• The answer is around here somewhereThose leaks from Wikileaks seem to show that the ISI, the Pakistani spy agency that essentially created the Taliban, still is really quite supportive of that organization, despite Pakistan being technically allied with several countries trying to destroy it. But the ISI would like you to know that this is all a bunch of lies and hearsay. For instance, when an ISI agent told three people to “make the snow warm in Kabul,” this did not necessarily mean that they should set the city aflame, with bombings. And the plan to kill NATO troops with poisoned alcohol — would that have even worked? Isn’t alcohol technically already poisonous? [WP]
  • Will Elizabeth Warren, who thought up the new consumer protection agency that was a part of the financial reform bill, be appointed to head it, and become your new consumer protection girlfriend? Obama and Geithner have been talking her up, which they think will make the liberals feel better when they pick some ex-CEO for the job instead because he (yes obviously it will be a he) will be more easily confirmed by Congress. [NYT]
  • The illegal immigrant-coddling Obama Administration’s rate of deportation is only 10 percent higher than the Bush Administration’s, and the rate of workplace audits has only quadrupled. Mass arrests at workplaces have gone down, though, and what’s an immigration policy without mass arrests? [WP]
  • British Conservatives opposed to the party’s current government coalition with the Liberal Democrats are threatening to form something called the “Brokeback Club,” which, have those guys even seen that movie? [BBC]
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  1. Nobama is just using immigrants as an EXCUSE to impose SOCILISM in the workplace. How dare he audit employers? What next, will he check up on whether they’re paying their TAXES (equal death)? Has he no respect for the DEAD???

  2. Who knew that the ISI, who apparently are filled with angry Islamicists and openly supported Mr Taliban and OBL, would be undermining the West’s feeble Afghan mission?

    I’m just stunned.

  3. Up 10% is obviously a 40% decrease over the 200% increase that Bush had planned to implement in his third term, so Obama isn’t keeping our borders secure, and where are the Reaper drones for Rick Perry?

    Rick Perry is also totally on our side, just like the ISI.

  4. Liberals please stop promoting Elizabeth Warren, it will only guarantee that Obama won’t pick her. If you really want her to get the job, get MoveOn to start a petition calling on Alan Greenspan to become new consumer chair.

  5. Pakistan’s ISI head Hamid Gul having sexy time with the Taliban and Obama and Geithner having sexy time with Elizabeth Warren. The Brit Conservatives trying, but failing, to get out of bed with the Libtard Demrats. Wow, our Wonkette is turning into quite a bodice ripper.

    Teh immigrant coddlers, however, kneads moar Payton Place.

  6. I know, tell the Iraniacs & Pakis they need to annex-n-partition Afghanistan and run it their own damn selves if they think we are doing such a terrible job. That’ll show them.

  7. I love the way David Cameron puts so much time and effort into claiming that the Tories have changed and that they’re not just a party full of privately-educated poshos, only for his own backbenchers to announce that they’re going to deal with a controversial issue by getting their assorted dining clubs to work together.

    Presumably they’ll ask their butlers to draw up some proposals and then present them in the drawing room over cigars, brandy and homoerotic tension.

  8. I guess the best solution to the ISI problem is to airlift hundreds of palettes of cold hard US taxpayer cash into the country and leave it somewhere.

  9. “According to the Financial Times, the comments were made during a lunch meeting with business leaders at the Boot and Flogger wine bar in Southwark, south London, on Thursday.”

    Yeah, I think they’ve seen it.

  10. Whoa now, what is the administration doing conducting more immigration workplace audits? They should know that the way to fight that horrific non-threat of illegal immigration is to got after the individual furriner’s, not the companies that exploit them for low-wage unsafe labor; that’s anti-capitalism, and anti-American.

    I’d pity the Tories for the situation their party’s stuck in, except that they’re the Tories, they have no pity and deserve none.

  11. “British Conservatives opposed to the party’s current government coalition with the Liberal Democrats are threatening to form something called the “Brokeback Club,” which, have those guys even seen that movie?”

    Yeah, they’ve seen the movie. Have you read much about the experiences of upper class British boys in those boarding schools?

  12. [re=625385]Monsieur Grumpe[/re]: But they’ve stopped making Zima. It could explain Coors, though.

    [re=625387]Butterscotch Stalin[/re]: Boot and Flogger; so apparently like our conservatives the British ones like going to lesbian bondage clubs on the party dime.

  13. [re=625390]Serolf Divad[/re]:

    The one person happy with Tony Hayward’s performance is Michael Brown. Brownie and gang simply oversaw the sustained drowning of one large American city and areas of two states. Hayward and gang polluted what will likely turn out to be most of the Gulf of Mexico, impacting not only the ecosystems but a bunch of cities and towns in five states, as well as Mexico and possibly part of the Caribbean.

  14. [re=625413]JMP[/re]: Lesbians? No, I think [re=625392]Bearbloke[/re] has the right idea following on with the whole livestock theme… aaand that’s as far as I’m willing to in down that road…

  15. [re=625410]WadISay[/re]: I read that as America’s toddlers but then realize that Kellog’s and General Mills already have that market sewed up.

  16. [re=625413]JMP[/re]: I think the poisoned alcohol might be “targeted assassination” against the “Xe” gun thugs.

    The reason they’d call it off? If the contractors are drinking vodka out of each other’s assholes, we can assume they’re already inured to poisons.

  17. Of course they didn’t watch the movie. Tory men are Men. If they want to see teh Ghey they download porn. Like Men.

    They aren’t calling themselves the Brokeback club though. It goes like this:
    Wingnut MP 1: Ew Nick and Dave are totally gay: Like those cowboys in that film. That’s gay.
    Clegg: Well a bit gay perhaps. Ha ha. Lots to do: moving Britain on; cleaning up Labour’s mess; saying Dave voted for war crimes, dontchooknow.
    Wingnut MP 2: They’re gay? That’s totally gay. I’m going to get these three little wingnut sects together for Pimms and such, and we shall oppose the gaity.
    Journalist: You are having a coalition of dining clubs? That’s gay – cowboy gay.
    Wingnut MP 2: No way! I’m not gay. You’re gay, you cowboy. Also it’s not true. No secret gay cowboy wingnut club, mmmkay?

  18. It’s about time the Conservatives had their own club in Westminster. Ever since the Albemarle Club closed down because of all that Oscar Wilde/Lord Alfred Douglas unpleasantness, there hasn’t been a proper place in the neighborhood to go for a bit of gin and a good chin wag.

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