THE HILL  4:33 pm July 29, 2010

Food Options For Beautiful People

by Arielle Fleisher

If you make it through even a little of the “50 Most Beautiful People” on the Hill list — especially the moving prose — you will learn that the people on this annual summer-gimmick list made it there because of the ability to survive on a diet of cheese nips, pasta, and Diet Mountain Dew. Do these people not know that the Hill is home to some of the best restaurants in DC? As service-y journalists, we hope to help this confused and hungry group of “attractive for DC” people navigate their local eating options.

(Even if you don’t work on the Hill and don’t aspire to be crowned “Most Beautiful” by a B2B lobbying newsletter, you should know about these very good Capitol-area restaurants:

  • Art and Soul: Food tastes better when it’s fried, topped with Old Bay, and can only be described as “imaginative,” as it is at Art & Soul. Go there for their Happy Hour, when dishes such as fried green tomatoes, cured jerky and deviled eggs can be paired with an alcoholic beverage for just $10.
  • Sweetgreen: There are people in the world who don’t eat overpriced salads made from locally grown ingredients, but they’re not the clientele at Sweetgreen. Sweetgreen recently opened a new location by the Hill. It’s healthy, has an extraordinary amount of employees, and offers mediocre service. What more could one ask for?
  • We, The Pizza: Ubiquitous Chef Spike Mendelsohn of Top Chef teevee fame just opened a new pizza restaurant on Capitol Hill. Expect good pizzas (we recommended the Spinach and Artichoke Pie), excellent sandwiches made with fresh cold-cuts, and gelato. There’s also an old-fashioned soda fountain that dispenses authentic chocolate egg creams for $3. And, oh, look, the name! It’s made to be a destination of choice for people who work on the Hill!

Belga Café, Ted’s Bulletin, and Matchbox are also excellent options. Should you choose to eat with red-badge-wearing interns, for the laughs, try Pour House, Tortilla Coast, or Hawk and Dove.

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Lazy Media July 29, 2010 at 4:37 pm

Well, the pizza place sounds good, but I kinda liked Zack’s Taverna that was there before.

ella July 29, 2010 at 4:54 pm

I would bonk a wingnut before I’d give Spike Mendelsohn a penny.

2Big2Fail July 30, 2010 at 9:01 am

There are two types of places: Capital Grille types and Capitol Lounge types. F*** Capital Grille.

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