Bush Administration Never Did Anything Bad, It Turns Out

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  • Walks the streets a free man, foreverWe already know that nobody who worked for George W. Bush ever committed any kind of war crimes or did anything illegal in starting the Iraq War, because surely if they had the Democrats who control the Congress and the White House would have done something about it. Now we also learn that, when all those U.S. attorneys were fired in Bush’s second term, sparking lots of whining from people who care about that sort of thing, that was perfectly legal as well. Hooray for Alberto Gonzales, who won’t go to jail but instead will remain on the outside doing, uh, whatever it is he does these days! [NYT]
  • China, always making “knock-off” versions of American products, has announced that it has its very own horrifying oil spill to worry about. [CNN]
  • A man running for the Republican Senate nomination in Colorado announces that his boots are covered with feces, and that he is not a drag queen. [WP]
  • Shelly Capito, considered the Republicans’ best candidate for Robert Byrd’s West Virginia Senate seat, has decided not to challenge the mighty masculine chin of Governor Joe Manchin. However, Manchin will face a fellow Democrat, Ken Hechler, a 95-year-old former Congressman mostly running to oppose the lovely practice of mountaintop removal. [NYT]

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