Hakuna matata!Young hearthrob Rush Limbaugh has a brand new Facebook page, and he has used this platform to at long last give the screeching masses what they want: photos of his wedding. “Sharing a laugh with Elton John backstage before his performance” is the caption on this one. Yes, somehow KNOWN HOMOSEXUAL ENEMY Sir Elton John was paid enough money to show up at this thing. Mazel tov, Rush! So what other debauchery is revealed in this photo gallery? And what did the Rush faithful have to say about these photos?

Ron Jolly: Rush, looks like it was a beautiful day. congrads!!! keep up the great work on the radio show. got to get foks to the polls in november and vote those dams democrates out for good!!!
Nick Hesseling: Congrat” May you both walk you Life in LOVE. It’s the small foxes that tear up the field.
Alex Sullins: Great photo Rush! Looks like you married out of your league… hehehe j/k! Keep up the good work and talk more about the Cloward & Piven strategy on your show, IMO, this is what the dems are using, along with Alinsky tactics and Carl Marx B.S.!! Pass it around…. If you read Ayn Rand – “Atlas Shrugged” and then read “Capitalism, The Unknown Ideal” you will understand what is going on. History sure does repeat itself here in the great USA! Also – Glenn Beck’s book called “The Overton Window” is a great eye opener also!!!

Judge Stephen Limbaugh, Sr. and the Rev. Ken Hutcherson officiate.
Jeff Savage: Congratulations Rush! CHEERS! To many years of happiness and some “real” Rush babies.
Sasha Kajari-Spinner: I guess I’ll have to start looking for another man now that you are taken!! I am the one who sent you “Frisky” the lobster back when you had your TV show. I have loved you ever since! Blessings to you both! Much happiness together.
Richard Schneider: Professor Limbaugh always says “the learning never stops” Thank you for your wisdom and experience and all your learning. God bless you both!

Craig Robinson: Tears to my eyes!
Ronald Bruce: It’s too bad that you didn’t have the Air Force and Army flags I would have personally been willing to carry the Army flag for you.

Christine Anne Mitchell: ABSOLUTELY photographs. Thank you Rush for sharing with us.
Samantha Stephens: I have run out of words to try to describe your happiness! Spectacular- and your story about the wedding is seared in my memory. Thanks, Rush!
Cindy Meyerson: I think you should have a second wedding and invite your fans!

Jeremy T Jarvi: Elton was telling Kathryn how she reminded him of someone he once knew, more than likely!
Diana Sue Scott-Schroeder: Careful Rush! She’s pretty enough to make Elton reconsider! LOL!!
Tricia DeJong: This pic says mountains that the liberal media will never show……



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  1. He had a fucking military honor guard?! I didn’t know draft deferments due to ass cysts entitled one to such a privilege. Hell, give the fucker a purple heart too.

  2. “IMO, this is what the dems are using, along with Alinsky tactics and Carl Marx B.S.!! Pass it around…. If you read Ayn Rand – “Atlas Shrugged” and then read “Capitalism, The Unknown Ideal” you will understand what is going on.”

    Alan U R a dumass RUSH inventid capitialism and does’t need 2 read books by LIBERALS like Glans BECK!!!!!!!!!

  3. As Christine the commenter says, those are ABSOLUTELY photographs. What I can’t understand is how Rush will be able to pretend she is a Dominican boy with that great rack on her?

  4. Dominican Cabana Boy: How could you do theese Meester Rush? You said I was your leetle Punta!
    Rev Cletus: Now that a homersechsual has defiled her, she’ll have to be stoned.
    Rand Paul: And forced to worship “Aqua Buddha”.

  5. It’s amazing how attractive men can be to some women when the men have more dollars than brain cells and a whole lot more dollars than scruples.

  6. I gotta hand it to Rush…she hawt. I’m guessing he didn’t find her in a whorehouse in the DR. A whorehouse in the Hamptons, maybe.

  7. did you really need the money that bad Elton? Nice to know though when needed Satan will still provide services for his chosen flock.

  8. Rush Limbaugh makes millions of dollars a year and has millions of loyal listeners. I know this and I know that inexplicable and monstrous events happen all the time in this sad world. And yet I will never forgive for showing me these pictures. Never.

  9. Clearly Sir Elton is a whore and will do anything for money. And why is it that in every pix, the Anal Cyst keeps looking at that lady like she’s the second meat course?

  10. Where’s the photo of Elton staring in the mirror in tears as he sadly realizes that he’s become nothing more than a high-rent prostitute who’d sell his services out for the highest bidder no matter how fat and bigoted they may be.

  11. I think you should have a second wedding and invite your fans!
    Ooh, too late for that, Cindy. But maybe by his seventh or eighth wedding, he’ll invite you.

  12. Silly Alex Sullins, trying to recommend books to Rush when he can’t read. Just like Alex judging by his typing. Who is Carl Marx, anyway?

    Seeing an attractive young woman marrying a man over three times her age is always beautiful. No wait, that wasn’t the word I was looking for; disgusting, that was it.


  14. Why won’t the librul media show the pictures of Rush with Sir Elton? They don’t want you to know that he doesn’t really hate homosexuals like he tells his listeners on his radio show, he just rants to the rabble for ratings. Wait, does Rush want his sheeple to realize that?

  15. [re=636820]Hooray For Anything[/re]: I doubt Rush actually cares enough to be bigoted against gay folks. I think he’s just a soulless hack who will do anything for money and to further the fascist cause.

  16. Quoth Diana Sue Scott-Schroeder: “Careful Rush! She’s pretty enough to make Elton reconsider! LOL!!”

    Not even close, dearie. Elton is probably asking her if he can borrow the dress after she’s done with it.

  17. I listen to fair amount of Rush Limbaugh and he’s been annoying his audience lately. He had a tirade a few months ago about how he never clipped coupons and the only reason poor people could use them is because rich people, who don’t use them, subsidized their use by paying otherwise higher prices. He’s then started bragging about how many SUVs he has (he has so many he couldn’t remember if he had 4 or 5) and then he’s been going on and on about how fabulous his wedding was and how many great people (including Elton John!) were there. There have been more than a few calls from people calling him a sell out, out of touch, and lots of other things. It’s been pretty awesome.

  18. Oh, come on! What’s with the uniformed flag-bearers? Is this a state funeral? That kind of display shouldn’t be for a man who has never done any public service outside of a court order, least of all military service. Why isn’t the American Legion all over this?

  19. They have military color guards at Amway brain washing/sales rallies too, for some reason. Please don’t ask me how I know this.
    I wonder how many of those commenters would gay marry Rush themselves for the bank account. My guess is exactly 110 percent.

  20. I used to admire the pro golfer, Tom Watson. A real class act – humble, smart, polite, well-spoken. Then I read that he attended Shamu’s wedding. I know that the whale is supposed to be a very good golfer and all. But to actually attend that grotesque charade says a lot about anyone who attended. Say it ain’t so, Tom!

  21. Hey, it’s pop music, not Pete Seeger — congrats Elton on relieving the fat fascist of some heavy coin. If every gig had to be politically correct, even the top five percent of music earners would be starving, and not just the rest of us. As for the bride, she probably understands karma and what the wheel is going to bring her. Bet the farm there was a prenup, given Blimpbaugh’s track record. Elton did the gig, and now there’s another six months that the band doesn’t have to crank it out in Vegas. Think of it for what it was: a very expensive publicity stunt for a despicable radio show. Do you hate the caterer? The florist? The gown designer? The chef? Then don’t hate Elton; a gig’s a gig. At his asking price, they aren’t that easy to find. (That said, if Elton does an interview and says what a delightful guy the Blimpbaugh is, or how relevant, then he needs to be tried and executed by the Mattachine Society Tribunal. If Reg Dwight keeps his big mouth shut and cashes a huge check, however, I’m cool with it.)

  22. [re=636837]Monsieur Grumpe[/re]: [re=636841]Ducksworthy[/re]: If you picture Rush Limbaugh’s artificially-engorged penis as the arm of an adipose and clammy human-shaped slot machine, it all makes much more sense.

    And vomit.


  23. [re=636782]SayItWithWookies[/re]: And he calls himself a patriot. What a wuss.
    Well, at my wedding, I had honor guards from the Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force, National Guard, NSA, the Mossad and the Boy Scouts.
    And because of my love the Constitution, I asked every guest to bring a gun.

  24. [re=636853]lawrenceofthedesert[/re]: Agreed, to an extent. However, if that’s a real color guard, like actual military people then whoever authorized it needs to get a serious dope slap.

  25. Rush has had work done, hasn’t he?

    And — gazongas! Also.

    Woooeee – that advice to read Glenn Beck must’ve pleased El Rushbo no end.

  26. [re=636833]Mad Farmer Manifest[/re]: I see Rush as definitely falling into the “some of my best friends are gay” category of bigots.

  27. [re=636861]WhatTheHeck[/re]: Bring a gun???? If a guest doesn’t “accidentally” shoot down an ultralight or a hot air balloon in the celebratory fusilade, what the fuck kind of a wedding is it????

  28. Ah, to hell with it. If some guy who did no more public service than spend a few years working as a Manhattan prosecutor can get a full military funeral from the Navy, just because of who his daddy was, Rush can have his honor guard.

    Include bullshit like this in the definition of “desecration,” though, and I’d be sorely tempted to vote for a flag desecration amendment.

  29. “It’s the small foxes that tear up the field.” Brain lock – what the heck does that mean?? Especially in the context of a wedding?

  30. [re=636853]lawrenceofthedesert[/re]: Plus, Elton needs the money to keep from starving to death now that the music industry is dead due to file sharing.

  31. This on top of learning Newt only did oral (a member in good standing of the ” ‘eatin’ ain’t cheatin’ ” club) is just too much to bear in one day. As for Elton, it’s comforting that my lower-than-low opinion of him was spot on all along).

    [re=636877]Hooray For Anything[/re]: They have such pretty voices, those homos. Pity they’re going to hell.

  32. Where is the bride’s family in the pictures? Isn’t the father supposed to give her away to the groom? And who is the guy standing next to the bride in the third picture? Is that her boyfriend? Did she have to give up boys as a condition of the pre-nup?

  33. [re=636879]Johnny Zhivago[/re]: I’m already planning the firing positions and loadout we’ll use for the shootout with the cops at MY dream wedding.

    “The bride and groom would like to invite all survivors to the reception.”

  34. Which wife is this, the fifth or ninth? Does he have an open job application for “wife position” posted on Hope the chick had a good lawyer to negotiate the prenup.


    I loved you in Rocketman though, and I ain’t talking no ordinary love either. I’m talking ABSOLUTELY-photographs-love. Yeeeeah.

  36. Liberal Media Questioner:
    “Mrs Limbaugh, how do you feel about being taller than your husband?”
    Mrs Limbaugh:
    “When he stands on his money he is much taller than I am.”

  37. “She’s pretty enough to make Elton reconsider!” But I suspect it’s more likely she’ll switch teams a few hours into the honeymoon.

  38. [re=636793]RandomNickname[/re]: That’s the one that got me. The grunting sentence fragments and fapping to him and Sir Elton, I just glossed over. But “absolutely photographs” made me empathize with what it must be like to be them…what with the underdeveloped frontal lobes and all.

  39. [re=636790]Mad Farmer Manifest[/re]: With his eyes shut and from behind. He only stays married to women until their anal sphincters go flaccid from all the the viagra and coke. Then its back to the little brown dominicans. I give it like about a week.

  40. Jabba the Rush hired Elton for a reason – it was the only way he could be sure not to find the bride giving the headliner a blowjob behind the scenes at the reception.

  41. [re=636853]lawrenceofthedesert[/re]: Do you hate the caterer? The florist? The gown designer? The chef?

    Yes, all of them. Every last one.

  42. [re=636893]NotthatLC[/re]: I had to search a bit, but I think it’s a misappropriation of a verse from the Song of Solomon 2:15, “Catch for us the foxes, the little foxes that ruin the vineyards, our vineyards that are in bloom.”

    Some of the commentaries down the page suggest that it’s an allegory of the church and various dangers to it, but the sensuous nature of the Song of Solomon shouldn’t lead one past a purely literal understanding of it, as the author is greeting the day and looking at the various animals and plants — lilies, doves, gazelles, etc. It seems out of place in a description of the beauty of a morning, though, implying that all this takes some care to keep up.

    I’d also suspect that the writer of the “tear up the fields” was from a teetotaling sect and changed the quote to avoid any reference to vineyards.

  43. [re=636890]Guppy06[/re]: CNN reported at the time: “[U.S. Navy] protocol allows sea burials of the children of decorated Navy veterans. The late President John F. Kennedy was a naval officer wounded and cited for heroism in World War II.” Since the survivor making the request was known as “the lion of the Senate,” I have no doubt the Defense Secretary would have given permission. But in any case, the action was well within accepted standards.

  44. I gotta believe Rushbos heart troubles several months back had to be a factor in the bride saying yes. Each time she scales his bloated gut she has to be thinking this maybe the ride to finish off that ticker. Then she can have the money, the mansion and the pool boy.

  45. [re=636995]Dave J.[/re]:
    Chelsea Callahan Rush Limbaugh and Elton John….
    That is what America is all about!

    Wasn’t the hokey-pokey what it’s all about? I missed a memo.

  46. Seein there is a dumb white girl epidemic(the iterweb papers say so)I’m okay with the hottness but Elton is too old for most repubs and who is the black dude wearing the hip two street holy robes.At least whores admit what they do for money.

  47. Oh come on now folks, it isn’t that bad for her, she just has to put on the strapon and spank the old fella and pop him in the keister while yelling in her best dominican tween boy voice: “Meester Limbaugh, yous have been a berry berry bad boy!” for a few strokes until he pops off and passes out from the excitement. Every round will be like popping a quarter in the machine waiting for the big payout.

  48. As they say, she will never look prettier than on her wedding day. Particularly compared to those photos with Rush’s balls slapping against her chin.

  49. My personal opinion is that Rush went to that Website that was on here so much a couple of months ago where the young girl bragged about how she landed an older guy and any older guy could land a young whore like her too JUST VISIT OUR WEBSITE!!!!

  50. [re=636916]whiterabid[/re]: Her family got their bride-price & cashed the cheque…why hang about afterwards?

    [re=636983]PineyWoodster[/re]: especially since they didn’t infest the food, flowers & clothing with lyme disease-bearing ticks…

    [re=637013]EdFlinstone[/re]: “Rush, daring, have another piece of cake – a big piece!

  51. [re=636961]just pixels[/re]:

    With Rush’s gut, known drug use, and likely tiny peenie, she’s not going to be vexed for anything more than the occasional hand job that never seems to result in a grand finale.


    I didn’t think your Jesus was cool with the whole getting divorced and remarried (and divorced and remarried and divorced and remarried) thing. Then again, what do I know? I’m just a failed Catholic. I’m sure the fundies know exactly what they’re talking about.

  53. In the second photo, the bride is thinking, “So if these two guys are officiating, does that mean I can challenge the call on the field? Please?”

    Also, in the same photo, why is there a giant gerbil jack-in-the-box in the left foreground and a 12-foot high alien in the right rear?

  54. Cheney hasn’t been seen since the wedding. Is it possible that this was really a dark mass in celebration of him taking a new form?

  55. Ronald Bruce: It’s too bad that you didn’t have the Air Force and Army flags I would have personally been willing to carry the Army flag for you.”

    Why does Rush hate the Air Force and Army? WHY?

  56. “Samantha Stephens: I have run out of words to try to describe your happiness! Spectacular- and your story about the wedding is seared in my memory. Thanks, Rush!”

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Seared. Dear God.

  57. Just the idea of having to pump away on top of that pilled-filled, moon-bouncey evil fatass, smiling at him, giving the little Dominican boy the evil eye for sneaking a peek to the whole sordid mess, still grinding away, hoping his fat-covered heart finally gives it up so she justify her meal ticket choice…ugh.
    As mentioned, at least prostitutes are up-front about the whole transaction. This is just vile. And the comments from his minions…(shudders).

    Why did I look at this? Where’s the brain bleach?

  58. Does Elton John remind anyone of Tony Blair with George Bush in that top photo? These photos are easily as nauseating as that Ayn Rand comic.

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