not even hidden cameras can convict Marion Barry!EX-GIRLFRIEND ALMOST GETS MARION BARRY IN A LOT OF TROUBLE AGAIN: “The Office of Campaign Finance has cleared D.C. Council member Marion Barry (D-Ward 8) of violating city laws in giving then-girlfriend Donna Watts-Brighthaupt a $5,000-a-month contract in 2009.” Hurray! [Washington Post]

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  1. But the Office of Campaign Finance cannot clear him of the spiritual and interpersonal violation of putting her out in Denver ’cause she wouldn’t suck his dick.

  2. Its a crying shame how people are always picking on the Mayor, trying to accuse him of doing stupid shit that he obviously he didn’t do. All that Marion Barry ever wanted was to do what’s best for the people of the District of Columbia, but the haters always got to be trying to bring him down. It ain’t right.

  3. He is STILL INVOLVED with her? She was working for the Feds, who were holding a drug charge over her, when they busted Marion got busted for cocaine years ago. She got him busted. And he is still involved with her? Giving her money? Either she is blackmailing him, or he is just fucking pathetic.

  4. Didn’t know that you could put a hooker on retainer, but it makes more sense then a lawyer. At least with a hooker, there is a happy ending.

  5. Wow! You bloggers still have those types of posts on the matter….just had to see where Debonis pulls his references from for the Post……

    ‘Bitch’ is harsh, but since yalls vocabs lack originality, I guess I’ll have to continue to be that one. If your jabs were a tad bit clever, I’d be amused – hell after this past year, I wanna laugh too.

    @Flown over – Ya think?

    @aurelio – Be sorry for that comment. Though bloggers aren’t taken seriously, not fact checking says a lot about you.

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