Sarah Palin’s Discovery Channel show was filming in Homer, Alaska, and decided it needed a lot of security to keep the mama grizzly bear safe. But this couldn’t stop some woman who dislikes Sarah Palin from putting up a “WORST GOVERNOR EVER” sign. Palin confronted the woman, and like all conversations between politicians and angry members of the public, it was rather awkward. But also Sarah Palin is dumb.

Billy Sullivan caught much of the interchange on his cell phone camera. The back of her security guard’s head and Todd Palin attempted to block Billy’s view, continually rotating like Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. What were they afraid of? I guess that’s what happens when you’re filming a “celebrity”. He was even told by one of the Palin daughters, “You’re an A-hole”. Charming family values.

Jesus Christ, this country. On all fronts of this blog fodder item, Jesus Christ, this country.

Are those Trig’s Spongebob boots Palin’s wearing? We really don’t want to know. We just hope Sarah Palin doesn’t confront a critic out in public again, as the frequency of the waves of inanity in this video is difficult to process. [HuffPo]

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  1. Lisa Simpson: “Ex-Governor Palin: your campaign seems to have the momentum of a runaway freight train. Why are you so popular?”

    Advisor: Very good.

    Lisa: Well, as long as I’m asking something, can I ask her to assuage my fears that she’s contaminating the planet in a manner that may one day render it uninhabitable?

    Advisor: No, dear. The card question’ll be fine.

  2. You see, in this still captured from the video, Palin is saying:

    “Well….Kathleen, is it? Can I call ya Joe? When I clench my fingers like this? It’s my mama grizzly pose! Rrrraawwwrrrrr. You’re supposed to be scared. Are you not scared? Rrrraawwwrrrr?? Hmmm. Have you seen my new boobs? They’re also too quite impressive. Vote for me!”

  3. “I’m honored she thinks I’m a celebrity!” That just about says it all.

    “To protect our military interests so that we can keep on fightin’ for our constitutional protections of freedoms.”

    Uh, yeah.

  4. WTF is that SAD Look on Sarah Palin’s face when this lady responds that she’s a teacher?! She acts like she is so sad for her?! And Bristol, you little bratty bitch who has horrible taste in men.

  5. Gaaaaahhhh! WHAT is she even saying there? Unscripted Grifterese sounds like Miss Teen U.S.A. South Carolina. “It’s the troops defendin’ the Constitution and the Iraq and freedumbs”. Also.

  6. As noted elsewhere, she rolls her eyes and shoots a glance at someone else when the woman says that she is a teacher. Teachers are such idiots. President Palin will cut their funding, you betcha.

  7. somewhere around the 90 second mark: “Oh shit you’re a teacher?! We don’t like teachers and they’re polysyllabalic words. ” Who am I kidding? Palin doesn’t know what polysyllabalic means.

  8. Honestly, most of the video is lame, except for last couple of seconds of it.

    See, in my life, I’ve met some legitimately salt-of-the-earth folksy people, down in rural Maryland (it exists!) and even further down in rural North Carolina, and being an New Yorker, I’ve also met more fake fucking asshat shells of actual human beings than I really ever wanted to, in life, ever.

    Quick guess as to which of the two Sarah Palin is. It’s never more pronounced than right at the end of this awful youtube, when you realize just how fake her whole faux-shitkicker affectation is, in stark relief to the woman she’s speaking to.

  9. At 1:11,”So what do you do?” “I’m a teacher.” Palin exchanges glances with Willow or whoever that is like “OOoooh, look at the big fancy Harvard-lady being all intellectual!”. Barf.

  10. Homer, AK, is an awesome town. Hippies, libertarians, free spirits, fishermen, writers, artists, and some Ukrainian immigrants who are living an Amish like Old World Orthodox lifestyle. Also one of the more liberal parts of Alaska. What did Sarah expect when she went there?

  11. Sarah must be pissed that FOX News allowed her to speak to a human being on whom her inane tautological pablum was ineffective. Where the hell’s Glenn Beck when she really needs him?

  12. [re=634912]Extemporanus[/re]: yeah – that really got me – you’d have thought she said she was a stripper. “Oh, one of those.” Of course that’s the reaction you would get from someone who never actually got educated.

  13. Man, she really cannot answer questions with anything but meaningless soundbites. How many times did she say “defend the Constitution” without once saying what she meant?

  14. I know it’s been said a thousand times before, but that voice is a killer. It was so much more evident because she was speaking with someone who had a more normal pitch, and I think it gets higher and shrieker when she’s on the defensive. “Oh my goodness, you think I’m a celebrity!” Yikes!

  15. Am I the only one pleased to see that Tonya Harding’s former bodyguard, Shawn Eckardt, has lost some weight while he was in prison? Nice that he’s working for ex-gov Palin these days. Is Jeff Gilooly talking in that little ear piece in his ear?

    Too bad we didn’t see the part where he teaches that smart ass school marm a lesson for sassing our Sarah.

  16. She said “you swore on your PRECIOUS bible,” oh, I like that, that was a really good jab, right there. Otherwise, though, fucking for fucking fuck’s sake, you know? I mean, seriously, yesterday, I was in Paris, for reals, fucking Paris, and I had to come home to this fucking cunt just flat out existing in my country, and being fucking paid attention to and shit, and it sucks is what it does.

  17. “[unintelligible nonsense] . . . i’m out there fighting for americans to be able to have a constitution to protect it so we can have free speech and also [interrupted attempt at stringing together more non sequitur civics word salad]…”
    Q: in what way are you fighting for that?
    A: “oh my goodness [reversion to beauty pageant tactic of ‘that’s a great question.’ before bullshitting some inane response]. to elect candidates who understand the constitution [presumably constitutional lawyers? like Barry?] to protect our military interests so we can keep fighting for a constitution that’ll protect your freedoms [Sarah’s taking up arms against the Brits and/or trying to get the Bill of Rights ratified?].
    Q: by using your celebrity status?
    Single Mother Snowbilly: “how is she a celebrity? [i’m the one on the magazines and on ABC Family. goddamn it.]
    Q: “she’s no longer representing the state of Alaska.”
    Single Mother Snowbilly: “she’s representing the United States…[as an unelected expert on everything and nothing].”
    * * * *
    “I’m a teacher.”

    And now we know why Bristol got yanked out of 10th grade. Well, the other non-Trig reason.

  18. [re=634919]freakishlystrong[/re]: [re=634936]JMP[/re]: If Sarah Palin hadn’t done that “Here’s the deal! Here’s the deal! *hair flip* Uh…” bit at the :29 mark, I wouldn’t have had a clue what the fuck she was talking about.

    [re=634934]slithytoves[/re]: Exactly.

  19. I don’t think it can be said enough the look that she gives when the woman says she is a teacher really does say it all. Like she feels sorry the woman doesn’t have the 2010 Palin Dictionary with the word refudiate in it!

    Also second best exchange is Bristol saying, “How is she a celebrity?” To which Sarah responds, “I’m honored she thinks I’m a celebrity.” So being a celebrity or being perceived as a celebrity is some kind of “honor”?

  20. [re=634936]JMP[/re]: Everyone (who has sense) knows what “defend the Constitution” means, without having to go into all kinds of teacherish explanations. All us Palin fans [gag, I had to write that] knows what she means without needing all them intellecshul wordings.

  21. She wants the military to protect all of our constitutional freedoms except for the freedom of speech ones involving putting up signs SHE DOESN”T LIKE.

  22. I give the teacher woman a demerit for her sign. It should be: Worst Half-term Governor Ever.

    The Palin klan are truly America’s royalty.

  23. [re=634951]Aunt Fancy[/re]: “So being a celebrity or being perceived as a celebrity is some kind of “honor”?’

    Two words: Jersey Shore. Another word: Kardashians.

    Let’s just thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster that if John McCain hadn’t picked her as a VP candidate, there’d be a Sarah Palin sex tape out there.

  24. [re=634912]Extemporanus[/re]: [re=634934]slithytoves[/re]: Well, if she’s a teacher she’s probably in a commie union and working for the government, in a job that shouldn’t exist because Real American parents either homeschool or send their kids to good Christian private school that don’t none of that evil-ution.

    [re=634951]Aunt Fancy[/re]: Bristol asks how she’s a celebrity – while she was in town to film her own TV show. Brilliant.

  25. You know…if Sarah were to suffer an untimely death, she will be the Elvis of the new millennium…complete with sappy, sentimental wankers fans and paintings on velvet.

  26. That’s just great parenting, training your school aged daughter to act condescending toward teachers. The schadenfreude will be delicious once the gravy train runs out and the Palin brood realize that they have no employable skills.

  27. Simply amazing that her daughter can spout, “she’s representing the United States” as though it is somehow self-evident. Grifting is repulsive in concept, but riveting as spectator sport.

  28. [re=634951]Aunt Fancy[/re]: My take on that look was a jumpy collation of: (1) Okay, well we all know teachers are (bitter) (underpaid) spreaders of socialism, right Bristol, so no surprise there… Followed rapidly by: (2) Oh shit, someone’s filming this. Aren’t there some people out there who respect teachers’s viewpoints? This might not play so well.

  29. [re=634920]Hopey dont play that game[/re]: She wouldn’t have been able to get where she is today without good teachers NOT being there.

  30. [re=634942]Prommie[/re]: And on top of that, I’m sure, expensive and mediocre health care, cultural and intellectual backasswardsness, and “croissants” that look and taste like catchers’ mitts. Welcome home.

  31. [re=634951]Aunt Fancy[/re]: Yeah, it’s amazing how they are just genetically programmed to be condescending and nasty.

    The woman’s, “Yes, I know, you belong to America now, and that suits me just fine” comeback cis comedy gold.

  32. Wait, shouldn’t that be “Worse Half-Governor Ever”?

    And I’m sure that FOX will be showing this on an unending loop, just like they did with the olds protesting health care last year, to show that the Republicans are facing nothing but opposition to their policies.

  33. We need to elect her in 2012. To show the world just how dangerous insane
    and juvinile the Superpower is.

    Folks in glass empires shouldn’t fly drones.

  34. she’s really the american political equivalent of kenny powers. but only if, say, the Houston Astros (mccain) were so desperate for pitching that called up danny mcbride to actually come pitch for them. for real. in games. and the games were important. in some cases, really important.

  35. Luckily for the teacher, someone was around with a camera to capture the encounter, otherwise Bible Spice probably would have had her set adrift on an ice floe for her insolence.

  36. Palin has told all of her children that she IS the President. Being that they can’t read and only watch Fox News they still believe her.

  37. I wonder what the Russians thought when they saw this uncouth display from their front porch.

    But this is exactly the kind of story the “lamestream” media ignores — real American people expressing their heartfelt opinions to their government celebrities.

  38. Bristol is a bitch, but THIS bitch is Willow, the one who got off for $20,000 worth of vandalism at the Morlock house because her mother is a celebrity.

  39. Honestly, it just doesn’t seem that hard to become a faux-populist these days and bamboozle your way to fame, power, and wealth. And this video will not hurt Palin. She’s just a virus that seems to gain more followers the worse and crazier she becomes.

  40. [re=634994]Oh hell to the no[/re]:

    I went to a Chamber of Commerce meeting in Homer where one of the officers, big old libertarian, was giving a business award to a hippie with dreadlocks and one of the those Rasta knit caps for running an exceptional vegetarian sandwich shop. The people in the room ran the political spectrum, but in that town they have some level of basic respect and it works.

  41. Let’s hope this spreads.

    If nothing else can stop the Discovery Channel from shitting on the earth and science and discovery and television and all the smart shows they’ve ever had on, and apparently nothing can, including petitions with fifty thousand signatures, and if nothing can stop them from paying for the privilege of doing that, perhaps their “star” making faces over someone being a teacher can do it.

    I hear Kate of Kate Plus Eighth (that’s the commandment about adultery) will appear with her. “That’s right, Governor Palin, Alaska once had wild men who didn’t even care if a woman had children.”

  42. [re=634962]Hooray For Anything[/re]: [re=634965]JMP[/re]: Haha, yeah but maybe Bristol was there because they were running with Tina Fey’s idea for “Alaskanence” :-)

    [re=634979]emberglance[/re]:Isn’t that what the bodyguard were trying to prevent from happening at first? I didn’t think REAL MURICANS needed to keep people from filming them having conversations.

    [re=634997]Katydid[/re]: Um yeah. When Bristol says, “She’s representing the United States” and makes the hand gesture it really is just talking down to the woman. I wish someone would do a skit mimicking Bristol for sex ed and and say, “It’s representing a condom” while making hand gestures.

  43. [re=635020]BeWoot[/re]:
    Hope we saved the receipt. Maybe we can get store credit.

    First though, why don’t we send in for the refrudibate? We can work this deal to our benefit for once.

  44. [re=635011]bloatedwhitetruck[/re]: Not that it would ever happen, but this is one person you do NOT want to see trying to dance to a Big Freedia song.

  45. The thuggish bodyguard and oafish husband dancing around – were they worried about possible consequences of Alaska’s open and concealed carry gun permits? You know, those laws they love so much because of the precious, precious 2nd Amendment?

    Wouldn’t be worth the cost of the ammo, of course, so there’s really no worry.

    I do kind of wonder, tho, if ol’ Billy were slinging a shotgun with a couple loads of rocksalt as well as a cellphone camera, if the resulting video would have been even more entertaining.

  46. [re=634965]JMP[/re]: In that case Palin is still the Worst Half-Assed Governor Ever for not abolishing public education in Alaska outright and eliminating this commie teacher’s public teat.

    All she got around to abolishing was public sex education, with a gloriously patriotic grandchild being the predictable (prophecized?) result.

  47. [re=634912]Extemporanus[/re]: No kidding! What was that about? Teachers, who depend on tax money, are more liberal than, say, commercial fishermen? I wish the lady would have called her on the look.

  48. Ya know, I bet we’ve got some things in common. Like, f’rinstance, I get paid millions for spouting pure horseshit, and you have to work multiple jobs so you can support yourself while actually educating children…

    No, wait… that’s not it………… [LINE!]

  49. Well, a quick Google search of “worst governor ever” has this as the top hit with a growing list of sites, including AOL News and ABC News, with the same video. It would be very sweet if this little video sank the SS Sarah Palin with all aboard, but I’m not holding my breath since you can’t show cunts on TV.

  50. Lovely Ms Palin continues to float regally atop the rising tide of white trash sewage that now dominates the USA. I am SO glad that I live in New England.

  51. [re=634939]slithytoves[/re]: I thought the killer voice that shoots up into the stratosphere was from adrenaline, and just for important speeches and interviews. Even in this routine situation we get the nails-on-blackboard screech. Proof that it’s instead caused by the stupid coursing through her veins 24/7.

  52. Those hands are right outta some horror movie…or maybe an Animal Planet show on reptiles? I can’t remember which. Maybe all of them.

  53. You know if the media were really liberal, we’d turn this teacher lady into Joe the Plumber faster than Sarah Palin could say Goebbels.

  54. First they rolled their eyes for the pundits, and I did nothing, for I was not a pundit. Then they rolled their eyes for the journalists…

  55. two things:
    (1) whether snobilly believes in “free speech” is really not relevant in this context. one private citizen employee of discovery channel can tell a state employee to shut the fuck up all she wants. of course, said state employee is free to tell the grifter to go piss up a rope.
    (2) is that the daughter that has multiple children as an unwed teen or the one that fucked a-rod?

  56. [re=634926]freakishlystrong[/re]: willow is the one that had the drunken breaking-and-entering drunken orgy , then got to blame her friends ? oh yeah , THAT willow . asshole indeed ….

  57. Fuck Snookie and The Situation, this is reality TV’s finest moment. Whoever is producing this should get an Emmy. Convincing Palin to engage those who disagree with her in a political dialogue? That’s something no one in the McCain campaign managed to pull off.

  58. [re=634969]Dashboard_Buddha[/re]: You could probably make a killing selling Palin tschotschkes(sp??)at any teaparty gathering. These assholes would buy autographed pictures of Jesus for a benjamin, so Sarahart! would go over well. Right next to the pictures of the Duke and Jesus and Chuck Norris…

  59. That is bristol in the video . willow must be at another drunken vandalism party while babysitting the third smartest palin child . bristol has all the stature of a real ceo of a real PR company . she has a right to ask the hard questions , like “how is she a celebrity ?” when they’re in town shooting a celebrity show . trigg is not the slow one in the family .

  60. Just when you absolutely, positively know it can not possibly get any worse – it does.

    I do give The Gov’Nor credit, however, for being able to rattle off the braindead talking points to an audience of one. Just flip the switch and get out of the way.

    And points to Todd and his buddy (aka “Security”) for that “I really, really have to pee. BAD!” dance!

    No points to the daugher for the dumb camo hat.

  61. [re=635062]Oldskool[/re]: uh-uh , its a full blown * baby jane hudson * all growed up … please ref ; ‘ whatever happened to baby jane ‘ , starring bette davis and joan crawford ………………..

  62. “Levi has become too obsessed with the limelight,” Bristol said to People magazine in a paid interview…A sense of irony does not run in the Palin blood.

  63. [re=635205]Katydid[/re]: Also too, she says, “while filming the Alaska documentary in Homer…”

    The TV show with Kate Plus 8 is a documentary? In her drug-addled dreams.

  64. “I look forward to introducing you to some of them in the forthcoming documentary series on life in Alaska! The show will remind you to get outdoors, breathe in God’s creation, and taste the freedom!”

    Pass the catsup please, I want to sample some of this freedom.

  65. [re=635205]Katydid[/re]: According to the article over the top supportive stuff gets scrubbed too. So just moderate encouragement is allowed. Like this:
    Joseph Weglarz Something is fishy about Michelle having dinner with and staying with king Juan Carlos on HER vacation, was this a distraction that the CLOWN didn’t go but stayed in Chicago ?, most Bible teachers said Juan Carlos is the best candidate for the anti-christ, did her give her a message to give to the CLOWN in the WH ? No e-mail , no phone call , no blackberry, nothing traceable,,,,,something fishy here !
    5 hours ago ·

  66. So, the would-be Vice President can’t resist responding to a negative statement? If she became President, would she nuke those who disagreed with her? Diappear them to Gitmo? What a petty human being!

    Sarah, you’re making millions doing nothing and you risk it all on some sidewalk debate? Just walk on by and ignore it. Let your security guys rough her up along with the banner.

    And then, she tops that off by drawing more attention to it by posting a response on Facebook?!

    As Bugs Bunny would say, “What a maroon!”

  67. Next episode, Trig and Piper are shoehorned into a crab pot and lowered to the bottom of the Bering Sea as bait. 3 days later they’re pulled up and Sarah gets to count the measure and count the crab.

  68. [re=635205]Katydid[/re]: How does one get a job as a Facebook scrubber? I’m just broke enough and unemployed enough to consider a career in it. Plus, it’ll be maybe the only job that’ll allow you to be on Facebook all day.

  69. [re=635174]imissopus[/re]: You’ve got a great chance with these northern grifters as long as you’re not a teacher.

    [re=635003]Major Variola (ret)[/re]: Haha

    [re=635147]pdiddycornchips[/re]: Convincing Palin to engage those who disagree with her in a political dialogue? That’s something no one in the McCain campaign managed to pull off.

  70. So was Sara last in her class? Can anyone track down her old high school or grade school teachers and find out what kind of bad student she was? I’ve a suspicion she’s dyslexic or something.

  71. [re=635228]Hooray For Anything[/re]: Even better, get a job in social media. Outreach coordinator, something like that. If you know F/B and Twitter and MySpace (does anyone use MySpace anymore), jobs exist for you! You have to spend all day on those sites. You’re not dickish enough to be a F/B scrubber, at least from what I’ve read from you.

  72. [re=634939]slithytoves[/re]: It deserves to be said again. Can you imagine that voice as our Commander in Chief? Oh my God. I’d rather have President Newt Gingrich than that. That horrible, horrible voice.

  73. Sarah, please please please please (x 1000) run in 2012. I want to hear that voice, see those trenchant thoughts tumble from your lips. I want to see you speaking to a Repub convention full of old white people.

    Y’know, there are many who feel that Obama left 5-8% on the table during the election just ’cause he was black, and Palin’s sheer monumental vapidity scared enough independents to swing the election to Obama.

    Sarah, we miss you. Please come back in 2012…

  74. It is my dream that she becomes president and conducts foreign policy this way. With Todd and some douche trying to stand in the way of other diplomats and Bristol coming in to work the tag team and explain that Sarah is the leader of the world, not just Alaska or America. Also the constitution. She’s the president of the constitution.

  75. She’s important.

    Her ability to display endless ignorance so publicly, in a voice that reeks of snowbilly stupidity, advertises who the enemy really is: uneducated Jeebuz-fixated gun-lovin fearful white people.

    The more visible she is, the more the independents will swing away from a party that has become an ideological failure.

    More Rand Paul! More Sharon Angle!! And more, bless her, Sarah Palin.

  76. She is very lucky the person that owned the land and property her thugs were vandalizing is much more even tempered than most people. Otherwise, she could have seen some “Second Amendment Solutions” in action.

  77. [re=634922]Shadowfax[/re]: That’s because it’s illegal in her state, as a matter of fact, it’s illegal in every state except for Utah, I think.

  78. That’s a good point glamordamerung; if the Dems loose big in November can we use “Second Amendment Remedies” on Bachmann, Palin, Angle et all.

  79. is inhabited alaska this ugly everywhere?

    seriously, everywhere la palin shows up looks like some bad combination of the worst parts of LA plus western avenue minus any decent fast food.

  80. She’s standing in front of a sign that reads “Worst Governor Ever.” And there are pictures. And Jon Stewart is laughing, laughing, laughing because he doesn’t need to write copy.

  81. sarah is in over her head . ann coulter had a longer run as star asshole with all the same perks , the false build-up , the bulk book buying , the blowing of r. schaife’s putrid dick . . it’s all winding down , and shit is catching up with her . she won’t be able to handle it .

  82. [re=635219]steverino247[/re]: That was my reaction. She should have said, “No, I don’t want to go there, nor do I have to.” and gone along her oblivious merry way making shit loads of $$$. Just like she should have said to McCain, that mother fucking fuckhead. Fuck them both. But him more.

  83. I give Palin plus points for not dropping the “bless your heart” blast after hearing the woman was a teacher. I’m sure she kicked herself later for missing the opportunity.

  84. I believe those a splooge Bob Boots, worn after Levi has been over. I would call her a retard, but my brother was retarded and he was in no way so mean spirited.

  85. which the hell daughter is in the video ? they look a lot alike , sound a lot a like , same vocab , same mini-me sarah attitude – is it bristol , willow or bri-llo ? or what is the third daughter – is there a twin in there ? it’s not k-lo , ’cause she’s messican and works as jonah goldberg’s underpants and vice-versa ….

  86. [re=635264]drpangloss[/re]: In my state, and many others, the law is perfectly fine with using force on thugs destroying property on your land. And I am sorry, but I would have found it funny for Palin’s thugs to have gotten a round or two for their stupidity after all the incitement to violence Palin has engaged in.

  87. I’m HONORED that you think I’m a Celebrity
    Rubs hands and does a little jig.
    Yes, because it is such an HONOR to be a celebrity. Isn’t that right Ke$ha?

  88. [re=634990]davitydave[/re]: THANK YOU! for that link I’d forgotten that dumb meme. . ..Also too, Obama was supposed to put a ban on Offshore drilling? I and few Oily Pelicans WISH!

  89. Over on CNN the story includes a response from Palin about how in a democracy can “respectfully disagree”. Finally! I’m headed to by boss’s office to tell him he doesn’t have the cojones to do his job. Thanks Sarah! for raising the bar on respectful political discourse.

  90. Wow does she look ridiculous in that video. I had to watch it with the sound off, but the visual of one person standing unflinchingly next to her sign, opposite Palin and the tribalism of her family/goons is very powerfully stark. Unscripted encounters are the third rail of contemporary conservatism. It is amazing that Sara does not realize her entire livelihood depends on this essential truth. I’d like to hate on Sara and her daughter as much as everyone else, but I’m really sad for them. Lot of abuse in that family I think, hence the hair-trigger tempers and the necessity to provoke.

    Alaska is having a rough couple of days.

  91. I never understood why some people pull the clown-grin when they are genuinely pissed at someone.
    The syrupy-sweet-serial-killer approach can’t be a good political tactic. The self-righteous ego and hypocritical temper on this woman is frighteningly genuine. What horrible, spoiled, uncaring, classless parrots her daughters are turning out to be.

    If she tore down my sign, I’d beat her with her own truck nutz.

  92. [re=634969]Dashboard_Buddha[/re]: True. But she’s unlike Elvis, who actually did have talent and some sense of purpose. If Walnuts! had picked Presley’s rotting corpse out of the ground and propped it as his running mate, he would have had a smarter, more aware VP pick than this evil, assholian charlatan.

  93. [re=635544]Mr Blifil[/re]: MB, I’d feel compassion for these punk-ass grifters if they were not, you know, punk-ass grifters and proud of it. This family is an incomparable collection of rank and comic opportunists.

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