It takes a kind, familiar stroke-voice to relate information to people with stroke-voices, so Medicare has signed up Andy Griffith to tell them about the changes that colored man has made to their Medicare benefits WITHOUT ASKING THEM FIRST. Yes, Andy Griffith, the man who played the sheriff who was exonerated for killing the character “Rodney King” on The Andy Griffith Show and the detective who raped, decapitated, and ate a woman in a cookie factory on Matlock. Andy Griffith is being paid to keep old people quiet while President Obama quietly runs up behind them and kills them.

Polls show that seniors are more skeptical of the health care law than are younger people because Medicare cuts provide much of the financing to expand coverage for the uninsured. That could be a problem for Democrats in the fall congressional elections, because seniors vote in large numbers.

Whereas younger people have “jobs” and “lives” and “haven’t gotten dementia yet.”

And the award for best final lines of an AP article goes to:

The ad is slated to run on channels seniors watch, such as the Weather Channel, CNN, Hallmark and Lifetime, at an initial cost of $700,000. Griffith is 84.


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