Newsweek's new fashion columnistEver since you first learned that Newsweek was being sold, you have wondered: who will buy this money-losing magazine? Will it be someone hilarious, like the Politico or NewsMax? Today, at long last, the answer was revealed, and it is … Sidney Harman, 91-year-old speaker impresario and husband of Congresslady Jane Harman? Sure, why not, we can’t see any conflicts of interest arising from that tie-up!

Below is the only known (freely available) picture of Mr. Harman, sitting among the piles of high-tech equipment that he will use to modernize Newsweek’s hitherto low-tech operation:

We need more subwoofers in editorial!

With experience reading printed matter that goes back to at least the Hoover Administration, Sidney knows how magazines are run! He also is well-known for “quality of working life” initiatives at Harman Kardon; one of the reasons his bid was the one accepted by Kaplan Test Prep Inc. was that he promised to fire the fewest people. So maybe this is good for Newsweek, at least until the whole operation converts into a Tumblr feed, six months from now?

Some might argue that having a major media outlet owned by the spouse of an elected legislator is a troubling proposition, but CNN had faith in Andrea Mitchell’s ability to cover the Fed, so we’re sure those worries are unfounded. Future cover stories like “AIPAC Is Awesome And Bose Speakers Will Make You Go Deaf” will be easily-dismissed coincidences. [Ad Age/WSJ]

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  1. That picture of Bill Maher doing his corrugated cardboard Nehru jacket bit never fails to crack me up.

    He truly is the Ernie Kovacs of our time, minus the antique equalizer collection.

  2. Still, being owned by a Representative’s spouse is a lot less damaging to journalistic credibility than being owned by the latter day Washington Post.

  3. Know what’s really lame about Newsweek? They reprint columnists work that appears elsewhere. I can read all the Robert Samuelson I need for example (which ain’t much) in the Post. Despite boasting that he’s a Newsweek columnist, they just reprint the same column from the Post.

  4. “Jane Harman’s entanglement in the defense business through Harman International took her shares on her re-elect in 2000 from around $18.00 a share to a staggering $130 a share in 2004 with Harman International’s acquisition of QNX Software that secured millions in contracts with the U.S. government and in Russia and China.” LINK

    Harman International isn’t just about stereo speakers anymore. And now the company has a new house organ: Newsweek Magerzine.

  5. If half of the Congressional GOP blowing Andrew Breitbart doesn’t cause a conflict of interest I don’t see how this should.

  6. Does this mean that Nancy Pelosi will force her husband to buy US News & World Report (wait, didn’t they drop the World Report?) so that their won’t be a gap in media coverage between the two women?

  7. [re=630449]Aurelio[/re]: “War is good for business. Business is necessary for the economy. The economy is important for peace. War is peace.”

    You betcha. “I think that high tech weapons and small forces will be all we need from here on out” will be a recurrent them? “Donald Rumsfeld was right?”

  8. If it wasn’t for that flag in the background, the only thing in that photo of Jane Harmon not a shade of oatmeal would be the irises of her eyes.

  9. [re=630433]Geogre[/re]: That pun is so very, very bad it becomes the most excellento.

    Why is the new fashion columnist and Congresslady wearing a jacket made from Humvee floor mats? Armani America wants to know!!!

  10. Nobody reads Newsweek unless it’s the only magazine in the doctor’s/dentist’s office, so won’t matter much.

    From those pictures, it is obvious that the Harmans are both lizard people.

  11. [re=630449]Aurelio[/re]: This is not well known. And a lot of Harman alums now have well placed positions as civilian DoD acquisition managers. This all started as part of a Harman strategy to move away from auto sourcing (high end OEM car stereos) and into DoD as a growth strategy.
    Or I’m sure it’s highly coincidental. Go into LinkedIn and chart the prior and post career paths of Harman alums. Interesting.

    If Glenn Beck can make up conspiracies from whole cloth on the fly, so can I.

  12. Now this is why I read Wonkette — new knowledge (well, new to me) about the puckish intertwining of narrative threads among the histories of our fellow citizens/humans/space aliens.

    Actually, I tell a lie. It’s the snark.

    Nevertheless, after reading this article I know things, some of which I did not know before:

    1. Jane Harman is still a very deceptive war-bitch Democrat. (I already knew this).

    2. The “Harman” in “Jane Harman” is matrimonially related to the “Harman” in “Harman-Kardon”. (I had no idea).

    3. Back when I had the requisite ears, and cared, H-K did make some bloody good speakers. Therefore, Jane Harman’s not-quite-embalmed-yet spouse has demonstrated at least one instance of doing something well, for an extended period of time. (We will skip over the visual image of “something” being “Jane Harman”, thank you very much).

    4. I will still not read the douchebag right-wing-wannabe pile of crap Newsweek has become.

    And, of course, there is the lingering question of “Whatever became of Kardon?”

    Of course I could look it up. I don’t really care. Tip your waitron.

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