CigaretteButt, CIGARETTEBUTT!!!

Ayn seems to have come full circle since our first installment. Like a snake eating its own tail, Ayn is locked in a never-ending struggle to end Socialism forever and also to forever choke on her own vomit.

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  1. Whenever I’m just about to throw up, I always have certain recollections come to mind. When my head is spinning and I know I’m going to hurl, I have this distinct sense that I can smell raw hot dogs. Sometimes I envision Larry Flynt too and then I race to the toilet to let loose with everything I’ve got.

    This fucking comic is supplanting those memories.

  2. The stripper on the Greasy Old Perverts Bang Bus is the illegitimate by-product of at least 7 abortion attempts paid for by his 7 GOP Uncle Daddies.

  3. [re=630121]Dolmance[/re]: Ben Frisch is an exceptionally talented 14-year-old who likes to see if he can really gross people out.

    Like I said, he’s exceptionally talented.

  4. [re=630128]4tehlulz[/re]: [re=630225]BklynIlluminati[/re]: Shame on you kids for knowing about the Bang Bus!

    Very good use of that reference, though, Mr. Frisch. People gets fooled into getting fucked and then are left standing in a dangerous neighborhood with jizz dribbling down their legs.

    Just like in the real world.

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