Remember when the Beatles played for Barack Obama during the Cuban Missile Crisis last month? The White House has finally released the sordid video from this night of Monarchist anti-Americanism, in which “Sir” Paul McCartney said something rude about George Bush Junior, which is just another example of this so-called White House’s rampant racism.

Who are these Jonas Brothers, anyway? A child act for ‘tween sexting, we understand, but they are certainly no Justin Beiber! This is what ‘tween girls are masturbating to, in America, today, according to the Blingees. Why can’t Barack Obama and his socialist propagandists at least figure out which ‘tween act is dampening panties in Summer Jam 2010?

More importantly, even if you have no idea who the White Stripes are/were, if you were operating the camera on this day and came across the weird figure of Jack White, wouldn’t you maybe linger on him for a moment and perhaps ask, “What is even up with you, Detroit Vampire Cowboy?”

“Drive My Car” is a dumb song, too. [White House]

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