Cute. But that thing should not be allowed to eat fish, because Newt disagrees with eating fish.For weeks now, conservatives have been getting riled up over the proposed construction of a planned Muslim community center somewhat near the World Trade Center site. That is not an acceptable religion, you see, for America. Newt Gingrich finally rolled off his Japanese pillowcase-girlfriend and decided to wade into this with some really good, fresh ideas. “There should be no mosque near Ground Zero in New York so long as there are no churches or synagogues in Saudi Arabia.” Charming!

The time for double standards that allow Islamists to behave aggressively toward us while they demand our weakness and submission is over.

Okay, you has-been fucker, let’s explain a few things to you. First off, your “Islamists,” people who believe in Islam as a political system, are not the people who want to have a place to practice their religion near where they live in New York. The ones that do are called “Muslims.” Muslims are not demanding for your “weakness and submission,” you old fuck. They are calling for a chance to have religious freedom, which is something we provide every American, not out of weakness and submission. And if you want to complain about that, complain to your precious founding fathers. You are weak and submit to fear. That is not America’s weakness and submission.

The proposed “Cordoba House” overlooking the World Trade Center site – where a group of jihadists killed over 3000 Americans and destroyed one of our most famous landmarks – is a test of the timidity, passivity and historic ignorance of American elites. For example, most of them don’t understand that “Cordoba House” is a deliberately insulting term. It refers to Cordoba, Spain – the capital of Muslim conquerors who symbolized their victory over the Christian Spaniards by transforming a church there into the world’s third-largest mosque complex.

Today, some of the Mosque’s backers insist this term is being used to “symbolize interfaith cooperation” when, in fact, every Islamist in the world recognizes Cordoba as a symbol of Islamic conquest. It is a sign of their contempt for Americans and their confidence in our historic ignorance that they would deliberately insult us this way.

Insulting to whom? Do you see thousand-year-old zombies speaking out against being invaded by the Moors? You have the same train of thought as some of those jihadists if you are still fighting the Crusades in your head, Newt. I’M GONNA GO BUY ME A SWORD AND TAKE MY TRUSTY HORSE “PEANUT” TO THE ISLAMISTIC WORLD AND KILL ME SOME MUSLIM KNIGHTS! But consider for a second that this was the first context in which Christianity and Islam really mixed. Yes, it happened because of war, but this was over a thousand fucking years ago. This is how ideas were transmitted across cultures. (Fuck, why are we trying to explain history to Newt Gingrich?)

Those Islamists and their apologists who argue for “religious toleration” are arrogantly dishonest. They ignore the fact that more than 100 mosques already exist in New York City. Meanwhile, there are no churches or synagogues in all of Saudi Arabia.

Hey, fucker, has it ever occurred to you that those 100 mosques serve American citizens? If Americans of any other religion decided they wanted a new place of worship to be built, would you tell them they couldn’t because they already have some? It is not fucking arrogant for American citizens to ask for the freedom of religion. It is arrogant to think you can be president just because you were a dickish House Speaker who was forced to resign a long time ago.

If the people behind the Cordoba House were serious about religious toleration, they would be imploring the Saudis, as fellow Muslims, to immediately open up Mecca to all and immediately announce their intention to allow non-Muslim houses of worship in the Kingdom. They should be asked by the news media if they would be willing to lead such a campaign.

Yes, and if you are serious about religious toleration, Newt, you should be demanding that a mosque and Buddhist temple and synagogue be built in Vatican City. And you should implore the Baptist church down the road from you to put out prayer mats so that Muslims can pray in it. And you should ask people who worship dicks being put in Newt Gingrich’s mouth to put their dicks in your mouth.

Now go have an affair and die. [Newt]

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  1. Has he forgotten the teatards’ “Read the Constition” signs so quickly? Or maybe in his decades as a paid elected official he never got around to reading the thing, too busy cheating on his poor wife with the cancer.

  2. Hmm, I thought it was named after the Chrysler Cordoba, and would be equipped with prayer rugs made of Fine Coreenthian Leather.

  3. Newt just wants to continue with Bush’s plans to protect America. The Islamist Terrorists hate us because they hate our freedoms; so if we get rid of our freedoms, they won’t hate us anymore.

  4. Jack my boy, you are never going to survive here if you take everything so seriously. You’ll develop a drinking problem and cirrhosis by next year…

  5. Cordoba may be a by-word for conquest to Islamists, but to moderates, as well as most historians – of which his Newtness claims to be one! – it’s recognized as a location of cultural efflorescence in otherwise benighted Europe, as well as a place of religious tolerance, as the moors were (at least in the beginning, before the early Spanish kingdoms waged furious religious war against them) generally much more lenient about accepting other religious groups to practice their faith, including christians and notably jews (who were ill-tolerated in many contemporary European states). So really, he’s as much a failure at his day job as he is as a politician.

    As a scholar of South Asia, it’s alarming how incredibly similar Newt’s language is to promoters of Hindu fundamentalism there, who similarly use the rhetoric of weakness and emasculation in the face of Muslims to justify reprisals and repression. There’s a sinister undercurrent of gender in both cases, not to mention calls for “secularism” and “tolerance” that are really coded majoritarian religious messages.

    And so ends my serious post of the day. Please choke on some falafel and die, Newt.

  6. Good to know that the Constitution does not apply to American Muslims, but does apply to Saudi Arabia.

    And to support Newt, I say we send all the teabaggers over to Saudi Arabia to enforce our Constitution upon them. I’m sure Newt is ready to lead the way.

    Also, can someone ask Newt which Churches met with his approval, and where they can be built, now that the First Amendment doesn’t exist in this country.

  7. Newt and his fellow traveler wackoffs know that this was voted for by the sovereign citizens of Mah’Hatten, right? Are they hoping that all this bitching will get the Feds in to override them? My eyes are bulging.

  8. “We have not been able to rebuild the World Trade Center in nine years. Now we are being told a 13 story, $100 million megamosque will be built within a year overlooking the site of the most devastating surprise attack in American history.”

    newt has a point here. they should really get the fuck out of this country with their apparent ability to satisfactorily draft and enact a building plan.

  9. Newt, I think that if these people were Islamic terrorists, they would be more interested in blowing shit up than in, say, slighting you with a 1000 year old reference to Islamic conquest IN FUCKING SPAIN. Denying this mosque would be the easy, cowardly thing to do, the Vilsack thing to do, and the courageous thing is ignoring piggly wiggly hate-cunts like you, Newt.

  10. You tell ’em Newt. We all know every muslim has a direct line to the Saudi royal family and they need to get off their ass and start throwing their weight around in that part of the world before they come to us with all their demands to worship freely and what not.

  11. Hey, don’t forget this guy is a deep thinker. I mean, the whole “Drill Baby Drill” thing – his idea!

    So when he says the US should operate by the same standards of ignorance and intolerance as Saudi Arabia, who among us really has the right to argue?

  12. [re=623499]actor212[/re]: Man, if these folks brought Ricardo Montalban on board, could the American people possibly resist? I couldn’t! Cor-rrrr-inthian leather, purr!

  13. [re=623499]actor212[/re]: Well done. I was trying to construct a joke along these lines, but my brain couldn’t put the pieces together.

  14. Two things, neither of them funny. First, is a nice story from the great great grandnephew of Abd Al-Kader, hero of Algerian independence, and general famed for his civility to both allies and enemies, and for his role in helping to head off some of what was a massive ethnic cleansing of Christians in Damascus in the 1860’s, where he personally shielded hundreds of Christians in his own estate, and specifically cited his devotion to Islam as the basis for his conviction to protect them.

    It should be required reading for each and every one of these bigots, as there’s no clearer illustration of what precisely is at stake or why they are so very, very wrong here.

    The second is just an observation. I’ve been to Palin’s “heartland” of “Real America”, and there’s something that has always struck me. When I’m there, and someone has confused me for a muslim or an arab (being as I’m dusky and sometimes have a beard), I can tell, becase I get stared at, constantly. So much that I can literally feel people’s eyes on me. It’s extremely uncomfortable and makes me kind of afraid, though to their credit, nobody’s tried to citizen’s arrest me or accuse me of doing 9/11, yet. I mean, I don’t blame these people for being so fearful and xenophobic- they’ve just internalized what their terrible politicians and action shows tell them on the teevee. But it’s not someplace where I feel safe, because of it.

    By contrast, when I’m up in the NYC, and someone has confused me for an arab or a muslim, I find out because that person will try to strike up a conversation with me in Arabic or Farsi. Personally? As an American, who was born in America, to parents who are both American, and also happens to be more white than any other particular ethnicity? Yeah, I kinda prefer the latter of those two scenarios a great deal more. I don’t want to live in an America where bigotry and xenophobia is explicitly enshrined as an “Real American Value”.

    Nothing funny here, cocks, etc.

  15. [re=623491]Mad Brahms[/re]: Luckily the Catholics were eventually able to steal Spain from the Moors and put and end to the whole religious tolerance thing. While the Muslims mostly fled across the Mediterranean, they had something in store for the Jews that no one expected…

  16. Constitution’s not looking too convenient for the Merkn Constitution’s Defenders now….. This whole thing is so fucking fucked up I can’t even believe it. Hypocritical shits, all of them. Jack Stuef, I call your frustration.

  17. Typical conservative rhetoric – Newt is sexually insecure, and feels humiliated and powerless because voters have rejected him and he’s a has-been non-entity, so he pushes his emotional problems out onto the world. If I America doesn’t fight back against *insert hate object here,* we’ll be weak and they’ll all mock us. And I America must not be mocked, by people making choices I America disagree with!

  18. “Newt Gingrich finally rolled off his Japanese pillowcase-girlfriend…”

    Ok, if I immediately bash my head into the monitor as hard as I can, maybe I’ll be able to keep that mental image from going into long-term memo-

    “And you should ask people who worship dicks being put in Newt Gingrich’s mouth to put their dicks in your mouth.”

    -ry. Nope. No, it looks like there’s nothing for it but to dig it out with an icepick now. Again.

    Thanks a lot.

  19. Since he’s so good at being in the vanguard of current events, perhaps he should weigh in on that whole Terri Schiavo brouhaha.

  20. He’s mixing apples and oranges – surely the argument should be “You can build a mosque in NYC when there’s a Starbucks in Saudi Arabia”? Oh wait, there is. Two of ’em.

  21. For whatever reason, every time I see Newt all I can think about is how ungainly and repellent a sight he must be naked. His cancer wife caught a lucky break compared to whichever one now has to suffer under mounds upon mounds of his sallow ans putrid flesh.

  22. [re=623497]freakishlystrong[/re]: Funny that the conservatives are all about supporting States Rights against intrusive Big Government when it’s the Feds preventing the States from discriminating against minorities, but when it would hypothetically be the other way around these strong principles seem to vanish.

  23. “And when are those world religions going to get on making divorce a sacrament, especially where young staffers are involved?”

  24. I Gnu it. Gnut is the reincarnation of El Cid! Or wait, do catholics have reincarnation, do whatever he was before he was a catholic? Is he reincarnated as a catholic. Fuck him.

  25. Since last I checked Saudi Arabia was governed by Sharia Law, I don’t know why the fuck any Christians or Jews would want to try and build houses of worship there.

    Religious tolerance FAIL, Newtster.

  26. First of all, “toleration”. The fuck? Second, Damn, Jack. Stop holding back! Tell us what you really think!

    Newt is a douche. Fuck him. Nothing worse than an overcompensating convert. Just ’cause you’re all late to Mother Church doesn’t mean you have to wage the fucking inquisition again, asshole.

    The US of America isn’t Saudia Arabia, dumbass. So why would the rules apply to both places? Furthermore, idiot, most Muslims are not, repeat not Saudi. They’re Indonesians. And most Muslims in the US, I believe aren’t Saudi either, look some shit up, you fat fuck.

    Google or GTFO, lizard man.

  27. Are they really calling it a “muslim community center” for Christ sakes? All but one of the hijackers were muslim community organizers, and the other one was a former president of Kenya.

    I’m calling Jebus right now!

  28. This is Newt’s sign that he is a Serious Contender for 2012 — because if there’s one thing he’s all about, it’s respecting the religious freedom of others. That’s why he’s unveiling his planned legislation restricting religious buildings around America’s Death Shrines. Southern Baptists and Methodists can build their buildings pretty much right on top of any ADS — then other protestant evangelicals, then protestant non-evangelicals, then Catholics, Jews, Muslims and various others in concentric circles further out from the center, as fitting their closeness to the Word of the LORD. Those stinking atheists, of course, would get to exercise their religious freedom in Tierra del Fuego.

  29. Did that fuckstick just try to argue that we should make no more effort to follow American values than the Saudis? I wonder what Saint Raygun would have said to that sort of thinking vis-a-vis the Rooskies.


  30. Fuck, why are we trying to explain history to Newt Gingrich?

    You’d think he would have learned it himself when he was a FUCKING HISTORY PROFESSOR.

  31. Newt should serve as a shining beacon of American freedom to all the world. Few other societies would permit such public displays of total stupidity, bad taste and bias. His totally Fascist “solution” to the proposed mosque will never take place, and it’s great that the old sack of bile can spew any ol’ time he wants. No student of politics takes him seriously any more; he has gone from great power to the puppet standing of an Ollie North or that wackmeister former Watergate burglar whose name my psyche is purposefully suppressing. And his plummet from Speaker of the House to Howdy Doody of the GOP is well deserved karma.

  32. That’s a baby polar bear in that picture with Newt, right? Because even a baby polar bear could fuck your shit up. Shame, baby polar bear, for not mauling Newt when you had the chance.

  33. There is little left to say about this doughy ball of fuck. I wish that he would just devote his unwanted-anywhere-else attention to his ReeSeS feed and getting every last pepperoni out from under his sweaty folds and leave important things to better people. Jeez, what a yucky he is.

  34. I’m sure there’s a trenchant comment to be made regarding the fact that the thrice-married underemployed son of a sixteen-year-old mother who didn’t find religion until becoming a Baptist in grad school in order to hone a disingenuous governing thesis that he later went on to apply to his and his party’s financial and political advantage before somehow being allowed to convert to Catholicism last year for purely buttsecks-related reasons is sanctimoniously lecturing others on the subject of deeply held religious beliefs, but my conflicting atheistic feelings of antipathy and apathy render me utter unable to do so.

    However, that picture of Newt and Knut is super-duper cute! :)

  35. Anyone know what church Newt pretends to grace with his presence? Since Newt is all about religions sharing close quarters, I’ll bring my next Pagan orgy his way. Hard altars are good for your back!

  36. [re=623568]Vulpes82[/re]: Nah. After being ridiculed for not eating Newt, the cub told his buddies, “I was gonna get all over that shit, but Jesus, he smelled funny.”

  37. Go a read the comments for Sarah Palin’s FaceBook post on why not tolerating the Mosque isn’t intolerance… The comments are filled with over the top hateful statements.

  38. Maybe Newt has a point here. And, since no one in Saudi Arabia can buy a gun when they want, no one in the United State should be able to buy a gun either, until the Saudi’s have full gun rights.

  39. [re=623518]Sophist[/re]: You know what’s worse than a mental image of Newt un-mounting his hypoallergenic date? How bad does that room smell in the morning? Seriously, it irks me that he has still not suffocated in his own jowls.

  40. Hot damn! I’d be all excited like to see one of them there Moskees church thingsy! I’m surrounded by BIG BOX BAPTIST churches.

  41. [re=623532]SayItWithWookies[/re]: [re=623561]Extemporanus[/re]: Or, what you said.

    [re=623490]grendel[/re]: [re=623522]Asa Hawks[/re]: [re=623558]notreallyhelping[/re]: Word.

    “Jeremiad Jack” does not fuck around.

    [re=623512]mumblyjoe[/re]: Thanks for that.

  42. [re=623561]Extemporanus[/re]: If he really did convert to Catholicism from being a Baptist, it’s proof he is not running for Preznit. Too many of the Southern redneck teatards think Catholics might as well be atheists, and we all know how they feel about atheists down there. You can’t be a Republican Catholic in the South and expect to get anywhere. It might be worse than being a Republican Mormon in the Sou…


  43. Wow. Newt must think he’s Charles Martel – his ego is big enough. Let’s not forget the intolerance of the Reconquista ending with King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella’s completion of the expulsion of the Muslims – and Jews – and incorrect Christians. Cordoba was a symbol of the historicially rare tolerance and education of many religions in one environment working together. How quickly the supposed History graduate forgets. Newt the Inquisitor repeats history.

  44. Islam and Christianity really fixed for the first time when Islam was founded. There were tons of Christians in the Middle East during Muhammad’s lifetime and for a long time afterward. Islam was heavily influenced from its very beginning by Christianity and Judaism. And the first Islamic conquest of Christians was of the Byzantines. Also, when Muslims conquered Christian lands they basically granted Christians religious freedom, though they were still under Islamic law, had to pay extra taxes, and were treated like second-class citizens in general. Which, for the 8th century, was not that bad.

  45. I think it’s a great idea, Newt, to mimic the Saudis’ legal system. Considering how they feel about infidelity, we’ll be calling you “Stumpy” in now time.

  46. OMG: Thx for this post.
    I’m apalled at the idea that for some crazy reason the ‘Freeedom of Religion’ part of the Bill of Rights has some creepy chain of asterisks attached to it.

    For me it’s pretty much boolean: There is or is not freedom of religion.

    It’s not contigent on ‘Where’ or ‘Who’ or for christ’s sake ‘Whatever the fuck Newt Gingrich thinks’…


  47. [re=623620]ecclesias[/re]: Which leads to another sign of how great our modern Catholic church is: the current Pope has been looking into making Isabella a saint. Surprisingly, a lot of Jews and Muslims have a bit of problem with that.

  48. [re=623624]amorphousblob[/re]: First dude’s all like: So, who are these guys?
    Second dude’s all like: The Christians. Infidels, like.
    1: Mmmm. What do they have going for them?
    2: Well, they co-opted Mithra and hate the Jews.
    1: The Jews, you say? OK then. I know somebody will end up regretting this, but fine ’em and let ’em go.

    (see you all in hell…I’ll be the one with chips n’ salsa)

  49. First off, the Constitution only protects Christianity. Go into any bookstore in the heartland of America and you will find only Christian books in the “Religion” section. All the rest are shoved into the “Philosophy” section. Buddhism and Islam are not religions, they are philosophies.

    Second off, “States’ Rights” and local government only applies to slavery and segregation. All you have to do is listen to any southern Republican talking about the “War of Northern Aggression” or amending the constitution to ban gay marriage in states that have already approved it.

    Third off, the right to private property only applies when that property is used for things “conservatives” like. Family planning clinics don’t fall under that right, neither do mosques or in some places synagogues and temples. It’s only a matter of time before the “conservatives” take the “Gay Kid Goes to Prom” option and call for a ban on building ANY religious centers within 10 blocks of ground zero. If they can’t ban the Gay Kid from the Prom, there won’t be a Prom!

    Oh, and Newt is just mad because in Saudi Arabia he would be stoned to death for committing adultery against his first and his second wives.

  50. Is there an equivalent “cameltoe” word for the lumpy ass slung man parts Newty is showing off to that polar bear? Newtbags or ginsacks something? Just curious.

  51. The sad thing is that Newtie boy is considered one of the big brains of the Republican Party. What an empty, ugly, stupid and foul-smelling thing the GOP is today.

  52. [re=623509]Judas Peckerwood[/re]: Funny you should mention adulterers because Jesus, in his Sermon on the Mount, addressed both adultery and divorce … and wasn’t very complimentary: So, I think Newt gonna have some explainin’ to do at the pearly gates.

  53. I would think a staunch Constitutionalist and history scholar like Newt would understand the First Amendment. I mean, its even before the Thirteenth Amendment, so it’s in the REAL Constitution.

  54. The important thing about religions is to regard everyone who affiliates themselves with a faith as if they were the exactly the same. This only really works if you use the looniest, fringe-worthy nutcase as the standard issue clone #0.

    So all Muslims are bin Laden.
    All Jews are Elena Kagan.
    All Buddhists are … oh hell, I can’t think of a crazy Buddhist.
    And all Christians are Rush Limbaugh.

  55. Memo to: Newt
    From: US History Dept.

    We’re supposed to be better than the Saudis vis a vis religious tolerance, etc. You know, the old Mayflower/Pilgrims/US constitution, etc? Pretty sure you’ve heard of these things. This pretty much the whole kaboodle your American Exceptionalism is built on. Think about it.

  56. [re=623512]mumblyjoe[/re]: Thank you for your story.

    I like to say “America is who shows up”. We are a crazy hodgepodge of people and families who came here for one reason or another. We fight and quarrel like a big stupid family. And nobody leaves.

    A hundred years ago it was Catholics and Jews who were “ruining the country” with their language, religion, foreign ideas. Now we love to eat Italian food, stop at the deli, drink green beer.

    Maybe a hundred years from now Spanish will be the official language, or whites will be eye’ed suspiciously, or a “Happy Ramadan” will replace “Merry Christmas”. If those things happen it will be because someone showed up.

  57. [re=623742]Lascauxcaveman[/re]: Yeah, funny story about that. These are the people who like to claim that what makes America exceptional is the fact that its founding was “inspired by God”. Because, apparently they’ve never heard of Israel, the Vatican, the Holy Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire, the Kingdom of Armenia (before the Turks conquered and wiped them out), or for that matter, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan under the Taliban…

    Is this completely divorced from de Tocqueville’s actual meaning when he coined the phrase? Absolutely. But then again, any definition of “American exceptionalism” that argues that America is Exceptional, and therefore it doesn’t need to abide by no stinking laws against things like torture and whatnot, rather than argue that America’s exceptional status is a consequence of and contingent on respecting things like “basic human rights”, and “international law”, and so forth, has already long since abandoned what de Tocqueville actually meant, so whatever. As long as Syria’s still worse then us, who the fuck cares?

  58. [re=623749]just pixels[/re]: Well, the linked story’s not mine, can’t take credit for it. A friend sent it, and I do think it’s amazing and topical and illustrative of a whole lot, including the fact that “religious” and “genocidally nationalistic” don’t actually need to overlap all that much, and the bigoted impulse to lump militant extremists and reconciliationists together, because they’re of the same faith, is insane, self-defeating, and dare I say, evil.

    As far as the rest, yes, totally agree. I kinda question at times whether my diverse background and… complex upbringing left me with a kinda deficient tribalism instinct, so it’s kinda great to hear that there’s other people out there who reject this kind of crap.

  59. Apparently, polls now suggest that it’s (still) okay to dump shit on Muslims.

    Stories like this remind me that logic and critical reasoning no longer mean a micro-fuck in American political discourse. Let’s make an analogy between the USA and Saudi Arabia (a theocratic absolute monarchy). Fuck you, “Newt”. Are we exceptional, or are we just like those commie hippie muslins? Oh, and fuck you.

    This is one of the reasons I no longer spend much time in urban areas. I might accidentally encounter Newt Gingrich and have to try to kill him.

  60. [re=623528]imissopus[/re]: “Sharia Law” is redundant, you ignorant Infidel.

    “Sharia” is “law.”

    It’s like saying “ATM Machine.”

    If you were saying “ATM Machine” while you were crashing an airline into the Pentagon, while screaming “Allah Akbar!”

  61. God, this keeps getting uglier and uglier. From Breitbart’s incredibly Orwellian “BigPeace” (

    “More importantly, people across the Nation are learning about the true purpose of this complex: It is intended to be a symbol of America’s defeat on 9/11 – and a beachhead for the toxic program that animated the perpetrators of that murderous attack, the program authoritative Islam calls “Shariah.””

    There are so many horrendous half-truths and misstatements in that sentence it practically qualifies as post-modern, which is what B-man is all about these days, of course.

  62. [re=623535]imissopus[/re]: You can be more vily bigoted than Newt and still be a PhD history prof somewhere or other, unfortunately.

  63. [re=623815]Mad Brahms[/re]: I see from the URL that Frank Gaffney wrote that piece. He’s the insane person who a few months ago claimed that the new logo for the U.S. missile program was a signal from Obama to the Muslim world that we were going to surrender to them, or some such shit. Dude doesn’t have the brains of a toaster.

    [re=623811]Neilist[/re]: I wanted to think of something clever but I’m too tired. Bite me.

  64. [re=623815]Mad Brahms[/re]: Ironically enough, if screechy bigoted out-of-towners manage to kill a project like this, which New Yorkers are mostly okay with, it would probably serve as the clearest symbol of how America defeated itself after 9/11. So, in that sense.

    Oh, and yeah, Gaffney. Not just the Missile Defense program Obamar’s a Muslin thing, but that thing were Elana Kagan, is apparently in cahoots with the international conspiracy of muslin bankers to destory America, also. It’s amazing just how many levels of offensiveness got worked into that conspiracy theory.

  65. [re=623811]Neilist[/re]: [re=623837]zhubajie[/re]: Interestingly, the idea of a law applying specifically within the domain of Islam is somewhat similar to what has now become the Roman Catholic Church’s “canon law”, which applies to crimes against the faith and internal arbitration of things like, oh, say… sex crimes, which is why the RCC has been so reluctant to hand over its own to civil authorities. Hell, in the middle ages, it was a complete parallel (and sometime the *only*) system of justice in most of Europe.

    But of course our recent convert / bad history teacher Gingrich lacks all perspective on this, I’m sure.

  66. [re=623668]noodleman[/re]: Nah, the first few marriages don’t count, because they were conducted by heretic Protestant ministers, and therefore he was never married in the eyes of Jesus before and could not have committed adultery; this is the first time Newt has been truly married.

    Yes, this is what Catholics actually believe; or more accurately are told to believe but the vast majority of them actually ignore, like the rules against birth control, because it’s insane, unless like in this instance the policy can personally benefit them.

  67. Jack, I am quickly becoming addicted to your rants of righteous outrage. I selfishly hope you keep it up, although part of me knows you are doomed to develop an ulcer and a heart condition if you do.

    Nah, keep it up.

  68. It doesn’t occur to anyone that having a mosque + muslim community center across the street from the new world trade center guarantees that the new wtc won’t be attacked?? At least not by muslims; maybe hindus would take down both of them. And yes Cordoba references al-Andalus, the (maybe somewhat apocryphal) golden age of muslim-jewish-christian coexistence.

  69. “The proposed “Cordoba House” overlooking the World Trade Center site – where a group of jihadists killed over 3000 Americans and destroyed one of our most famous landmarks – is a test of the timidity, passivity and historic ignorance of American elites.”

    Would those “American Elites” be hypocritical. verbose, fatassed individuals who left their first wife while she was battling cancer? Umm..forget where I was going with this.

  70. Let’s see, since we can take any historical event to justify or excuse any other event past, present, or future, right, Newt? Ok, here’s one… in 1521, the Catholicist Spanish, conquered the Aztecs in Tenochtitlan, tore down their main religious temple and build a giant fucking Catholic cathedral just around the corner using stones taken from the Aztecs’ selfsame Templo Mayor.

    Therefore, if the Catholics now believe in religious tolerance and co-existence as they claim to do, why does the Pope not allow anyone to rip still-beating hearts out of sacrificial victims to appease Huitzlipochtli and then toss the lifeless bodies down steep flights of stairs, in Vatican City? A good pope allow at least that much.

  71. OT: Went to a black-box storefront theater in Chicago tonight and Henry Paulson walked in. How about that?

    I didn’t talk to him, because, hey, how’s that TARP working out for anybody?, but I wiki-ed him when I went home, to prove to spouse that was actually HP, and it said he was raised in Barrington, Illinois, as a “Christian Scientist” – my personal favorite religious oxymoron, because they don’t have any truck with the sciencey stuff when it comes to, you know, medical science, which is not Christian Science, also?

    Anywho, on-topic, spouse – 13 years of parochial school yielding an entirely lapsed Catholic – says, when I mentioned Newt’s latest shameless and disgraceful excretion, “I just don’t get this Jesus thing, and I was raised Christian.” She works 12-hour days every day to help at-risk adolescents – more “Christian” in fact than Newtie in word or deed ever has been, is, or will be.

    If I had a vajayjay, I wouldn’t use Newtie to douche it. I’d feel dirtier afterward. It wouldn’t – what’s the word? – “refresh.” No.

  72. Ah, this just reminded me of that old Lauryn Hill lyric: “The 666 cut w.i.c. like newt gingrich sucks dick.” He’ll never be president and I’m thankful for that.

  73. By embracing the Roman Catholic faith, as he did last year, Newt has demonstrated that he doesn’t even believe in freedom and equality for women, let alone Muslims. We’re more than 50% of the American public, Newtie, and WAY more than 50% of what you would know as “likely voters.” So suck it, you pathetic excuse for an American.

  74. Cordova, Alabama
    Cordova, Alaska
    Cordova, Illinois
    Cordova, Maryland
    Cordova, Nebraska
    Cordova, South Carolina
    Cordova, Tennessee

  75. Falafel must not be sold in Georgia until greasy chicken-fried pork chops and pickled pigs knuckles are sold in Mecca. And Bud Lite, also. And guns. Lotsa, lotsa guns.

  76. What is wrong with you, “Jack Stuef”? It is very clear to Newt Gingrich and myself that the proper way to do things is to find the most unAmerican ideals in other countries and implement them ourselves to get them to stop. This works! Want China to stop incarcerating political prisoners? Do the same thing here! That will prove a point to the Chinese. Imagine how efficiently we could have stopped the Nazis by killing our own religious scapegoats.

  77. [re=623865]torera[/re]: I’m with you. We should ignore the First Amendment establishment clause so as to require a mosque in all buildings.

    Better still: Tell the muslins we keep 80 virgins in all of our buildings. Do the math.

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