The Withered Husks Of Ayn's Only True Pleasure

After nine episodes of Ayn’s Adventures, you are probably so addicted to Mizz Rand’s animal magnetism that you couldn’t look away from this, our 10th episode, if you wanted to.

For those of you yet to fall for Ayn’s mysterious passions, read from the beginning, or check the archive.

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  1. This is true, because when I was 16, I thought “The Fountainhead” was a great, passionate novel. By college, I started to realize Rand espoused an insane philosophy, even if I didn’t know exactly why, and had never heard of libertarianism.

  2. I remember the conflict her books created in my mind with her anti-altruism rants. I really did try to ‘rationalize’ her selfishness against people willing to put their life at risk to rescue others; then I got about 20 words into John Gault rant before realizing there was no ‘there’ there and went on with my life.

  3. That vomit thing in the next-to-the-last panel is one of those . . . whatdacallem? . . . metaphor thingies, right? As a symbol of her “literary output”?

    [Just want you to know that we’re paying attention here in the back row of class. Those of us who are not stoned out of our minds, that is.]

  4. [re=634773]Katydid[/re]: The Fountainhead made me want to move to New York and admire the architecture, which I did. It was nice.


  5. I read enough of the fountainhead to realize that she had very few points to make, but felt the need to say them each several times over to appear deep. I seriously lose respect for adults that read this shit.

  6. This is getting really interesting… Frisch is beginning to shoulder the mantle of such American giants as Robert Crumb, S. Clay Wilson, Greg Irons, Spain Rodriguez, Dan O’Neil and Gilbert Shelton. Onward through the fog!

  7. My 40-year-old self reads these strips and laughs at my 18-year-old self who read Ayn Rand and took her seriously, thinking that Objectivism was a Serious Philosophy.

    If you ever want a good night’s sleep, try reading Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology, wherein Ms. Ayn Rand, nee Alice Rosenbaum, tries and spectacularly fails at converting novels heavy in BDSM, industrial phallus symbols, and utter disdain for humanity into a coherent philosophy.

    [re=635272]schvitzatura[/re]: Another read good for laffs is “Who Is Ayn Rand?”, the most ass-kissing biography ever put to paper, written by Nathaniel Branden and his cuckolded wife Barbara. Nathaniel is a genuinely nice guy (I’ve met him) and was totally shunned by the Randroids after Ms. Rosenbaum broke up with him… after that he stopped pretending to be a philosopher and stuck to psychology.

  8. Francisco d’Anconia is currently wearing pink underwear in Arpaio’s tent jail outside Phoenix. If we can smuggle him a copy of Ben’s magnum opus, it will cheer him up considerably.

  9. As a teenager I also read everything of Rand’s that I could find. Fortunately in college I discovered Doris Lessing. The Golden Notebook is ample corrective for Atlas Shrugged any day.

  10. [re=635284]President Beeblebrox[/re]: I would say that finding Ayn Rand sexually attractive is a sure sign something is wrong. A dog would have more to offer.

  11. Haha…Benjamin Frisch you have made me laugh. You know, this series has become a highlight of Wonkette, no offense guys but between this and the hilarious (and attractively hilarious, funny women are sexier than any woman with saltwater bags in her boobs) Sarah Benincasa you’re being taken over from within; Ginger Power!

    Unless…Benjamin Frisch isn’t a ginger…then the apocalypse has been overted (temporarilly).

  12. [re=634830]ZombieRichardFeynman[/re]: The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers holiday in Mexico, are thrown in jail and escape with the help of shaman Don Longjuan, in a partial spoof of the Carlos Castaneda books. Gilbert Shleton and Dave Sheridan. Brilliant then, brilliant now (to an Old).

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