DO YOU SEE A MOSQUE IN THIS PICTURE? DO YOU? Oh, yeah, well, probably.Wonkette operative “Evan B.” writes: “The debate over the planned mosque at Ground Zero seems a bit retarded to me; I work directly between the planned mosque and a mosque that has existed before 9/11 and continues to operate to this day. The existing mosque and the proposed mosque are probably 800 feet apart; one city block, let’s say.” This is humorous! LISTEN UP, HATEFUL ASSHOLES: The end is near! The Muslins have already invaded that city you call godless yet love because terrorism happened there! YOU ARE RIGHT TO BE VERY, VERY SCARED AND ANGRY ABOUT THIS! So you have to kill yourselves right now! It is the only way!

This current mosque is only four blocks away from the site of the World Trade Center. WHERE IS NEWT GINGRICH ON THIS? This section of Manhattan, like Times Square, needs to be an amusement park for hick tourists. IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE COVERED IN FLAGS AND JESUS CROSSES AND PATRIOTISM ONLY. This mosque is offensive because American Muslims who worked in the World Trade Center and were victims of the 9/11 attacks probably prayed there THOSE 911 TERRISTS WAS MUSLIN!

Of course, this mosque’s website is depressing, because before they can list information about their place of worship, they have to throw this up there:

Please be advised that we are by no means affiliated with any other organization trying to build anything new in the area of downtown Manhattan.

But they use the term “masjid” (“mosque”) to refer to their mosque instead of “mosque,” so the dumb bigots will likely continue to be ignorant of its existence. Hooray! [Masjid Manhattan]

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  1. Y’know, I go to NYC all the time, and I have yet to visit the WTC site. Didn’t like the buildings when they were there, and see no reason to commemorate Al Qaeda’s one really successful mass murder. I’ll go when they open the new skyscraper.

    I don’t remember family death dates, either; I’m about birthdays.

  2. So you have to kill yourselves right now! It is the only way!

    Conveniently, all you need to do is keep repeating this and they’ll believe it.

  3. From the size of his beak, I’d say that eagle is an A-Rab.

    Or a Juden?

    Same thing, really: They both hate Our Blessed Savior, The Lamb of God.

  4. Hey Wingnuts – There’s a Japanese Cultural Center at Pearl Harbor, too. Does Bill O’Reilly know about this War on our Disaster Monuments?

  5. Nooo, they’re already here! Next thing you know, these Muslins will be getting the freedom to worship as they wish, and treated as if they are actual individual human beings instead of a monolithic horde of scary Others!

  6. [re=627593]Carson[/re]: And if we’re not careful, soon white people will be living and working around Oklahoma City.


  7. The deep irony of exurban trash getting offended about what happens ten years after a big ‘splosion in gay-Jew-infested New York was broadcast live on their 50-inch HDTVs is too much to handle.

  8. [re=627599]SayItWithWookies[/re]: Holy fuck, some of these white people also probably believe the federal government was going to kill them and take their guns after Ruby Ridge and Waco!

  9. Hey, that’s right near the Lower Manhattan Condom Dispensary and the John Jay Fetus Parts Distributor. I gotta spend more time down there!

  10. Ok,I apologize for the cut and paste job, but here’s just a partial list of Muslims who were victims of the 9/11 murders. Now fuck off fake patriots, for good.

    Samad Afridi
    Ashraf Ahmad
    Shabbir Ahmad (45 years old; Windows on the World; leaves wife and 3 children)
    Umar Ahmad
    Azam Ahsan
    Ahmed Ali
    Tariq Amanullah (40 years old; Fiduciary Trust Co.; ICNA website team member; leaves wife and 2 children)
    Touri Bolourchi (69 years old; United Airlines #175; a retired nurse from Tehran)
    Salauddin Ahmad Chaudhury
    Abdul K. Chowdhury (30 years old; Cantor Fitzgerald)
    Mohammad S. Chowdhury (39 years old; Windows on the World; leaves wife and child born 2 days after the attack)
    Jamal Legesse Desantis
    Ramzi Attallah Douani (35 years old; Marsh & McLennan)
    SaleemUllah Farooqi
    Syed Fatha (54 years old; Pitney Bowes)
    Osman Gani
    Mohammad Hamdani (50 years old)
    Salman Hamdani (NYPD Cadet)
    Aisha Harris (21 years old; General Telecom)
    Shakila Hoque (Marsh & McLennan)
    Nabid Hossain
    Shahzad Hussain
    Talat Hussain
    Mohammad Shah Jahan (Marsh & McLennan)
    Yasmeen Jamal
    Mohammed Jawarta (MAS security)
    Arslan Khan Khakwani
    Asim Khan
    Ataullah Khan
    Ayub Khan
    Qasim Ali Khan
    Sarah Khan (32 years old; Cantor Fitzgerald)
    Taimour Khan (29 years old; Karr Futures)
    Yasmeen Khan
    Zahida Khan
    Badruddin Lakhani
    Omar Malick
    Nurul Hoque Miah (36 years old)
    Mubarak Mohammad (23 years old)
    Boyie Mohammed (Carr Futures)
    Raza Mujtaba
    Omar Namoos
    Mujeb Qazi
    Tarranum Rahim
    Ehtesham U. Raja (28 years old)
    Ameenia Rasool (33 years old)
    Naveed Rehman
    Yusuf Saad
    Rahma Salie & unborn child (28 years old; American Airlines #11; wife of Michael Theodoridis; 7 months pregnant)
    Shoman Samad
    Asad Samir
    Khalid Shahid (25 years old; Cantor Fitzgerald; engaged to be married in November)
    Mohammed Shajahan (44 years old; Marsh & McLennan)
    Naseema Simjee (Franklin Resources Inc.’s Fiduciary Trust)
    Jamil Swaati
    Sanober Syed
    Robert Elias Talhami (40 years old; Cantor Fitzgerald)
    Michael Theodoridis (32 years old; American Airlines #11; husband of Rahma Salie)
    W. Wahid

  11. How close to the WTC site is too close for these mooslims? And shouldn’t we be more worried about that boat they found in the basement, since it’s actually AT the WTC site and not sorta near it? Viking invaders, ahhh!
    Or maybe Beck just didn’t see that…

  12. You missed the extra bonus disclaimer further down the same page, about how they don’t like terrorism, and actually think it’s pretty shitty, so please don’t firebomb their place of worship.

    I fucking hate Americans so much, sometimes.

  13. Jerry Fallwell appeared on a bagel near ground zero and said, “Y’alls come ta Dollywood and ride the ‘Big Hair Roller’ an now a mosk id openin’ in Tennesee fer bidness.

  14. [re=627576]Lazy Media[/re]: I don’t remember family death dates, either; I’m about birthdays.

    Don’t think of 9/11 as the death of US democracy, think of it as the birth of the golden age of Islamophobia.

  15. [re=627621]ManchuCandidate[/re]: Which actually makes me wonder – have there been any polls of *just New Yorkers* about the new mosque? Because I’ve seen national polls about how upset we are and everything because of Terrism, but seriously, get over yourselves, Red States, it isn’t your trauma.

  16. [re=627576]Lazy Media[/re]: You’re missing out on a fun day. You can visit the WTC site and then head a little south to see the Holocaust museum in Battery Park. Good times.

  17. We need Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich to develop the technology to travel back in time, so they can give the American Government a warning from the future about the impending tragedy that is coming: a mosque being built where the WTC will later be destroyed!!!

  18. Hmm…perhaps Newt and Sarah made a few phone calls?

    The following is from the mosque’s website:


    Help Us Replace What We’ve Lost.

    On May 25th 2008 our Masjid was evicted and forced to vacate the building which it occupied for 28 years. By the mercy of Allah, we found a small temporary location just two doors down the street from the old location and Alhamdullillah we did not have to close the Masjid. This new rental space is extremely small and it only has room for 20% of our members during Jummah. The rest of the members have to pray on the sidewalk outside the Masjid and are not able to listen to the Khutbah.

  19. There’s also an actual monument to the Irish famine at 290 Vesey Street, blocks from the WTC! The fucking Irish! The one nationality that has done more than any other to destroy America — Think Father Coughlin, Senator Joe McCarthy, Pat Buchanan, Ronald Reagan, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity and Patti O’Furniture. What is Newt Gingrich doing about that outrage?

  20. [re=627610]memzilla[/re]: “What is the best caliber to use when huntin’ down Jeebus-Hatin’ Eagles?”

    Shove a flare up Baldy’s feathered ass and then blow him out of the air with one of those MANPADS it turns out the Wogs are using on our helos in Afghan-Land.

    Oh, and if you think they’re using left-over Stingers that we gave them during the last Russian-Afghan War (as some Moronic Congressperson opined yesterday), you know DICK about the shelf-life of the batteries for the FIM 92.

    Also, that the Comm . . . whoops . . . Russians make a MANPADS that is as good or better than ours.

    Not that Our Pal Putin would sell such things to the Wogs. For, say, revenge? Naaaaayyyyyy.

  21. [re=627704]Zorg[/re]: “The fucking Irish!”

    Fuck you, too.

    Or as the Black Irish would say, “Faith and Begorra, Motherfucker.”

    Before they shoot you three times in the face.

  22. NOOOOOOOOOOO! you mean the muslins took over ground zero before they took over ground zero before ground zero was ground zero! what’s happened to our country? luckily, i’m catholic, so me and my unborn children and very safely seek the comfort of THE CHURCH in times like these.

  23. Hm. The map makes it look more like 14 blocks. Not that it really matters, but it’s closer to Tribeca and Little Italy than Ground Zero.

    I’m only saying it because some jacktard from a conservative website eventually will.

  24. Another angle that conservatards might want to take is to point out that Muslims hate women, because all of the pictures from that mosque only show men. Which is like every fucking mosque I have ever been to, btw.

  25. Born in Manhattan, raised in Staten Island.

    While I’m of German descent I spent a lot of my time in the local Jewish Community Center as a child/teen. It was essentially my parent’s on the cheap After School babysitter. My Moms worked with Holocaust Survivors, (got them Restitution Pensions from the West German Govt), so the question of my heritage never came up.

    From that JCC there was/is a clear line of sight to the Twin Towers/Skyline of Downtown Manhattan. I’ve friends that watched the towers collapse from that vantage point.

    Moved back to NYC in 2005 after being gone for 20 years, and on the very same block, at the base of the hill the JCC is at, there was a new addition to the neighborhood.

    A Mosque.

    The Albanian Islamic Cultural Center of Staten Island, NY.

    Google Maps tells me that it’s all of 1,500 feet, 2 city blocks, at most, away from the JCC.

    These assholes can go fuck themselves.

  26. Oh, and, btw, WTF?

    Throughout all of American history these REAL American Fly Over Country fuckers just HATED on NYC, but especially us urbane Manhattanites, right up until September 10th, 2001.

    Now they want to be our BFFs?

    The nerve of these assholes. How dare they?

    Of all the outrages these fucks have committed over the past few years this latest bit of provocation by $ister $arah really takes the fucking cake.

    What will it take for her to finally become roundly ignored?

  27. [re=627725]Neilist[/re]: Who? “KGB-Karaoke” Putin? Certainly not. His soul has at least the second-highest possible security clearance.

  28. Hahaha..close all the NYC Mosques cause’ their are about 50,000 of them on wheels. Hail a taxi in the city and try to pronounce the drivers Mooslin name on his hack badge. Just point that cab toward Mecca & bingo: Mosque on the fly.

  29. [re=627734]Neilist[/re]: Spot on, Nellist, and fuck you and your family, Zorg. Like any nationality that has taken up residence on these shores doesn’t have its share of assholes. Judging by your comment, you more than adequately meet the asshole quotient for whatever fucking nationality you happen to be.

  30. most new yorkers oppose this, but i doubt it’s because they’re all “HATEFUL ASSHOLES” who want their city “TO BE COVERED IN FLAGS AND JESUS CROSSES AND PATRIOTISM ONLY.” This article reads like a reactionary right winger (only the author here knows how to spell). Still, its more than a little disingenuous to attribute racism as the sole reason for not wanting a mosque there.

  31. You know, to all the red state freaks who want to proclaim what should be built here in Manhattan, we don’t go down to Alabammy and tell you where to build the pig farm shit filters and the combination tattoo parlor/day care centers (not that you actually have day care centers).

  32. [re=627576]Lazy Media[/re]:I hope you manage to live that long! haha It’s just a big money pit now and for far far into the future.

    I live walking distance from that place and I have the dust in my lungs to prove it. We all manage to live in peace down here Jews, Muslims, Witches, etc. Just leave us alone. We already have to put up with all the vomiting Republican douches. Isn’t that enough?

    [re=627922]bueno[/re]: Muslim NYers don’t seem to oppose it at all. Our Jewish Mayor doesn’t oppose it. None of my family and none of my neighbors oppose it. Since Muslims have lived in our neighborhood for years what makes it so special today? Why now?

  33. [re=627946]102415[/re]: Thanks for the thoughtful response. I don’t know exactly, all i’m saying is that this article is a little on the crazy side. The polls indicate most NYers oppose the mosque, and i am sure there are a variety of reasons, including but not limited to, racism. However, considering the nature of NY and the ability of so many different races and cultures to get along (so to speak), i would assume racism is among the minority of reasons.

  34. So let me tell you a little story about some of the people who are driven nuts by this WTC Mosque ‘issue’ who I know quite personally— my parents. They’re both second-generation americans, one from Lithuania and one from Germany. They’re both quite right-wing. I mean, extremely right-wing. My mom used to tell me (when I was 7 or 8 years old) what were ‘Jew names’ so I could ‘avoid’ those kids at school (“anything with a Gold- or Silver- or -Berg or -Stein in it”, she said). After spending years of my youth attempting (unsuccessfully, as it turned out) to inculcate their racism, homophobia and anti-semitism in me, one day they hit a low point when they refused to sign my elementary school field trip permission slip for our class visit to the Holocaust Museum. That’s right, the fucking Holocaust Museum. My mom’s excuse was that she felt “some ethnicities might be blamed for the events” (i.e. Germans? I guess). I got my whole education in political values from them— whatever they were for, I was against, and vice versa, for years after. NOW, today, they are proud Bush voters and teabaggers. The ‘WTC Mosque’ drives them nuts.

    My point is, there’s no point having any illusions about the sociopaths that make up today’s american right. Their values are so vile, cowardly, ignorant and hateful that we would do well to spend our entire adult lives knocking doors to elect even the crappiest Dems imagineable. Sadly the vile activist conservatives like them are able to mobilize the support of many otherwise uninformed, ignorant idiots towards their ends. It’s not elitist to say so- I’ve seen it all firsthand. The best we can do is keep them out of power until their grip on the electoral majority dies, with them, permanently.

  35. Ah, the good ol’ race card. Gotta love that one…Tried and true it is. The only problem is, it’s usually not applicable and this is one of the many cases where that’s the unfortunate truth for the HBP (Holy Bigotry Patrol). I’ve heard people use truly bigoted terms like “raghead” or “camel jockey” but, for the most part, the folks opposing the building of the NEW mosque are not those same individuals.

    I’ve heard about the other mosque and it has been reported in the news. I don’t oppose the building of the mosque on legal grounds because freedom of religion means allowing religious groups whom I do not agree with the same opportunity to practice their religion. In this case, that would be building a mosque. However, if the folks in favor of building the mosque had any sense of decency and respect to what happened back on 9/11, they’d willingly restrain themselves from wanting to build the mosque. They knew it would be controversial and they had other sites from which to pick, but they went ahead with this one knowing there was already another mosque in close proximity to their own selected site. Not very sensitive on that side, either, are they?

  36. Not only did that Mosque benefit by improved daylight from the 9-11 attacks, also did the chrisjuns and their churches and the joos and their synagogues, and also the subgeniuses and their, oh nevermind they’re all in their mom’s basements but you get the ides, we need moar lions.

  37. [re=627976]Dave K[/re]: “sense of decency and respect”? “restrain themselves from wanting”? WTF? This is ridiculous.

  38. Still waiting for the next bigoted moron to say: “If they already have a one there, why the hell they need TWO?”

    And to spin that around, why do I need 14 churches in my hometown of 2,000 people?

  39. [re=627976]Dave K[/re]: The people who are so concerned do not live where the already existing building is being developed by people who own the building.
    Muslims are not a race. My Bosnian friend around the corner looks like your average German tourist. The South Asian brownish kids who were born and raised in my building don’t need to hear about your offended sensibility. They live here and all of us down here know people who were killed. Once more that would be all of us.
    You can’t possibly understand any of this so butt out and please take Sarah with you. She spends far too much time here in Unrealamerica wasting your contributions.

  40. [re=627949]bueno[/re]: I just re read your reply. So you must be new here? We are Wonkette. We are supposed to be making jokes out of politics. Sometimes we get tired and we fail. Mostly we find ourselves highly entertaining.
    Where did you come from to get here? Just curious.

  41. [re=627922]bueno[/re]: Dunno where you’re getting the “most New Yorkers oppose this” from. Last official poll I saw said (Quinnipiac Univ.; check Gothamist) that although 52% of New Yorkers opposed it, which is barely a majority, the strongest support comes from folks in Manhattan. The biggest bastion of opposition? Staten Island, which, in case you aren’t from here, is basically the Alabama of the Five Boroughs. It’s the only borough that went for McCain instead of Obama in 2008, it’s the least integrated of all the boroughs (more than three-quarters white), it’s heavily Republican, and it voted to secede from NYC during the Dinkins administration. So there are all other kinds of reasons why people might not want the mosque around, but if you’re asking me why I think Joe Staten Island doesn’t want a mosque at Ground Zero, there is one that tends to come to mind more than others, and it is not “because there is already a mosque there.”

  42. [re=627976]Dave K[/re]: At least you had the “decency and respect” to “willingly restrain” yourself from saying that building a mosque there would be like 9/11 happening all over again, but only just.

    [re=628088]102415[/re]: Seconded.

  43. [re=629563]bueno[/re]: Here’s what we are trying to tell you.Get on Google earth. Look at a map of New York, then look at a map of the City of New York, then look at a map of Manhattan, then look at a map of downtown Manhattan(the street called Canal Street was used arbitrarily as a cut off point for those registering to be monitored for the ill effects of ash and smoke from the pile that burned for months, although the people over the water in Brooklynn suffered far more than I did because of prevailing winds. Tused to pick up small bits of office paper deposited in a steady snow along with the smoke and other debris deemed *safe* by Christine Whitman). Now check how many people are down where the center will be located. This is were we all live and work and go to school. Lots and lots of us. Isn’t it a little odd to you that this is suddenly an issue? I assure you it will soon disappear and except for hurt feelings and more anger nothing will come of this. We still have freedom of religion and we still have some property rights left. If you hear about where exactly Muslims can live work and pray in relation to the WTC site please let us know down here. Meanwhile I would like to see some actual respect for the people who died that day of all religions and no religion and for the Muslims who are still walking around with crap in their lungs from working during the collapse and afterwards in the clean up. The same people who lied to us about the safety of the air are the ones pushing this and of course after 9 years are refusing to help the so called heroes, some of who are Muslims.I listened to Pat Buchanan and friends say right on TV that 9/11 was so far back in time that nobody thought about it any more and didn’t want to spend unnecessary money on health care for the responders. So what is this really about? Do you really want us all fighting with our neighbors going from door to door? Building to building? We are living here in NYC to be free of all that. If you come down here and go into certain small shops at certain times of the day you will find some people praying. Will that have to stop now so Sarah Palin can make more money or Newt can get another shot at a government job? Freedom of religion and freedom from religion.
    Does that help you to understand this?

  44. “So you have to kill yourselves right now! It is the only way!”

    Circumcize your hearts, brand-x prot bigots! It’s a commandment. If any of you survive amateur open-heart surgery, I’ll take you slightly seriously.

    Zhu Bajie, alive in the bitter sea

  45. [re=627593]Carson[/re]: No,probably O’Reilly is abysmally ignorant, of this memorial or the fact aht Hawai’i is 60% Japanese. Probably he doesn’t know Muslims have lived in the US since the 1840s, either.

    Republifux are abysmally ignorant of almost everything.

  46. [re=627612]SpenceRedux[/re]: [re=629812]102415[/re]: [re=627612]SpenceRedux[/re]: Freedom is gonna be breached when it comes to arrogant muslims who insist on using AMERICA’S freedom of religion to breed terrorism ! Name a muslim who has done anything productive for this country there are none period so this is a lost debate and the koran and the puppet mohammad preach killing JEW’S and the infidels (AMERICA’S)or any others who side with the truth BIBLE ! Use what you have now and don’t press your faith because time and time again mohammad has failed you with false profits lies of 48 50 virgins upon killing-suicide in his name HAHAHA can’t get any more retarded than that ! GOD BLESS good day !

  47. Politically correct America is gonna be gone in 2012 so to all radical muslim dumb dumbs out there the EAGLE has its eye on the target and she won’t miss !! There is an infestation of swine from these arab countries and these people are hell bent on hurting AMERICANS !! Now these idiots want to slap us in the face and build another terrorist training camp , no you can’t sorry this is just the start before it is said and done muslims will have no freedom in AMERICA dew to there lack of respect for our country and our people period . mohammad is a terrorist period !! GOD BLESS good day !!

  48. [re=629812]102415[/re]: “Do you really want us all fighting with our neighbors going from door to door? Building to building?” I’m not sure how you could possibly get that out of anything i have said so far. All I’ve said is this: lots of people oppose the mosque, not all of them are hate-filled racist bigots, and this article is a little crazy.

  49. Door to door if that’s what it takes to keep our way of life , building to building if that’s what it takes to stop the spread of islams false jihad on western “civilization” and abroad ! The arab nations as a whole have a 2% educational rate so the other 98% or brainwashed with propaganda and foolish lies , hence they know no better dew to lack of education , and of the 2% educated they come here or to European colleges so they can go back home to read to these people lies and allegations of Christians impending and eventual total war on islam ! Come on they have laws in most of the arab nations making it punishable for premarital sex , beheading , stoning and so on yet it OK to teach there young men how to stump break a goat or a sheep and this practice is accepted and taught , and its not there fault that there false ideologies and religion are pushed and beaten in to them with no pretence in to the real world are how they can be saved !! GOD BLESS good day !!

  50. It’s a common sense approach to a book that teaches hate and acts on hate and doesn’t want ISREAL to exist , they hide among our politically correct laws and groups such as the aclu and the naacp and most people in America would also include the current far left administration who should all be considered as accessories to the crimes on our troops and America in general!! Talking points are great but all the truth is out and they can no longer hide behind our laws , because islam is an enemy combatant that’s not racist or being a bigot it reality ! 2012 is fast approaching and the wave that is coming will be harder and harder for radicals to ride or hide among us so wake up AMERICA our time is now stop the stupidity and take back the America we know !! GOD BLESS good day !!

  51. [re=631934]bueno[/re]: beno reply don’t speak on the amenity of realism debate the issue why , what , and how we have come to this point 911 out the window !! Morons like you and idiots like the author or so he claims to be do not understand the issues at had and in all likely hood are far left ideologists hell bent on the collapse of or nation !! American people must and will stop these freak islamic swine that are infesting this nation with there puppet mohamed jihadist ways !! NY needs crosses on every corner and churches with preachers like James Manning in Harlem @ Atla Ministries he will put all the dumb dumb Nyorker on the right path toward stopping these islamic freaks !! Speak up don’t be afraid life’s short GOD has a plan for all of us no feeling hurt just honest old fashion tell’em like it is !! GOD BLESS good day !!

  52. Somehow it’s more fitting and X-ianlike for those of Sarah Palin’s and Newt Gingrich’s ilk that there will be a commercial enterprise built on the “hallowed ground” of Ground Zero, right on the dust-mote remains of yet-undiscovered victims of 9/ll/01 fanatic terrorism.


    From Wikipedia/The World Trade Center: “On March 13, 2006, workers arrived at the World Trade Center site to remove remaining debris and start surveying work. This marked the official start of construction of the National September 11 Memorial & Museum, though not without controversy and concerns from some family members.

    In April 2006, the Port Authority and Larry Silverstein reached an agreement in which Silverstein ceded rights to develop the Freedom Tower and Tower Five in exchange for financing with Liberty Bonds for Towers Two, Three, and Four.

    On June 22, 2007 the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey announced that JP Morgan Chase will build Tower 5, a 42-story building on Site 5 currently occupied by the Deutsche Bank Building,[143] and Kohn Pedersen Fox was selected as the architect for the building.”

  53. [re=627960]osama bin drinkin[/re]: “Their values are so vile, cowardly, ignorant and hateful that we would do well to spend our entire adult lives knocking doors to elect even the crappiest Dems imagineable.”

    The cowardly, ignorant, hateful leaders of these people — the Boehners/McConnells/Cantors/Kyles, et al — have a fifth column answer to that tactic — they have what are called “stealth candidates”.

    For example consider Sarah Palin’s two timewasting and politically motivated attempts to fill a vacant Juneau state senate seat. Palin’s hand-pick Tim Grussendorf was a Republican mere weeks before he re-registered as a Democrat to qualify for the post, and Joe Nelson was not active in the party. Failed machinations like these in Mar/April 2009 led to Palin’s decision to quit as governor in July 2009. and

  54. THE MOSQUE THAT IS 4 BLOCKS AWAY FROM GROUND ZERO PRE-DATES THE WTC! It’s been there for over 40 yrs. I have yet to see Muslims take over Manhattan in that time. Tho they’ve got lots of good halal food trucks around town.

  55. For the person who reminded us that there is a Japanese Cultural Center at Pearl Harbor, it is over 10 miles away from the Arizona Memorial

    Having spent some (limited) time in the middle east, I have visions of the mosques as being imposing structures, defended by high walls, and surrounded by brown sand, with multiple minarets from which the calls to prayer are sent over loudspeakers with somewhat tinny sound quality. I realize that I am guilty of comparing that sort of place of worship with peaceful little churches at the top of the hill in my hometown in New Hampshire, and lest I be accused of being anti-Muslim in those thoughts, I have similar thoughts when I see the atrocious Christian monstrosities springing up all over the country, particularly in the south, to be places of worship.

    It is truly sad that Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf wants to build something like the Cordoba Center (apparently the name has been dropped) and is reviled for it, but then another Imam, Ruhollah Mousavi Khomeini, sort of set the standard when he took political vengeance on followers of the Shah by executing many and imprisoning more, by adopting unrelenting hostility toward western countries, exporting his own brand of hate to other Muslim countries, and of course, played a major role in the hostage crisis.

    The Muslim world has earned more distrust in recent years
    – September 11 and other attacks and attempts by Al-Qaeda, a multinational, yet stateless Islamic terrorist organization
    – Fatwas against cartoonists who portray Muhammad
    – Fatwa against Salmon Rushdie
    – Opposition to Bush’s unfortunate use of the word “Crusade”
    – Emergence of the Taliban as a politico-religious force
    – Bombings against other Muslim sects

    Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf needs to do something to reverse the distrust, but building anything near the WTC is probably not the way to do it.

    So after saying all that, why do I think that Rauf is within his rights as an American to build a community center anyplace he wants as long as it does not violate any law?

  56. I have an idea!!!!

    Let’s build the BIGGEST, BADDEST “CATHOLIC CHURCH” on “Sacred Native American Burial Ground….

    Who cares if the Native Americans reject it WE know what’s best for them.
    It will be an Olive Branch and a way to Apologize for the Spanish Conquestidors from the Church in the 1600’s

    Really NOW!!

    Ask yourself would the ACLU allow a Christian church built on Sacred Indian burial ground? Should it be allowed after the Spanish Conquerdors from the Catholic Church whom slaughtered many Indians in the Dark ages???

    I wouldn’t think so… nor should a Mosque be built on land that should be “considered” sacred burial ground to Americans

  57. ….The land anywhere in “Ground Zero” zone should be landmarked!
    Point Blank!

    You can’t make a lion into a pussycat because your karma is goodand peacefull so you think?
    A Lion will be a Lion in the end!

  58. [re=631637]C.W.Boyz[/re]: AMEN BROTHER!


    ..these “tollerant” sHould should have more tollerance for the families of the 91 victims.
    And actually READ and find out how it ends up for ALL THEM “tollerant Secular-Humanist (Non-Muslims) —> “IN ISLAMIC PROPHECY” …THEN maybee they will know whom the 12th Imam is if they actually READ the Muslim “Hadith” as I …have

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