It took more than a day for the media to figure out that Andrew Breitbart was just making a dumb ploy to make the NAACP look racist for a video that wasn’t damning at all. Somehow they did not know he was terrible and hates reality and does not care whose life he ruins in the name of being a poop-leech. But now this has happened, and he has of course decided to use the moment to get himself on the teevee even though he has absolutely no ground to stand on. His solution: How does one know anything is true? DO NOT TRY TO GO ALVIN GREENE ON US, SCUMBAG.

Yes, how do we know that is the farmer’s wife wife? Does the cow say “moo” or does it say “conspiracy”? What do the letters in the acronym EIEIO mean? The farmer says he was in the dell, but, hi-ho, the derry-o, was the farmer in the dell, or does CNN even know? We can sit here and say the farmer takes a wife, but why does the cheese stand alone, media? WHY?

Breitbart has decided to drown in liquid shit on national television and use the fact that we “can’t” really know if anything is “true” as a life raft. Does somebody with a gun mind shooting this life raft for us? It’s okay if you accidentally “miss” and hit Breitbart. Nobody will ever know if you were aiming for him, because who can say what truth is? [ThinkProgress]

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    The bitch made me look bad. I have to save face somehow, and when you’re as buttphugly as me, you HAVE to save whatever face you can.

  2. I’ll offer 100,000 Wonkette dollars to anyone who can come up with an unretouched photo of Breitbart with his mouth shut.

  3. Indeed, did anyone even check to make sure she’s really WHITE? Mark Williams detects the antics of one o’ them trickster coloreds. Have Kilmeade check her genetic purity!

  4. I’ve said it before but i feel it’s appropriate to repeat here. When will something large and heavy please fall from the sky and crush this waste of skin?

  5. Hey, Jack, I like what you are doing, everyone should do it, truly, we should be gathering our pitchforks and torches right now and gathering in a mob to march to Breitbarts lair, or the bridge he lives under, to drive the monster out of society. Srsly, pitchforks and torches, a good old-fashioned peasant mob driving out the monster party.

    Sorry about the Demtard Underground remark, its good to be righteously outraged over this kind of scumbaggery. This is fucking icing on the cake, blaming the media, now claiming the 85 year old farmer is a plant. But hey, when your president is a foreign-born Kenyan Muslim Socialist, I guess its true, what can you believe?

  6. To quote someone I love and respect greatly, here is the recipe for dealing with Breitbart:
    A wooden chair
    Duct tape
    Louisville Slugger, 34 ounce
    Make sure the label is facing up, or the bat could break.

  7. Old Shit Bitpart made a farce,
    Ee i ee i oh!
    And in that farce he had some racism,
    Ee i ee i oh!
    With a race-bait here,
    And a race-bait there

    Here a race, there a bait,
    Everywhere a race-bait
    Old Shit Bitpart made a farce
    Ee i ee i oh!

    Old Shit Bitpart made a farce,
    Ee i ee i oh!
    And in that farce he flung some shit,
    Ee i ee i oh!
    With a who’s wife here,
    And a who’s wife there

    Here a who’s, there a wife,
    Everywhere a who’s wife
    Old Shit Bitpart laid a turd
    Ee i ee i oh!

  8. All the so called professionals in this story got played like a retard at a used car lot. The Administration, cable news heads, the NAACP. When will these people learn, like most retards eventually do, that mongoloids are actually quite strong and could kick some ass if they were not being so retardedly gullible all the time?

  9. Uhh, wasn’t the farmer himself on CNN defending Sherrod? Or he could have been ACORN plant or a computer generated image, while the real farmer is locked away in New Black Panther Party dungeon somewhere. Or there could have never been a farmer to begin with.

    Before this broke, I was thinking how easy it would be to feed Breitbart a bullshit story and them watch him get chewed up over it. But I realize now that he wouldn’t care. And no one besides Think Progress, and David Frum would either. It’s like if Dan Rather himself had made up Bush’s National Guard records and keep blabbing on about it long after it was revealed to be crap.

    And it’s the mainstream media that keeps this creep employed.

  10. Why is this asshole’s piehole all over the teevee? He lied, he’s a racist and conspiracy nut. For fucks sake, “media” call a spade a spade.

  11. Andrew Brietbart: Postmodernist

    Also, “What did you do… to confirm”, etc. The answer: basic research! you know, with phone books and internets and actually doing interviews and WATCHING THE ENTIRETY OF THE FUCKING VIDEO and GOD I HOPE YOU CHOKE ON YOUR OWN PISS, BREITBART


  12. People, people. Clearly, this video has been selectively edited to portray Breitbart as a smarmy, desperate liar, when in reality, he made incisive, logically sound arguments and won the debate. How quickly you are duped again.

  13. ‘…and use the fact that we “can’t” really know if anything is “true” as a life raft.’

    I never woulda figured Breitbart as the last defender of postmodernism. Never in a million years.

  14. I’m getting bored with the GOP “gotcha” crap that’s shallow, tiresome and fake. I’d guess these FOKKER News people on their couches in the swamp trailer parks don’t get enough after that ‘ni**er” whooped hell out of their war ‘hero’, Mr. Magoo and Princess Frigidtwat.

  15. Andy was adopted, none degrees seemingly, or any of that edjamucation bullshit.


    Supposedly had a bar mitzvah and “has the tape to prove it.” But where is the birth certificate, how do we know that he’s not an illegal and the spore of some grizzled Nazi hiding next to the Bushie compound in Paraguay?


  16. Pilate saith, What is truth? And when he had said this, he went out again unto the media, and saith unto them, I find in me no fault at all.

  17. I loves me some comeuppance. And I also loves me some CNN learning (again) what can happen when you treat crazy and non-crazy the same.

  18. How do you know that the farmer and his wife were not the product of Disney’s audio animatronics lab that had microchips planted in their butts and were not just mouthing the words of very good ventriloquists? Huh? How about that?

  19. [re=622458]weejee[/re]: Well, according to the Wikipedia / the Moonie Times, he went to Tulane, though it doesn’t say what his degree was in. Basketweaving?

    Also, “[Left-leaning Hollywood personalities] are uninteresting, they’re vicious, they’re vitriolic, they’re really, really not good people. I’m willing to say that on the record. You could probe them scientifically and anthropologically and prove that they’re not good people”: please come into an anthropology class, Mr. Breitbart, so we can fail the shit out of you. Or a science class, for that matter! As long as it isn’t at Liberty U, where they teach you how to use litmus strips to find faggots or something.

  20. [re=622440]Buttery1000[/re]: For several minutes his Wikipedia entry listed that as his occuptation…it was on the internet so that’s good enough proof for me.

  21. MSNBC had some footage of him saying that it was the media that made this personal about him and Sherrod, that it was never about her but about the NAACP’s “hypocrisy” for tolerating racist speakers at their meetings because people nodded or laughed when she was speaking. So, she didn’t say anything racist, and that exposes NAACP’s racism by her speaking at their conference. And, this is all the media’s fault that they made it Asshat vs. Nice USDA Person. Besides, he hadn’t seen the whole video when he posted it. What’s a guy to do.

    So, all better, right? apparently yes to the interviewer who didn’t ask a follow up. I’m not a journalist, but how about: Why did you post the video if you didn’t have all of it, especially after making a statement about context mattering so much? Why did you say she was a federal employee at the time? Why did you then go on tv and say she was a racist if it wasn’t about her? How on earth can her lack of racism prove NAACP’s racism? Why are you such a fucking liar?

    I will agree that a lot of this is the media’s fault. They say well, Fox has an agenda and so does Breitbart so it’s really their fault. No, media, if you did your fucking job and investigated instead of being stenographers, maybe this story would have gone away without seeing the light of day. Instead, knowing Fox has an agenda, that Breitbart has an agenda, and that those agendas match up, you just fucking reported it like it was NEWS instead of a political hit job. That agenda thing should have been a tip off. It’s not an excuse.

  22. You’re wrong about one thing, Jack; Andy does care whose lives he ruins; basically black people, and those who stand to represent the interests of the poor and other underprivileged; and actively enjoys ruining them.

  23. Personally, I find him a lot less trustworthy since he grew the goatee (mirror universe Breitbart????) and sheared his Ben Franklinesque locks.

  24. [re=622470]SmutBoffin[/re]: We were both scooped by[re=622417]doxastic[/re], but again, what is time, really?

    We have a real nerdy, academic group here in here, apparently. Not that I’m complaining.

  25. [re=622434]SmutBoffin[/re]: No, he’s a follower of Descartes; after all, we cannot be sure that there may be an all-power deceiving demon who controls are senses, and so this so-called farmer and his wife may be a creation of this demon, as may be Obama’s birth certificate. We just have no way of knowing for sure; all we can be certain of is our thoughts.

  26. [re=622466]Mad Brahms[/re]: I’m not even going to ask where they stick the litmus strips.

    Okay people, you clearly are being biased what with your socialist education and all, so there’s only one way to settle this and get to the absolute truth.

    Bring out the pimp!

  27. Since earnestitude (that’s Shakespeare for truthiness) is the latest Google trend here at Wonkette, I gotta say that it is posts like THIS MOTHERFUCKER UP HERE that got me to reading this mess and keep me doing so. Pretty much all the posts from the past couple of days fit the bill. Well did, editors and contributors.

    Also, all of this excellence just makes me miss the liquid shit out of Sara K. Smith, also in addition.

  28. [re=622473]Sue[/re]: He actually said, quote, “this tape is about the NAACP. Its raison d’etre is about non-discrimination”

    Actually, no, it isn’t. Its “raison d’être” – and by the way Andrew, are you speaking Freedom? – is the *advancement of colored people*. That’s right there in the name! Their goal is to, unsurprisingly, stop people from discriminating against, uh, colored people, and to ensure that those people have opportunities, hence support for affirmative action, which by it’s nature is “discriminatory” in a narrow sense. And there difference between minority activism and the widespread intolerance of blacks by whites is essentially a difference between resistance and hegemony. Please continue to suck your own cock, Andy.

  29. Back in the good ‘ol days of Bush (and now among the baggers) I used to see outraged comments saying that 1984 was a warning rather than a how-to. This is more like Baudrillard’s “Symbolic Motivatitors for Mouth-Breathing Tards,” which is quick guide to thriving in the world described in Guy de Bord’s important work “Nothing But Your Biggest Lies Are Really Real (Enough to Matter).”

  30. Why would it take “more than a day” for Obama and Vilsack to say we fucked up and we are grovelingly sorry that we fucked up and she is un-fired? WHY?

  31. I still think this thing did a lot of damage to Breitbartsky. All the wingers are saying, “See what Obama makes us do; he makes up invent shit to make the coloreds look bad.” And under their breath they’re saying, “Next time, Andy Pandy, we’re gonna stick a lot of ‘allegedlys’ in your crap.”

  32. It is great that Andy Breitbart, Punk, has gone ahead and grown one of those “prison pussy” beards, just in time for Sherrod to sue his fucking miserable ass all the way into debtor’s prison.

  33. We are doomed. Everyone involved in spreading this horseshit around deserves a cock punch. But that won’t happen. What will happen is Breitbart will be on the TV more often. The big media outlets will read his blog every day and report back to us about whatever shit he writes about and offer no context or apologies for doing so. This is the state of our media in the year 2010.
    Beck, Hannity and Limbaugh say racist shit every fucking day and make millions of dollars doing. Contrast their race-baiting antics with Ms. Sherrod’s speech. The race baiters earn millions and the actual victim of real racism gets fired and villified. Fuck you America.

  34. [re=622497]Mad Brahms[/re]: I didn’t see that part, I heard what the reporter capsulated it into which is that he’s saying the NAACP is being hypocritical for condemning the tea baggers for tolerating racists in their ranks because the NAACP tolerates racists in its ranks as evidenced by this video and people clapping.

    There was footage of his response, where he said: “I feel bad that they made this about her. And I feel sorry that they made this about her. I’m not sure if they did that because they rushed to judgment or if they wanted to make it about Shirley vs me, because that’s what it’s become. But watching how the media has misconstrued the intention behind this I uh do feel a sympathy for her for her plight currently, and I do think she’s gone when you look at full video or the video that was excerpted you see she that she mentions that she went through some type of a transformation. So . . . . I’m sympathetic that she’s in this plight, I’m sympathetic that they went after her and not the NAACP.”

    The reporter then says that he stated that the media, NAACP, USDA all misconstrued his point, he doesn’t take responsibility for what happened to her, she didn’t do anything wrong, he didn’t see the full video before he posted it.

    All of that goes to my point, which is that he’s saying it’s the media’s fault like he didn’t manufacturer this. Bullshit.

  35. It’s people like Breitbart that are gonna make the use of the word “cunt” mainstream. I guess we’ll have to resort to poop-leach and guano faucet in the future, to make the same point.

    le sigh

  36. [re=622530]Sue[/re]: Which, of course, is appalling in and of itself. But my point is that he’s sort of beating up a straw man here, because first and foremost the NAACP is (and should be!) an advocacy group for black people, not PC watchdogs for all forms of discrimination. On top of that, it’s not shocking that some members who may have been discriminated against might be resentful. It’s a far cry from affiliating with the New Black Panthers.

  37. [re=622466]Mad Brahms[/re]: As far as I recall, Tulane doesn’t have a basket weaving major, per se. I did take a clowning class for credit there, though. Pre-Katrina, of course. Post-Katrina, they only have business school classes.

    On another note: why, why, WHY do I have to share my alma mater with all these fucktards? What, Newt Gingrich and Jerry Springer weren’t enough, now we have to have Breitbart?

  38. Were the mice blind before they chased the Farmer’s Wife? How could they chase her if they couldn’t see? Were they white mice? Is that why she cut off their tails?

  39. Doesn’t CNN have some douche in a pimp outfit that can go confirm the farm and the wife and the phone connections?

    That’s the responsible thing to do.

  40. [re=622522]gjdodger[/re]: The one silver lining in all this bullshit is that, while it started off just reporting on the fake “controversy” and repeating Andy and Fox’s claims at face value, as it usually does, the mainstream media for the first in pretty much ever actually moved relatively quickly to start pointing out that it was bullshit, for once reported that a lie was a lie.

  41. shirley sherrod
    – Add to iGoogle Trends chart graph
    12th most popular search in the past hour.


  42. [re=622554]JMP[/re]: Which is good, but once you get something out there – especially if it confirms what people want to believe – all the denials in the world won’t make it go away.

  43. [re=622554]JMP[/re]: I find no comfort in the media’s response. Doe anyone really think they won’t do the exact same thing (accept wingnut-generated plotlines) again?

  44. Breitbart has a point, how do we know anyone is who they say they are? Breitbart himself claims to be a human being, when it’s blatantly obvious that he’s really a walking, talking bag of wet farts and smegma.

  45. [re=622562]pdiddycornchips[/re]: Sure, but maybe, just maybe, that won’t blindly accept ones specifically from BigBullshit again. After all, fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, won’t, won’t get fooled again.

    That’s probably over optimistic, though.

  46. [re=622575]ArugulaTeleprompterz[/re]: Oh, Cabbage Hammer! You really cherish that Weagle, don’t you?

    He knows Breitbart is a threat for next year now, so he’s marking his territory with his own fecal matter.

  47. Well, if we can’t really know if anything is true…

    Breitbart is a pedophile who likes to torture puppies. He likes to set homeless people on fire. His dick is covered in warts. In place of his heart, he has a ball of maggots. When he was a child, he raped his mother, killed her with an ax and barbequed her remains and ate them.

    But ya know, you can never really know if anything you read on the internet is true.

  48. I think it’s amazing. What an important epistemological insight. How do we know anything? Why how do we know that that’s really Andrew Breitbart? He could be a plant by the liberal media to make the REAL Breitbart look bad!

  49. [re=622602]nappyduggs[/re]: I know it’s a dick joke, but let’s face it: EVERY inch of Breitbart is an angry inch. The man is a walking ad for Norvasc.

  50. Even if the Wife is a plant, the Farmer dude himself praised the hell out of Sherrod.

    I want to see some on their knees fucking apologies.

  51. Peace-loving BreitBarts, you should refudiate your earlier claimations. It’s a dagger in the hearts of real pro-American America!

  52. [re=622526]pdiddycornchips[/re]: The saddest part is that these bloggers have been elevated to journalist status. People have confused opinion with fact and MSM have fallen into the trap.
    I only hope that this whole episode shows the American population what a useless piece of shit Breitbart really is, and that anything that is reported on cable news should be viewed with suspicion.

  53. [re=622586]stew[/re]: sounds good to me! Maybe that Vegan Leprechaun from Cleveland with the pretty wife could be his running mate.

  54. Question: if I said Andrew Breitbart should die in a fire, do I need to worry about this quote possibly ending up getting reposted by the Daily Tucker (definition 3)

  55. [re=622417]doxastic[/re]: [re=622445]Mad Brahms[/re]: I say we lock Breitbart in a room with Zizek and see who emerges. Zizek will eat his testicle(s).

  56. And then, unable to compete with Breitbart’s brilliant self-parody of investigative journalism, the Onion, Saturday Night Live, and Colbert Report all announced they are closing shop due to cosmic redundancy.

    Keep flapping those gums buddy. The black hole of paranoid stupid only gets deeper and more glaringly obvious.

  57. [re=622545]Mad Brahms[/re]: Good point that. Expecting the NAACP to come to the defense of a white bigot is like expecting the NRA to come to the defense of victims of random gun violence.

  58. [re=622581]JMP[/re]: it’s hardly the first time Big Media has been had by Andy and his gang. The ACORN pimp video was a Breitbart production. That bit played on TV over and over again. Turns out the tape was a work of fiction. The big guys don’t care what’s true or what isn’t true. for them, it’s about beating the other guys. If Breitbart can generate enough FoxNews heat, the story will cross over to the other networks. Again, we’re doomed and fuck you America.

  59. [re=622575]ArugulaTeleprompterz[/re]: Well, she was forced out because of a smear by Breitbart, which he made because she gave a speech to the NAACP, which he was mad at because their representatives accurately pointed out that the teabaggers were racist.

    So in a way, he’s correct. A very convoluted, indirect, intellectually dishones way, by which you could also say that Roman Polanski raped that 13 year old girl because the Beatles released “Helter Skelter”, or Julius Caesar’s assassination is to blame for Christianity.

  60. Oh, great. Not only did I listen to this douche, I now can’t get The Farmer in the Dell out of my head.

    Thanks, Wonkette!

    Gah. Anyone with an ounce of empathy sees (and hears) an old married couple. You can’t fake that, Breitbrat. No matter how you edit it.

  61. [re=622643]pdiddycornchips[/re]: Oh I know. But at least this time it just took a day for the media to realize their mistake, while with the fake pimp video it took months, by which point the damage was done, ACORN defunded and the story old and forgotten. That’s why I’m hoping they’ll actually learn the guy’s nothing but a big fat liar and ignore his next slanderously edited video.

  62. [re=622424]AbstinenceOnly Ed[/re]: WIN!!

    In other news, we know she is the farmer’s wife because she was holding a carving knife in one hand and 3 mouse tails in the other…

  63. [re=622425]Manos: Hands of Fate[/re]: This is the TeaBagger Defense. “There weren’t any racist signs at our rally! And if there were – they were plants.”

  64. [re=622436]Oblios Cap[/re]: “Does somebody with a gun mind shooting this life raft for us?

    Well, Neilist? Do you?”

    You people NEVER learn.

    Life rafts are supposed to be shot only from the conning tower of a U-Boat, using either a MG-42 or a 20 mm. The former has a cyclic rate of around 1100 rounds per minute, which makes getting all of the survivors of the Red Cross Hospital Ship you just torpedoed expensive. And the 20 mm takes all the fun out of it. (The explosive shells don’t detonate against the raft. Too soft.)

    One could, I suppose, machine gun a liferaft from the air. But you really need an A6M Zero for that, and there are only a couple left.

    How about just running them over with your bow?

  65. [re=622625]rottenart[/re]: Well, we know he’s not vegetarian! (Degenerates.)

    [re=622614]Cool2Snog[/re]: God, this is just *begging* to be made into an animated GIF.

  66. I really think that CNN has great incentive to pursue this incident to the point of severly injuring Fox News…They have a chance to totally dis-credit Fox News to their benefit, and they seem intent on doing so…which is great because, The Administration/Democrats do not have the balls to do so…

  67. Seriously people … something HAS to be done about Fox News, and in particular, Andrew Breitbart. Why does this ass hat still have a job? Why, and what can be done to change that???

  68. A crazed Teabagger, armed to the hilt, was stopped by the CHP near San Francisco on Sunday. He started shooting at the patrolmen with one of several semi-automatic weapons he had on him. They ended up closing I-580 down for 20 hours after they arrested him so that they could use robots to retrieve explosive devices from his car.

    He was on his way to shoot up the offices of the ACLU and the Tides Foundation in San Francisco. The only reason he didn’t get there and kill a bunch of “evil liberals” is because he was driving erratically and the CHP happened to be there.

    Tell me again, why the fuck is this Brietbart garbage STILL on every shitty news station today?

  69. [re=622859]MarSF[/re]: I read where that nut’s mom said something to the effect that he had been very angry over this “liberal Congress ramming their left-wing agenda down our throats.” Or, as we normally call a legislative majority, democracy.

  70. [re=622473]Sue[/re]:
    “I will agree that a lot of this is the media’s fault. They say well, Fox has an agenda and so does Breitbart so it’s really their fault. No, media, if you did your fucking job and investigated instead of being stenographers, maybe this story would have gone away without seeing the light of day. Instead, knowing Fox has an agenda, that Breitbart has an agenda, and that those agendas match up, you just fucking reported it like it was NEWS instead of a political hit job. That agenda thing should have been a tip off. It’s not an excuse.”


  71. [re=622490]nappyduggs[/re]:
    As I have been saying for years to all who will listen, Wonkette keeps me sane, keeps me from going on a mad-ass murder spree of every fucking conservative tool in the tri-state area and beyond (which wouldn’t be a bad thing really), and helps me laugh at the sheer idiocy of it all. It also helps me realize that there are like-minded folks out there and fucking intelligent, hilarious snark-filled ones at that. I heart Wonkette.

  72. It isn’t often that I encounter someone that I could easily imagine hitting in the face with a shovel more than enough times to induce death, but this fucking alien face hugger is just begging for it.

    I have to go to my ashram now and meditate for about six thousand years.

  73. [re=622859]MarSF[/re]: “Tell me again, why the fuck is this Brietbart garbage STILL on every shitty news station today?”

    Because the media tells me he’s a sensation!

  74. [re=622844]babsinbuffalo[/re]: Boycott all of their advertisers. Send them letters telling them why you are boycotting them. That’s about the only peacable solution along with public mockery. Sorry to burst your energy bubble. But the fuckery will continue as long as their is a market for it, and with 27% of the population being certifiably fucktarded, well, the market will keep going for the foreseeable future.





  76. [re=622953]Brendan[/re]: See? There’s the problem right there — all those fake humans! The Bush and Cheney families may think they have us fooled but we know they are really lizard-people just like Queen Elizabeth.

    You are ready to join our Counterforce. Your IP address has been noted and you will be approached by our agents in the next 24 – 48 hours. The survival of America’s capitals depends on you!

  77. [re=622940]Darkness[/re]: Again, though, let’s not forget about lawsuits, also, for actual examples of tortuous libel, as a way of taking terrible racism-money out of the pockets of these douchenozzles.

  78. Ok, I love my Wonkette, and Jack, I sorta didn’t warm up to you at first, but honestly, you’ve earned my love. So, I’m reading through your post, getting all excited and fixing to click the “like” button and share your farmer in the dell wisdom with all my fb friends, cuz I’m eager to be on the “Breitbart is a douche” bandwagon, but then you wrap up your post with “Does somebody with a gun mind shooting this life raft for us? It’s okay if you accidentally “miss” and hit Breitbart.” WTF Jack?

    I know us wimpy liberal commies are generally not the gun toting type, we are way less likely to go nuts and shoot down our neighbors cuz we’re pissed:

    Yeah, I get the whole idea of satire, but, we’re suppose to be the superior elitists, better and above all that shit, remember? You can smack down an asshole without pulling out the whole second amendment solution b.s.

    Geeze, Jack, if you want to be a liberal commie, wrap up the article the usual elitist way, with a comment about his wide stance or some shit…. geeze.

  79. Waxing serious for a brief moment, I would like to ask the question, “Why is it that the right wing continues to get away with the assertion that the NAACP has pronounced the entire tea party movement to be racist?” The NAACP merely stated that there are racist elements in the tea party movement, which is as true a statement as can be made. Yet, all the wingnut talking shitheads on the radio machine and the teevee machine, continue to mischaracterize the position of the NAACP.

    There is no question that the wingnuts shitheads are attempting to be incendiary by way of lying or whatever strategy might work to cause deep-rooted, sub-conscious racist thoughts to boil to the surface. Let me offer further evidence. Here in San Diego, we have way more right wing radio shows on the air than can be tolerated by the human brain, but we have it anyway. A local right wingnut radio host recently posited the question to his listeners as to how soon it will be before the Obama Administration introduces legislation on the subject of racial reparations. The host thought it could happen within six months. Now any right thinking sensible person should know that introducing reparation legislation between now and the November Election would be suicidal for the Obama Administration as political leader of the Democratic Party. Yet, this radio tool floats the idea anyway, because he knows that those kinds of thoughts running through the minds of the racist elements of his listenership will get all riled up about the issue and get even crazier about their opposition to having a Black president. Yet, the radio host proclaims roundly and audaciously, “I am not a racist.”

  80. Sorry I’m late to the party but I decided to skip this summer second annual racial animus party in favor of actually doing more important things, but this nagging question did crop up more than once. How in hell does Breitbart still have any standing anywhere after is bullshit exploits with Acorn and O’keefe? Hasn’t the 24 hour news cycle been burn enough? I saw when the story first broke on my aggregator monday but anyone that things the NAACP tolerates outright racism like the one in the heavily edited clip is clearly an idiot with no knowledge of history, seeing the state of America’s education curriculum no surprise there. I can’t even blame fox news solely for this. Everyone involved barred Mrs. Sherrod acted like idiots that deserves a good ass kicking no matter their declared political affiliation. This is the one of the few times that the phrase Odumba has never been more apt, or Vileshit, or NCRAP.

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