• The Devil will see you now.Are you closely following “election news” even though the midterm elections are four months away, and also it is the middle of summer? Then you’re probably a) Newt Gingrich or b) a liberal who follows the politics Too Much. And you do not love Barack Obama. A new study proves that 36% of people who took a poll last week “say they have no confidence or only some confidence in the president, congressional Democrats and congressional Republicans.” Only 50% of those polled now say they support President Obama, which is less than half of the 22% who approved of George W. Bush in 2008. Shockingly, Ronald Reagan had an even lower approval rating at this point during his first term, and yet Ronald Reagan was perfect in every way — 1980-1982 is still remembered as a time when nobody even knew what the word “recession” meant, and everybody was a millionaire. Everybody! No wonder people are so upset today, with this Great Recession that Nobama made from the Koran. Also, “a sizable majority says the government should extend unemployment benefits.” [Washington Post]
  • A group of civil rights lawyers and the gun industry now oppose Elena Kagan’s confirmation as a Supreme Court justice, so Lindsey Graham will probably support her. [Boston Globe/Politico/Des Moines Rgister]
  • Is Joe Sestak a terrorist member of Hamas or simply Hitler? [TPM Cafe]
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  1. “Do you have faith in the president to make the right decisions for the country” is not the standard metric for Presidential approval. However, Obama’s approval rating continues to hover around a boring 50% (boooring). It will be interesting to see how creative they get with pushing the idea that America is turning on Obama. They have been trying to push this idea since about day 1 or 2 in the White House (Recession Not Over Yet; Obama to Blame??). And have continued strong (Scott Brown = Turning point! Messiah!). Nevermind that Bush Jr never left the 30’s for the last 3 years of his presidency.

  2. From the poll: “About two-thirds of all voters say they are dissatisfied with or angry about the way the federal government is working.”

    1/3 of all voters are NOT angry at way the gov’t is working?!?!?! Who are these freaks?

  3. Funny how an approval rating of around 50% is pretty close to the popular vote percentage of 52% that Obama received in 2008. It’s almost as if Democrats are still Democrats and Republicans are still Republicans.

  4. Wait till some of the Lib Heavy Hitters get back from the Hamptons. Water carrying operations will be back in full swing and everything will be a’ight by Sept.

  5. Eleventeen dimensional chess is even harder than math. But the good news is, if everything goes completely perfectly, he’ll be re-elected as a lame duck in 2012 — and then he’ll be a Cop on the Edge, Pushed Too Far, Ready to Break all the Rules! Then he’ll REALLY crack the whip on the Hill!

    (“He’s only been in office four years… what’s wrong, pussies, you don’t have your unicorn yet? Shaddup progressive whiners. He’s choosing JUST the right moment to completely break character and bite the hand that feeds him, and punch the mouth he feeds. You just don’t understand politics.” — you heard it here first.)

    (Erick Son of Erick: “Welly welly well, look who’s got a 28% approval rating. Hmm… why do bad things happen to good people, libs?” — Summer of 2015, when Cheney’s chickens come home to roost on Obama’s head and relieve their bowels with a mighty vengeance. Again: you heard it here first.)

  6. [re=615874]Cape Clod[/re]: “There can only be one Hitler at a time.”

    “In the future, everyone will be Hitler for 15 minutes.”—A. Warhol, 1945, later modified

  7. [re=615879]harry palmer[/re]: However, 1/3 of those who are under the delusional fantasy that the federal government will give them all the stuff they want without taking one cent in taxes. The federal government: a perpetual motion machine that NEEDS TO GET OFF OUR BACK!!!

  8. There’s been a bunch of new ads for Sestak on the air constantly over the past week or so, talking about the good policies he supports. The weird thing is, they end with “I’m Pat Toomey and I approve of this message”.

  9. After the Financial Reform Bill passes I’ll be looking forward to seeing our newest aircraft carrier, the USS Scott Brown, the Scott Brown Federal Building in Worcester, and the new Scott Brown International Space Station. Saving Mt Rushmore rework for Immigration Reform.

  10. Bush may have had a 22% approval rating, but he wasn’t one of those “coloreds”. So he had that going for him. And he wasn’t a communist gun grabber, he just had the NSA record all our phone calls and internet, so he loved him some free-dumb.

  11. [re=615883]GreenHalo[/re]: Actually, if you look at the amount of legislation Obama has rammed through total Republican opposition, he’s looking kinda like LBJ or Teddy Roosevelt. People are pissed, but they’re pissed for different reasons (at least half of them pro-Obama reasons).

    LBJ and TR’s second terms weren’t all that hot, of course. But I trust Al Qaeda to screw up in Afghanistan the same way they did in Iraq; they’re already alienating their supporters in Pakistan. The more the Taliban turn to Al Qaeda tactics, the sooner the tribes will start murdering them en masse (See Anbar Province).

  12. It’s as if the MSM and GOPers want a preznit to fail. I understand the GOPers because of that whole only entitled rich white weaselly assholes should ever be in power.

    The MSM? I’m guessing it’s the whole not bowing down and respecting their entitled authoratti as the gatekeepers of thought and opinions. Plus the making’em look ever more dumb and appear as if they really are just a bunch of whiney bitches (Obama’s taken on TOO MUCH, Obama’s TOO Passive, Obama’s TOO Mean, Obama’s Ignoring us memss etc etc etc.)

  13. Ken I like how you do the maths. 1 + 1 = ½

    Ahem, Wonketters please consider enrolling your kids / grandkids in classes in Chinese or Hindi – the new masters of our universe.

  14. [re=615883]GreenHalo[/re]: Meh, we aren’t playing any dimensional chess when the republicans keep kicking over the board. It also kinda makes it harder to win the game when the game is essentially broken. So, occasionally Democrats stacks the board so he wins in one move without giving the republicans a chance to kick it over. But ultimately the ability to tear down the game is easier than fixing it so… welcome to a world where you hate excessive executive power (Bush) but also realize congress is broken. Wait, I slipped away from the chess metaphor, crap. CHECK MATE!

  15. I’m surprised the numbers aren’t worse, especially in the summer. The rabid right? Fuck those squares. All that yammering last summer and healthcare still passed, so whatev. As far as the left goes, well, people like to whine. Yeah, Hopey’s got some shit to work out. He’s a centrist. Makes me wonder who’d be better, though? The progessiver-than-thous don’t see the republicans as the problem, it’s all about the circular firing squad with those motherfuckers. Barry managed to get some shit passed into law — just barely — and the super-left is all baby-ish because the legislation isn’t self-righteous enough. But he almost didn’t get that watered down shit passed so how the fuck was he gonna get the more progressive shit through? If Obama is supposed to be all balls-to-the-wall, then elect a super-duper majority of Dems in both houses so he can flex. Quitcher bitchin’ and/or gtfo.

  16. Interesting that the intrepid WaPO didn’t make the leap that a lot of people just might be pissed at the government because the Republicans have basically made it their stated goal to throw their dicks in the works. Nope, gotta be anti-Obamaness. You know, because he’s in Congress.

  17. Well, remember. In ’82 he didn’t have to deal with a cranky Iran/Iraq situation, given that he was selling both of them weapons. MUCH less controversial to be selling Iran weapons and providing chemical weapons to Iraq at that time. It was the 80’s, man!

  18. [re=615942]bago[/re]: He had to sell Iran those weapons in 1982, it was a contractual obligation; that was the deal worked out by then-candidate George H.W. Bush before the 1980 election. The Iranians agreed to continue holding the US hostages, in order to embarrass Carter and influence the election, and Bush agreed that after the election, the US would send Ollie North to Iran with a cake and lots and lots of weapons.

  19. [re=615928]smitallica[/re]: You know, if you drill down into the raw data, certain patterns start to emerge. Squiggly, squirmy, writhing patterns. They look a lot like…

  20. [re=615950]Prommie[/re]: The only reason those assholes on ‘Ace of Cakes’ got a show on Food TV is because their parents made the ‘key cake’ that Reagan lovingly sent to the ayatollahs.

  21. [re=615953]user-of-owls[/re]: Beat me to it, damn it all! Although I thought it was in the shape of a Bible. Then again, everything I know about the early Reagan years I learned from Art Buchwald, so who am I to argue.

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