elevnty)

    That ought to teach those nation-building types! America should only listen to Americans!


  5. You know, sometimes you encounter something that is so incredibly, full-tilt, industrial-grade insane that all you can do is bang your head into the desk over and over and over . . .

  6. Actually she left out a word, “food” and slightly misspelled a couple of others. What she meant to say was “I will be filing an appeal in the international food court, at Hunan Delights.” I assume she is thinking about the food court in National Place, so she’ll get maximum press coverage.

  7. Poor Orly was born too late for the kind of fame she really deserved – one of John Waters’ underground, Dreamland Studios actors. She’d have been a terrific Connie Marble.

  8. And if the international court gambit doesn’t work, it’s on to an intergalactic court. But what if they ask for her birf certificate?

  9. Gotta love her logic:

    a) Obama is a fur’ner who is attempting to take over America for unsavory, fur’n purposes
    b) The next obvious step is to appeal to the fur’ns.

    [re=639525]bureaucrap[/re]: “M’am, will you just place your order already? I’ll throw in a potsticker if you shut up”

  10. [re=639510]JMP[/re]: Leadoff comment is a big laugh win.

    As the tabloid at the grocery store screamed at me, “The Secret of Obama’s African Family Revealed.” I guess they found that top-secret document, “Dreams From My Father.” Hopey probably made a mistake, revealing his secret past in a best seller penned by our illegal president.

  11. [re=639527]ManchuCandidate[/re]: The Jedi Council couldn’t even sense one Sith! So they’re not exactly the go team (if they were real…lol)

  12. Soebarkach is obviously an anagram of Barack H. Soetero, without the tero.

    I’m still stunned that the French named an airport after this woman.

  13. She may want to check with Rand Paul and see if he certified himself as an appeals court judge, just like he certified himself as a “board” certified opthalmologist – the board being an entity he created himself. If so, she might get a fair and sympathetic hearing, something she is being denied by the U.S. Supreme Socialist Republic Kangaroo Court consisting of a gang a communist-duped clowns.

  14. [re=639514]AngryBlakGuy[/re]: More like a 2 ruble South Ossetian street whore after servicing the local Russian Army base on May Day.

  15. Could she possibly – and I say “possibly” only because it’s politer than “stupidly” – have confused “Soebarkach” with “sobriquet”?

    Nahh. She probably – and I again mean “stupidly” – thinks “sobriquets” are what you use for grillin’ food.

  16. Okay, when both Alito AND Thomas have told you to piss up a rope, it may be time to admit that your RWNJ case may be a little bit crazy for the USMerkin Patriot Courts to take seriously.

  17. Now Jack, you are so quick to blame Alito for this miscarriage of justice, but according to the AP, Justice Clarence Thomas had rejected the request earlier, obvs acting in solidarity with his commie Nubian brotha. CONNECT THE DOTS, MAN!

  18. [re=639516]Terry[/re]: I don’t either…I have some 8×4 piece of flimsy paper from the Bergen County Health Department that basically says my birthday and the hospital I was born…who knew I was a usurper…

  19. font size=4>In parallel with the certiorari I will be filing an appeal

    Well, there’s her problem. Her white cotton briefs didn’t sit too well with the judge.

  20. Wow, Wonkette commenters are on fire. Let’s hope Orly never gives up, because this place really livens up when news about her bubbles up from the rancid right-wing gutters she inhabits.

  21. [re=639517]SayItWithWookies[/re]: It’s the latest shiny object in the birthers’ tin box. Someone found the word “Soebarkah” written near Obama’s name in his mom’s passport renewal form, thereby proving beyond a doubt that Barry was adopted by his Indonesian step-dad and is not a US citizen. Because “Soebarkah” had to have been his post-adoption first name, see? Of course Orly has to apply her own idiosyncratic spelling and apparently thinks it’s one of Barry’s many last names but you can’t expect a busy and persecuted lawyer such as herself to get all the details straight.

  22. you ever stopped and thought, “What if she is right about this stuff?” Just because she’s a crazy muppet doesn’t mean you should discount the things she says, you should continue disregarding it because it has always been crazy bullshit. I personally hope that she keeps the lulz rolling.

  23. The International Court of Human Rights? I’m sure they’ll get to this after they are done with all the cases from Liberia, Rawanda, The Congo, Serbia, and Cambodia. By that time Obama will have served two terms and be retired.

  24. It’s so bizarre to read every Wonkette/Teabagger catchphrase used in a sorta official document:

    “The world needs to know about the fact that United States has an illegitimate usurper sitting in the White House without a Social Security number of his own and without a long form birth certificate…It is important for the world to know about the Human Rights violations in the United States during the illegitimate regime of the Kenyan born communist dictator Barack Hussein Obama aka barack (Barry) Soetoro, aka Barack (Barry) Soebarkach…”

    Usurper…illegitimate…Communist dictator

    Stay sweet Orly. Don’t ever change.

  25. [re=639549]Johnny Zhivago[/re]: 40 million Social Security numbers are assigned to more than one person??? Wow. I would think that would cause a good bit of confusion.

  26. There comes a point where, no matter HOW good in the sack s/he may be, the crazy just gets to be too much. Welcome to that point, Doktor O.

  27. They’re not assigned, but “associated” which just means they’re on record with a bank or something. These cases are either fraud or (more frequently) clerical error.

  28. Isn’t it nice to have a president whos aka isn’t “shit for brains”?

    [re=639510]JMP[/re]: Well, Stalin wasn’t his real name too. And he wasn’t born in Russia, either. Probably in Kenya.

  29. The International Court of Human Rights? Isn’t that the same court that the wingnuts claim have no authority over America if they ever get around to charging the Bushyt Cabal with war crimes and crimes against humanity?

  30. [re=639527]ManchuCandidate[/re]: The Farce is strong with this one.

    [re=639581]mookworthjwilson[/re]: I once had the opportunity to see both of my California birth certificates. In my left hand, was my original birth certificate (and no, you stupid DDS bitch, it wasn’t a “long form” even in 1966) and in my right hand was my new birth certificate, issued after my stepfather adopted me. Everything was the same except for information about the father and my last name; even the doctor’s signature was the same. I was very impressed that the state could do that and have been a big fan of 1984 ever since I read it a few years later.

    And for all you birther-retards, in the case of the President, it’s the legal status of the vagina he squeezed out of that counts here for citizenship not whose penis spurted in said vagina. His mom was a United States citizen and the drop was in Hawaii. Any medical officer who buys a ticket for this crazy train is too fucking stupid to be doctor and should have their pay and allowances adjusted accordingly.

    Enjoy the deportation, Orly!

  31. Long form? My kids have some card thing- about the size of a credit card. Does this mean my little geniuses(ok they are in their 20’s) can’t be Presidents?

  32. Tell you what, for a communist dictator, this Soebarkach guy is doing an awful job. He’s not properly nationalized anything, the proletariat aren’t overthrowing the bourgeois and his number one nemesis, Ms Taitz, has not ‘mysteriously’ disappeared, or even been exiled.

    Simply said, this isn’t what I didn’t vote for.

  33. “In parallel with the certiorari I will be filing an appeal in an international court of Human Rights.”

    “An”? Like, as soon as she’s able to find one on google, or have Rand Paul start one? The International Court of the Human Right to have a white President?

  34. [re=639645]xyzpdq[/re]: A number of years ago I was working for a bank and I called a Social Securit office in Northern California asking about those rosters of numbers keyed to various parts of the US. My question was “Is it possible to tell where someone was living when the number was assigned?”

    The nice lady told me they’d seen a number of such lists, but never one they thought was reliable.

    Then she dropped the bomb. “And, of course, we’re running out of numbers, so we’re reassigning numbers from dead people.”

    WoW! This should get interesting in just a few more years, when those babies turn 16, 18, and so on….

  35. You left out real estate agent. She’s dentist/lawyer/real estate agent Orly Taitz, the dumbest woman in the world. Here’s a picture of the historic meeting of the dumbest woman in the world with the second dumbest woman in the world, Michele Bachmann and Orly Taitz:

    We definitely need to get Orly Taitz onstage at more GOP/Tea Party events.

  36. That pic always cracks me up– looks like she needs ‘Orly’ in some ugly font to create a bad late ’60’s album cover.

  37. Miss Taitz should skip the international court of Human Rights and go directly to the NFL rules committee. Only there may justice be had.

    [re=639517]SayItWithWookies[/re]: It’s Old High Slavic for half-breed devil.

  38. You Libreals can laugh all you want, but it’s funny how when asked, Hussein’a grsndmother answered that Barack was born in Africa, and just a few months later she was DEAD.

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