How long until I get the nuclear launch codes?Sharron Angle was forced to speak words yesterday, as she has yet to come up with the brilliant idea to have her campaign say she has a throat infection that makes her mute for the next few months. “The United Nations resides on our soil and costs us money. We are — I don’t see any place in the Constitution with those priorities about the United Nations. So when we start talking about cutting programs, 5-percent per year, I think the United Nations fits into that category, yes,” she said. How can we be members of the United Nations when the Constitution and Bible don’t even MENTION it?

If the Constitution wanted us in the U.N., it would have told us to be members in the U.N., because the Bible would have told us to be in the U.N. But the Bible does not explicitly say that the United States of America should be a member state of the United Nations. This is simple political science, folks. Scientifically, you cannot be in the U.N. if the Constitution or Bible don’t say you can.

And NO, the fact that the Constitution and Bible didn’t prophesy about the U.N. doesn’t mean that those texts are fake. They are truth. So it’s the U.N. that doesn’t exist. So then why are we giving it money if it doesn’t exist?

And why does Sharron Angle always have to EXPLAIN this stuff to you idiots? [HuffPo]

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  1. The wingnuts are salivating at having found a smoking gun: “Reid: Sorry about that birthright bill”

    Right wing blogs think they’ve unearthed a lethal hit on Harry Reid: He apparently introduced a bill to end birthright citizenship back in 1993.

    Guess what: It happens to be true that Reid did introduce such a bill. And it was indefensible. But here’s the thing: I’ve learned that Reid already apologized profusely for this in a speech in 2006, admitted he was wrong, and described this as the “low point” of his career. In other words, Reid himself agrees that it was indefensible.

  2. I don’t know for sure how this works, but maybe we shouldn’t just be giving free real estate and daily lunch catering to people like the U.N., who obviously think that they can just take advantage of our generosity.

  3. The Constitution originally didn’t mention anything about women voting or running for office either, Sharon. Perhaps you should honor the Founding Fathers’ original intentions and just shut the hell up.

  4. [re=638690]BlueStateLiberal[/re]: The Founding Fathers obviously meant for women to serve in the Senate, they just died before they could ever get around to saying so.

  5. The Constitution also doesn’t say that it’s illegal to show internet porn to college students. You’re welcome Alvin Greene.

  6. Well, our Founding Father Ronald Reagan outlawed Russia and look how that worked out. So clearly if we hang an eviction notice on the UN, which is twitterspeak for Islamofascist cultural center for culture, then they’ll stop hating us and go back to their third world ways of opening nuts and clams by banging them with small rocks.

  7. Yeah, if the founding fathers had wanted us to get involved with international organizations, they would have put something in the Constitution allowing the President and Congress to make treaties that would become the law of the land.

  8. How can we be members of the United Nations when the Constitution and Bible don’t even MENTION it?
    It’s in the Bible. It’s called Gog and Magog.

  9. Where do these “Contitution-diddlers” come from anyway? Are they just laying around in their prefab houses surrounded by Jesus crap and squalling brats when the start up and say “Nowheres does it say in our founding document (which I haven’t read and don’t plan to) that a Black Guy can be president…I must tell the world!”

    Then you try to tell them that they should calm down, that there are vast mountains of literature and entire schools of legal theory devoted to what is and what isn’t congruent with the Constitution.

    Then they call you a “tear-wrist” and shoot you with their gun. Which they also think the Constitution allows them to do.

  10. some awesome person has done this to gohmert’s wiki article: “When asked by Cooper for the connection, Gohmert responded ‘If you don’t think this is evidence, you have to believe that the terrorists are more stupid than these enterprising people’. He wishes for his gaping hole to be filled.”

  11. Goddamn terrorist anchor diplomats…

    For the last time: NO U.N. BUILDING AT GROUND ZERO!

    And fercrissakes, diplotards, pay your bajillion fucking parking tickets right now, or we’ll have your fancy asses towed to a bidet-less internment camp in the middle of South Dabumfuck, USA!


  12. Sharron probably wants to impeach Earl Warren and drive a brand new 1958 Edsel. I fear the fluoride in the water has rotted her brains.

  13. The Constitution doesn’t say anything about women holding office. The Bible specifically prohibits women from getting invovled and to stay out of politics.

  14. Doesn’t anyone ever point out to these people that the US has been in arrears (for billions of dollars) to the UN for decades? Unless Barry changed something, which I doubt, it would seem the the US actually costs the UN money, rather than the other way around.

  15. The UN is in the United States because the allies in World War Two (the “good guys”) called themselves the “United Nations” and because the United States did so much to win the war (production of goods used to be something we did here, for you youngsters). We controlled it and wanted to keep it that way so putting it in New York seemed like a good idea at the time. The Security Council (the five nations with veto power) were the main combatants on the winning side of World War Two. It hasn’t always worked out like some of us wanted, but there it is.

    And I still think we did too much above ground nuke testing in Nevada…

  16. I would honest-to-christ paste her one if given the chance, and shove those cum-covered teeth back down her throat to her vagina dentata where they came from.

  17. [re=638703]Guppy06[/re]: Thank you for reading the Watchtower so we don’t have to. But is there another reason you read the Watchtower, or is it just the articles? And, a little OT, but the Saudis just built a HUGE Watch Tower- does that mean something?

  18. [re=638724]weejee[/re]: I think the song lyric I would like to here Sharron Angle singing on November 3, is from YES: “I have seen all good turn they heads each day so satisfied I am on my way”

  19. In fairness to Ms Angle, she does not say anything about the Bible or the original Constitution. Where she goes awry is somehow implying that the United States can’t enter into binding treaties with other nations, such as to form the United Nations. We can enter into any Constitutionally valid treaty we — the President and Senate — deem in the best interests of the United States. As a prospective senator, Ms Angle should be probably read the entire Constitution.

    But she’s preaching to the Repubican choir.

  20. [re=638774]Barrelhse[/re]: I’m sorry you’re so poorly informed. Those teeth are so white because they have been recently purchased from Walgreens. They’re right there beside the $12 “reading glasses”.
    I tried a pair of those glasses on one time & got pink eye. For that reason I will not buy teeth where it appears the plastic bag has been opened. A word to the wise is a penny earned.

  21. [re=638705]wilbro[/re]: go back to their third world ways of opening nuts and clams by banging them

    I believe you meant the ‘ways’ of bisexuals, who spend considerable time fiddling with nuts and clams.

  22. Sharron Angle at the controls of an UAV and a dc headset hangin’ on the wall. Not good. When she says “Maverick”, she means AGM-65D. Contribute or perish.

  23. I would love to see a breakdown of how the wingnuts think the US government spends money. I think it would look something like this:

    US Federal Spending, FY 2010

    $1.5 Trillion Obamacare
    $820 Billion Welfare for Lazy Brown People
    $652 Billion Abortions
    $632 Billion Slavery Reparations
    $599 Billion United Nations Dues
    $522 Billion Anti-American Propaganda (NPR, Arts funding)
    $245 Billion Obama’s bank account
    $189 Billion Department of Gun-Grabbing
    $0.01 Billion Department of Defense

  24. [re=638729]Lionel Hutz Esq.[/re]: And there is the sculpture in front of the U.N. itself.

    It’s an allusion to Isaiah: They shall beat their swords into plowshares.

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