• 'Hope' you'll fund all the wars!Despite the fact that, as the White House loudly and no doubt correctly insists, the WikiLeaks War Logs contained only information that everyone kind of knew already, it was pretty depressing information, all in a big pile! So now that the picture of the Afghan cauldron of death and carnage and betrayal is clear, with smashed villages and dead people everywhere, we get to the really important question: Will the process in Congress to pass the law needed to pay for more of this be even more convoluted and irritating than it would have been otherwise? [NYT]
  • Oh, and the other important question: Who snitched? Keep in mind that snitches get stitches. [One India]
  • Did you hear that Jim Webb wrote a little op-ed for the Wall Street Journal last week explaining how white people aren’t actually privileged, in Obama’s America? The NAACP wasn’t so pleased with it. [WP]
  • Charlie Rangel released a YouTube of his last birthday party, to show how much everybody likes him. [Pareene]
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