Sarah Palin is so mad about the NAACP’s newly passed resolution — which asks the Tea Party to get rid of its “racist elements” — that she could just shoot a moose!

But that’s hard work and doesn’t involve Sarah Palin being on Fox News, so instead she went on Fox News to tell Sean Hannity that the NAACP is divisive and building “a wall between what the message actually is and the American public,” because the NAACP is so terrible.

Also, Tea Partiers are beautiful, diverse folks who “don’t care that [Obama is] half-white, or half-black.” Behind every “Half-Muslin” and “Go Back to Africa” sign is a pair of welcoming arms, ready to embrace other races.

Most importantly, Palin provided a “call to action” for the Obamas: It’s their responsibility to “refudiate” what the NAACP’s hateful new resolution says about the Tea Party. Hmm, first maybe she must teach the Obamas how to refudiate? It is just a suggestion, but refudiation is a very obscure Alaskan bargaining technique (it involves fish oil and snowflakes) and is not widely taught in Chicago/Thugtown USA.

In addition to going on television, Palin has written many deep thoughts on racism and tolerance on her Facebook page in her daily New York Times column, “I Too Am Literate So Shut Up.”

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  1. Well I’d be pissed too if someone told me to get rid of my racist Element. I mean, it’s not the prettiest thing Honda ever put out but I never once heard it use a racial epithet.

  2. hey, are you being racist about stupid people like Princess Snowbilly- because Todd’s family is Native American and she is married to him so saying she is stupid is racist. And the Teabaggers can’t be racist when they make racist remarks about the President because he is half- white also. You cannot refrudiate this,

  3. It’s like watching Mrs. Jefferson Davis and Nathan Bedford Forrest talk about how the War Of Norhern Aggression is just racist Abe Lincoln been done refudiatin’ State’s Rights.

    What a pair of Nutria-covered a**hats.

  4. [re=617623]finallyhappy[/re]: Todd is only 1/8 Eskimo but that’s enough to cash in on benefits in Alaska. Bristol’s baby Tripp is thus 1/32 and THAT’S enough for her to get free medical care for him.

  5. Governot Twunt’s followers in the Matanuska-Susitna, aka Mat-Su, borough have a sidebar ad on Facebook. Verbatim:

    “Lets elect conservatives this year!r”

    On the positive side, it’s all y’all who are keeping her in hookworm remedies and whore diamonds–reports from SarahPAC show that ONE Alaskan donated in the second quarter.

    Refudiate that, you twunt. I wouldn’t let my dog bone you with an ugly walrus’s oosik.

  6. @Oldschool – You know what an optimist says when they find an unmatched sock after doing laundry – “Hey look I found an extra sock”.

  7. [re=617632]chascates[/re]: You know Todd Palin’s ethnic makeup? To an 1/8th?

    I’m just going to pretend this never happened and when I wake up tomorrow the world will be right again.

  8. [re=617643]user-of-owls[/re]: I remember when she first became McCain’s running mate the press went on and on about how she married an Eskimo. With blue eyes? I kept searching online and discovered he has one grandmother who was Eskimo. Like everything else the Palins take a half-truth and run it into the ground. And she didn’t do any favors for the Native Americans while she was governor. One hundred years from now John McCain will be now only for bringing this witch onto the public stage.

  9. Sarah sez: Teabaggers are cool with rocky road. No really. And midgets are ok, too.

    Where do they find these pretty nonsense engines?

  10. I need to make an animated gif of 2:36 of this video. Refudiate…refudiate…refudiate…refudiate…refudiate…refudiate…refudiate…refudiate…refudiate…refudiate…

    …endless loop…….

  11. [re=617635]schlock and flaws[/re]: god, I hope that’s a meta joke. although it should have contained Sarah’s new favorite word, “beautiful.” Lets elect beautiful conservatives this year!r

  12. [re=617640]Okie Dokie Dog[/re]:
    Or half wit and half whaaaat?

    And I think Water is a racist element cause it makes Black peoples’ hair go CRAZY.

  13. [re=617622]user-of-owls[/re]: Fucking win, motherfucker. [re=617631]imissopus[/re]:well if there’s a dick to be found, that douche will be back. (You know how he likes the “black” pres’ packages: first Clinton, then Barry.)[re=617653]memzilla[/re]: how the fuck they make more Palins, then? Thought those were sterile. [re=617654]Neilist[/re]: so not pop rocks or pet rocks then? [re=617655]the problem child[/re]: you are cracking me up, man! Everytime I want to be fucking enraged, you all make me fucking laugh instead.

    I don’t like degrading women, but you know, fuck that white separatist/AIP bitch and her 1/8 self-hating snowplower, TP.

  14. Fuck her and her Alaskan lake background shot. I’m surprised a bald eagle didn’t fly over and land on her shoulder to punctuate her final statement with a mighty screech of freedom. Did all the eagles turn socialist? Or were they just busy pulling a train with Twitter and Piper?

  15. I saw this on Hardball and gasped when I heard her say “Half White or Half Black”…they didn’t pick up on it, but I wondered if anyone else would.

    The only people who think of Obama as “half-white” or “half-black” are the white people who obsess about his race so much that they’ve all had their little discussions about how “not white” he really is (helped along by talk radio). Everyone else just thinks of him as black. “Half white” sounds so much more like “half a man” to them that it’s become part of their strange lexicon, like insisting that “Democrat” is an adjective. I swear, it was as though I heard her saying “No one cares if Obama is a n*****, we just hate his policies.”

  16. [re=617617]facehead[/re]: So, we can at least agree that she is stoned all of the time?

    [re=617665]WadISay[/re]: Congratulations, you just WON the night!

  17. Sarah Palin does have a point. If the blacks were not always so uppity, no one would care if you have pictures of Obama with a bone through his nose at your rallies.

  18. [re=617673]DDD[/re]: It doesn’t matter to the Tea Party that he is half white, or half black, mullatto, octoroon or high yellow. It’s his policies that they disagree with.


  19. And has Ms. Hookworms commented on Ricky Hollywood and Bristol Squibbs Johnston getting back together to raise Tripp N. Esquimaux Balls Johnston and (soon to be released) Ricky Hollywood II in proper Baptist matrimony?

  20. [re=617675]DDD[/re]: The Hannity Highway takes you to a barbershop where you can get a haircut like his. What is up with that “hair” of Hannity’s? Is it some kind of slicked-down comb-forward?

  21. SP to Hannity: That darn English professor at the Univerity of Hawaii, or was it Idaho? Requiring us to use real words and all. What an elitist. And a C-?? They wonder why I transferred out of that place!

  22. the staggerating fucktardity of sarah palin’s statementations is positashisly enrageful.

    fuck this babbling piece of shit excuse for a human being and every mouth-breathing hateful fuckwad who worships her.

  23. What the hell’s y’all’s problem? Refudiation is just what happens when the Hatfields and McCoys get drunk at the church picnic.

  24. [re=617687]V572625694[/re]: it’s the standard issue wasp republican haircut… after being the target in a hardcore bukkake session with 12 tanned and toned rentboys.

  25. Okay now I’m in a little bit of shock after actually listening to that. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t she start this out with “Times are hard, so why don’t you black people just shut up?” I mean, that’s what I heard her say: this is the wrong time for you to be complaining about racism. What the fuck?

    She has no idea how long the racist rearguard has used the “just wait” strategy, does she? Just wait — I know it’s illegal for you to have books in your house and that’s wrong, but those people wouldn’t stand for it if I tried to get you treated equally. Just wait — I know it’s wrong for you not to be allowed to walk on the white sidewalk, but my crazy constituents would carry my head around on a pike if I tried to give you a shred of human dignity. It’s been significantly whittled down since then, but “just wait” still isn’t the refrain of people who think everybody should be treated equally.

    Oh, and to Glenn Beck and any other FOX News whore who tries to take on the mantle of Martin Luther Fucking King, Jr. — When you’d hear “just wait” during the civil rights movement, was that more likely to be coming from MLK or from Strom Thurmond. Take your time answering — I’ll wait.

  26. What about her comment about Obama winning the Dem nod over Hillary? Where she said “So Sambo beat the Bitch”? Was that not racist?

    What about her being in a bar in 1990 with a group of Jazz musicians and freaking out that she was hitting on a man that was part black?

    Link here if anyone cares:

    I’m just so sick of her and her lying ways, her hypocritical money grubbing, job-quitting ways. Everything about her is false!

    And, the bitch lives just 2 miles from me….Can any of you imagine lying in bed knowing that this woman and her family are tainting America and are only a few miles away?

    Who are these people that support her? I sincerely hope that she is just the fucking queen of the People of Walmart and that the majority of Americans are introspective and able to do enough research to see what a fucking fraud she is.

    Fake, fake, fake. She’s got Murdoch and lots of other rich old white dudes with money by the balls and they must chuckle their asses off every time she tweets or facebooks or shows up on Fox. They think it’s funny, but it’s for real and it must be stopped.

  27. [re=617697]SayItWithWookies[/re]: the teabag movement’s attempt to appropriate mlk’s legacy is fucking spectacular/unbelievable.

    “i just happen to be one who believes, that, again… the power structure does this… make heroes out of dead folks. ’cause dead folks can’t lead nobody nowhere. they made dr. king a holiday, and he was the most unpopular person at the time of his death of any leader in the history of the nation. and the moment he got killed, since he can’t lead nobody nowhere, now he’s a hero.”

    – r. eugene pincham, african-american civil rights attorney, cook county circuit court judge, illinois appellate court justice

  28. [re=617702]obfuscator[/re]: Daaaaamn. Well someone once said that suburbia is where they chop down all the trees and then name the streets after them — MLK Day is just an extension of that. Uhhhh — I guess it’s nice that we honor what we’ve destroyed? Yeah, nevermind. If there was one living Nez Perce for every Chief Joseph quote bumpersticker on the road, there would be no white people in the entire northern prairie.

  29. You know if they, the tea people, keep this up, they will end up doing one of two things. They will either 1) back themselves into a corner where they will have to actually stop using race baiting language and appear weak to the base or 2) proclaim their love of all races so much they eventually scare off the part of their group that really is racist.

  30. [re=617704]SayItWithWookies[/re]: Not just trees — prior civilizations, geological features, extinct animals/flowers, depleted mineral resources, etc.

    Named after the things that they replaced. Also.

  31. [re=617704]SayItWithWookies[/re]: but then there would be no super walmarts and olive gardens located 1.5 miles off of every exit ramp on i-55! you fucking commie1

  32. [re=617709]southern mark smith[/re]: don’t forget all the cities/counties/towns/states in the midwest that named after native american tribes. my favorite example: chi-ca-go. chicago’s first non-native permanent settler… was jean baptiste pointe du sable, a native hatian of french and african descent. fuck mayor daley.

  33. [re=617712]obfuscator[/re]: That’s sort of what I was after. Illinois native/New Mexico transplant, here. Not that either is better or worse. Both are equally terrible, usurpation-wise. NM has destroyed less of its evidence than Chicago has.

  34. [re=617709]southern mark smith[/re]: On the bright side, this means that some future civilization might have a Rich White Motherfucker Blvd, etc.

    [re=617710]obfuscator[/re]: Yeah, the only authentically Italian thing about the Olive Garden is the service. I don’t need to pay money to be ignored by teenagers — I’ve got friends and relatives with kids, so they need to try harder than that.

  35. sayitwithwookies, southern mark smith, obfuscator: also condo developments named after the thing upon which they exist. Quail Meadows. Pine Glen. Oak Canyon.

  36. What’s really funny is that Levi is marrying socially beneath him. Even though his family matriarch is the neighborhood meth dealer.

  37. [re=617623]finallyhappy[/re]: There is NO WAY Tea Party Americans can be racists because Governorcuda is married to an Eskimo American!

  38. [re=617627]tbogg[/re]: “Tard and Retard were in a boat. Tard fell out. Who was left?”


    “I know you are, but what am I?”

    “Tard and Retard were in a boat. Tard fell out. Who was left?”

    “Ree. Tard.”

    “I’m rubber and you’re a shoe. Everything you say bounces off of me, and also, too, you step in it too!”

    “Tard and Retard were in a boat. Tard fell out. Who was left?”

    Fuck, I dunno…TODD?!”

    “Hahaha! Oh gosh, that there’s a good one!”

    “Todd and Retard were in a boat. Trig fell…Ohhh, shoot! Lemme start over…”

  39. [re=617623]finallyhappy[/re]: Sarah Palin and her clan of Kleaglebaggers would do well to heed the wise words of this great country’s recently departed, dearly beloved, Vitiligoan—American pop laureate, who likely also had once had 1/8th of an Eskimo in him:

    “Now I believe in miracles, and a miracle has happened tonight. But, if you’re thinkin’ about my baby, it don’t matter if you’re half-Black or half-White.”

  40. [re=617699]LakeLucilleLoon[/re]: Here’s an idea:

    You walk a mile in the direction of Sarah Palin’s house in your shoes. Have Sarah Palin walk a mile in the direction of your house in her shoes. Upon meeting in the middle, exchange shoes and pleasantries, turn around, and then walk a mile back in the direction of your respective houses in each other’s shoes.

    Perhaps then you’ll finally appreciate just how incredibly tricky it is to traipse through life while wearing a stolen pair of blood-and-cum-covered fuck-me pumps.

    (Stay strong, Neighborista!)

  41. By the way you guys, I’ll have you know that I am working right now. I am not sitting here all alone, drunk and stoned, surfing for porn and just cold refudiating comments, refractory period-like posting intervals notwithstanding.

  42. Give Sarah a break. It was a slip of the tongue. She meant to say “reFROdiate”.

    Still fuck her, and the ToooOoood she rode in on.

  43. Right: “When will the President distance himself completely from these people asking me to distance myself from those people needing to distance themselves from racism?”

    The resolution was: “TEA Party: your racist elements are bad.”

    SaraPAC: “You must refudiate” the NAACP? Yeah. That’s going to happen.

    You know what would make SaraPAC disappear? If news outlets stopped reporting her insane comments until they resulted in actions, same as any other crazy lady in a trailer, or until she won an office, same as any other crank in a small town, or until her money had political effects, same as any vanity celebutaire.

  44. I would feel better if I thought she was just a liar like Beck and Hannity and Limbaugh- I think they all know the truth- and just scream and cry and grimace because they are a) bigots b) know it sells bigtime to their moronic, bigoted public. Although why I would feel better if she wasn’t so stupid- oh, right, because I am intelligent and well-educated and had to actually work to make a lot less money than her

  45. [re=617697]SayItWithWookies[/re]: Yes, that is what she said, times are hard, the economy is in turmoil, we have other things to worry about, the NAACP shouldn’t be complaining about anything. So in turn, I could logically say to her and the teatards, times are hard, you shouldn’t be causing division over issues like gays and guns, you’re just creating division.

  46. [re=617675]DDD[/re]: Hannity’s icon is a stitch, isn’t it?

    He’s appropriated the U.S. highway sign, but I think his graphics people were actually aiming for a non-copyright-infringing Captain America. Remember when Colbert actually came out with the full Captain America shield?

    That iconography is going to be lost on viewers younger than, oh, 60. That’s fortunate, though, because there aren’t any.

  47. [re=617699]LakeLucilleLoon[/re]: Who are the people who support her?

    News reporters. Editorial writers, bookers on television shows, editors, and columnists keep referring to her. She does not poll well. Her PAC has had no effect. Her endorsements do not win. She has not raised money for the party. She holds no office and has no position. Her speeches do not set policy. She is kept forward not by her supporters, because even at the most fervid web boards that support is tepid, but by reporters accepting as fact a verdict they came to after her speech at the GOP convention. They said, then, that she was a star. They will not investigate, because “investigation” means losing “access.”

  48. [re=617617]facehead[/re]: Immediately preceding “refudiate” in the U.D. is the lovely word “Refudgelican” (a black Republican). Too bad Sergeant Sarah didn’t sprinkle a few more U.D. terms in her rant: “How could a party that welcomes and embraces and includes so many patriotical freedom-loving Refudgelicans, or [air quotes] Republicoons, possibly be racististastical?”

  49. English is not Palin’s first language. Like Little George Bush, she’s only fluent in Ivonics, the ivory version of Ebonics.

  50. Lighten up, it’s obvious that her first language is Tagalog. Them Filipinos do have a pronunciation problem with their f’s and p’s, always transposing them. “Let’s farty, dude!!”

  51. Jesus, “refudiate”. And then they have the gall to claim that criticism of her her rambly, thought-free, gibberish-filled statements is borne out of sexism or elitism or culture war, or whatever. Imagine how crazy the wingnuts would go if a materially identical statement (albeit with some of the names, like “NAACP” and “Obamer spoke to them once so he clearly has leverage” (WTF?) changed around) came out of a man-politician with different political stripes. Let alone if that man-politician was non-white.

    Actually, this gives me a pretty good idea for a youtube series. Dramatic readings of Sarah Palin’s actual statements to the media, by an ambiguously ethnic man. Because clearly, sexists and reverse-racists as we all are, this sort of idiocy would sound just fine to all of us if some brown guy with crazy-person hair mumbled it into a microphone. And since all the wingnuts are in love with Sarah Palin’s ideas, they would totally not make racist comments in the youtube or anything like that.

  52. “We the People need to emancipate ourselves to conjugulate the President of our great nation to refudiate the MPAA’s racialistic statement and unbound the monolith between the American Populists and Libertistic Freedoms. …. I am Sarah. I am literate. And I have hookworms. ALSO. ALSO. ALSO. ALSO. ALSO. ALSO…”

  53. Isn’t it kind of racist to say that it is up to Obama to refudiate the NAACP? If they had stated something while Bush was president it wouldn’t be up to him to refudiate the NAACP. But it’s a word he might use.

  54. I don’t know how you guys can even listen to her voice. Honestly, I got about 10 seconds in and stopped it. But, I have a very low tolerance for unpleasant sounds. Babies crying makes me want to flee the vicinity. I’ve abandoned my grocery cart, mid’shopping, becasue someone’s kid is making that awful awful noise.

    But, I’d take a Walmart full of babies caterwauling over that sound that comes out of Palin’s head when her mouth moves.

  55. I deeply appreciate Sarah Palin’s long history of commitment to fighting racism, as evidenced by all the many columns she’s written about it going all the way back to today.

  56. Proof that listening to Snowbilly makes you stupid: I listened to the whole clip, read a bunch of comments, then about an hour later my brain said to me “repudiate is not a word, you fuckin moron!!”
    But I said no, it must be, it was used on TV. So I googled it, and only then did I realize that she was using a fake word that sounds like a word to seem smart. That is some Jedi shit right there!
    I knew I had heard a word that sounded like the one she used, so I disregarded the fact complete fucking morons are allowed on TV nowadays. Jesus Fuckin’ Christ On A Stick!!!

  57. [re=617617]facehead[/re]: And now, there are ten down votes for this abomination.

    Also: Sarah Palin, “Fox News Contributor”? I took a dump a while ago in the loo on my floor in office land–does that make be “DL, Third Floor Shit Contributor”? Because it’s exactly the same thing, also.

  58. [re=617856]Einstein'[/re]: But Obamer talked to them once, which means he must also be the President of the NAACP. There’s nothing racist about assuming that talking to a group of people one time means that they have to whatever you say, forever (because you’re black too, and speak the same negro dialect I guess).

    And especially not while complaining about the fact that they said that there are some racist elements amongst the Tea Parties, while taking pains not to say that all teabaggers are or that organizers and leadership could use that secret White People Mind Control to tell them to knock it off, if they really wanted to. Though, honestly a good start might be if those same leaders refrained from referring to middle-easterners as monkeys. Also, over there, like and such as.

  59. Just Googled “refudiates.” Major hittage already to The Queen O’ Grift. In terms of search-engine optimization, she is – as a former governor of Illinois would say – “F*&^%in’ golden!”

  60. What’s ironic is the NAACP resolution’s intent was for wingnut-teabaggers to admit there are at least some racists in thier little “circle-jerk to Rand and Bush” fests so they can repudiate them and all the Abominable Snowgrifter does is just back up the reason of the resolution by playing dumb and accusing “the NAACP of being the real racists”. Not only do we have photographic evidence of racist signs and stormfronting birthers co-mingling with their trailer-fabulous bagger counterparts but we also have polling data of a majority of baggers just wishing black people would shut up and quit whining about “racism” or whatever those “negroids complain about”. It’s hilarious how the idiots always miss the point…I remember watching “Killer” Joe Doucheborough the other morning while battling insomnia and seeing him essentially say the NAACP called all ‘baggers racists, which they did not do to try and change the subject. So wingnuts once again are being called out for tolerating and celebrating obvious racists (like Regenery and Pat Robertson, Helms, etc.) and their answer is to emulate the end of the film “Spartacus”.

    It’s hilarious to note that in my private life I have the fun of regularly debating a Teabaggin’ Birtherin’ Beckerhead REAL ‘Merikan who KNOWS Hopey is a Kenyan and therefore should be impeached. When I brought up the obvious racism of birtherism and the psychotic level of hatred against Obama on the right being stoked by racist undertones the refrain was “well whites aren’t racists, only black people like Obama are”. Then, without missing a cue the Beckerhead said that white people in ‘Merika are under attack by minorities for not being allowed to be proud of being white, haha. So yes, my conclusion is the stupid ones are often racist and either don’t know it or don’t care and the GOP is so afraid of offending their nearly all-white base that they play dumb or shout “I am Spartacus!” when the issue is confronted. Not only was the NAACP’s resolution 100% correct in observation of this phenomenon but I hope we as a society can have many more discussions about it so we can drag these asswipes out into the light of day for the sake of comedy and sanity.

  61. Everyone commenting about racism and the GOP here is off in the twilight zone, as usual. The GOP has a *long* history of fighting racism and supporting civil rights, while it is not clear that the Democrats completely support civil rights even today.

  62. [re=618615]Obamas Left Testicle[/re]: Well, a “long history” in the sense that you need to go all the way back to the pre-Goldwater Republican Party to find any evidence of it, since they abandoned the civil rights platform in the 60’s to pick up the white southern racist vote.

    That convention was one of the most unforgettable and frightening experiences of my life. The hatred I saw was unique to me because it was hatred directed against a white man. It embodied a revulsion for all he stood for, including his enlightened attitude towards black people.

    A new breed of Republicans had taken over the GOP. As I watched this steamroller operation in San Francisco, I had a better understanding of how it must have felt to be a Jew in Hitler’s Germany.

    –Jackie Robinson, on the 1964 RNC.

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