Goody Ayn ingested a potent dose of peyote in our last episode of Ayn’s Ultimate High-Times Comic. This episode follows her spiritual journey and is sure to harsh your mellow, stoned readers.

For those seeking more Ayn-times, read from the beginning, or check the archive.

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  1. Now I see why people read Ayn Rand. That which you create, you can destroy.

    Wow, man.

    And, like… if you destroy it, doesn’t that prove that you could have created it, if you’d wanted to? If they don’t stop you, aren’t they actually agreeing with you? Yeah. I can see it now. Somewhere, there is a cookie, and it’s mine, and I must go find that cookie and take that cookie and eat that cookie and pass that cookie!

  2. OK, I confess: I didn’t read the book, but if I recall correctly, in the movie Roark blew up the housing complex because the guys funding its construction decided to destroy his vision of a prefectly smooth, antisepctic cube by adding little porches for the building’s residents to step out onto and maybe set up a deck chair or a barbcue grill.

    And that’s totally 100% good reason to blow up an apartment complex. After all, an apartment building should be a reflection of a single, remarkable, individual’s aesthetic vision. It shouldn’t be a place that’s actually pelasant for human beings to inhabit.

  3. I love how the first two panels with the carp manage to distill the plot of every single one of her terrible books into two pictograms, instead of thousands of pages. Only, you know, with less rape fantasy.

  4. What makes me laugh more is the guy who drove around US America to get “Red Ayn Rand” (sic) on Google Maps is probably getting way fewer hits than the Wonkette guy who drew Ayn Rand vomiting in rage in almost every panel on this intertubes comic strip.


  5. [re=639194]Serolf Divad[/re]: Also, it should be pointed out that the actual take-away lesson is less “that which you create you can destroy” and more, “That which you get hired to create for someone else, you can destroy after being duly compensated for it, if you don’t like what they do with it afterwards. Because you have a moral claim to other people’s property, if you played a role in producing it.”

  6. [re=639218]Serolf Divad[/re]: It’s actually great trying to figure out how this logic would apply to other fields, though. If I’m a doctor, and I cure someone’s cancer, but decide later that they’re being a shitty person, does this mean I’m morally justified in injecting them with cancer? If I’m a stock broker or financial consultant, and I help a client make a million dollars, but then they spend that million dollars on, I don’t know, hookers and blow, am I morally justified in breaking into his mansion and stealing that million dollars back?

    According to Ayn Rand, yes, apparently?

  7. [re=639194]Serolf Divad[/re]: I live in a Panelak in a communist housing project from the 60s. Communist architecture has a bad reputation here and it is partially deserved but the buildings are sound and basically it’s just 60’s utilitarianism which wasn’t limited to communist countries at all.
    Anyway, back to my point. The original, communist architect had determined that the only 3 acceptable colors for the buildings were black, gray or silver. That had the force of law.
    Well, as I was moving in (autumn 2002, after the great Prague flood)they were busily repainting the buildings – white, beige, pink, peach, and often two tone and zig-zag patterns because fuck the communists, that was ancient history.
    It’s a nice neighborhood, with lots of trees and a playground for the kiddies. I’m not sure what my point is, it just somehow seemed relevant to what you were saying.

  8. [re=639226]mumblyjoe[/re]:On your 3rd hypothetical Ayn would say you were justified as long as your actions weren’t based on the fact that you were pissed and carrying a grudge because when you visited your clients they didn’t offer you a hooker or some blow.

  9. Well, the GPS guy is just leeching off of the productivity of the government that built the roads he drove on and what launched the GPS sattelites into space.

    Other than all of those government programs used to express his individuality, he has a point.

  10. [re=639237]gurukalehuru[/re]:

    I think the point is that if Ayn Rand were still alive she’d applaud the Zombie architect emerging from his grave and blowing up your white, beige, pink and peach buildings because he wanted them to be black, grey and silver.

  11. [re=639194]Serolf Divad[/re]: Well put. Building/governing/ceo-ing as grandiose monument to self – the motto of most prima donna architects and any Randian zombie. I share your loathing for the breed and salute you, sir.

  12. The most disturbing thing about these cartoons/story is that it reminds me that I read all of Rand’s . . . “opus” back when I was a freshman.

    Poor Patricia McNeal. Playing Dominique Falco caused that stroke.

    And got her baby run over.

    Oh, and made Ronald Dahl cheat on her.

    (Did I leave anything out?)

  13. Good grief, what ignorant idiocy is this gibberish. Rand claimed that the person who created something had the moral right to determine its use. This is the mirror opposite of the Marxist claim that workers own the means of production and their own work products. Agree or disagree, but her claim has as much philosophical standing as any other. You people are simpering idiots.

  14. [re=639487]Neilist[/re]: Actually, you did. A year after her son’s accident, her daughter, Olivia died. It broke Dahl’s heart, and he withdrew from everybody.

    God rest all their souls. So much tragedy in that family.

  15. Have any of you ever known a libertarian who ever created anything? The ones I know spend their time lying on the couch masturbating to cheap porn and complaining about how they deserve a free ride through life.

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