Breitbart has put up this very important video of Rep. Ciro Rodriguez (D-TX) trying to explain health care to some snotty Teabagger lady in a Mexican restaurant. Suddenly, Rodriguez gets mad at being called a liar and nearly knocks over some chips and salsa with his rolled-up paper weapon. Doesn’t he know that asking for civility is the quickest way to get thrown out of office?

The best part of this stupid thing is the guy eating chips behind Rodriguez who is bemused that these people are forced to yell at each other about politics in this place instead of enjoying chips like him.

Just kidding! The best part is seeing the racist stuff the Breitbart commenters write under the video when you click through. [The Hill]

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  1. Speaking of America’s Beautiful Southwest!:

    Albuquerque, N.M. steps into the Big Leagues of Disgruntled Office Mass Murders! Six down, four wounded!

    That said, lets look at the incomplete and irresponsible coverage by the Liberal Mainstream Media,as exemplified by this excerpt:

    (AP) “The shooting at Emcore Corp. appeared to involve the 37-year-old gunman’s ex-wife or girlfriend, police Chief Ray Schultz said. It was not immediately clear whether she was among the dead, or what caliber weapon he used.”

    Nothing about the caliber?!?!? You’re supposed to be REPORTING, people!

  2. Rep. Rodriguez should have thrown the chips and salsa onto the teabagger lady’s muu-muu. If only to watch her gobble them up with a gusto.

  3. It appears the video came from the table where the ‘truther’ lady was sitting. Sort of like a set-up. Curious how these things work out.

  4. You can only stuff a teabagger so full of Fux News lies before they begin to spew. I had hoped he was going to slap her with a rolled up newpaper in an effort to housebreak her.

  5. [re=615644]Oldskool[/re]: Oh. That confused me for awhile. I kept having this image of El Kabong wacking her with a guitar. Which would also have been nice video, too.

  6. [re=615652]Ducksworthy[/re]: That is high-quality cross-wiring you got there: Mad Mel and Quick Draw McGraw. Might it be attributable to the shallowness of (a) Mel Gibson and (b) Hanna-Barbera animation?

  7. He has since said:

    “Unfortunately political operatives associated with my opponent’s campaign tried to turn it into something else — attempting to hijack a ‘Congress on your corner’ event merely to engage in uncivil, cynical videotape baiting tactics. The people of Southwest Texas deserve better than that.”

    “That said, I apologize for losing my temper at an event that should always be a civil and respectful exchange of ideas,” he said.

  8. [re=615642]Ye Olde Fap-Smith[/re]: [re=615650]Ducksworthy[/re]: He really should’ve been better prepared to handle such an encounter:

    “From 1975 to 1987, Rodriguez served as a board member of the Harlandale Independent School District, working as an educational consultant for the Intercultural Development Research Association and served as a caseworker with the Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation.”

    Also, according to Wikipedia, he was born in Piedras Negras, Mexico. Interestingly, there is no mention of him ever having become a U.S. citizen. Is this true?!

    Complete the danged entry!

  9. The only thing I can think of that I would have added to the newspaper-slap would be a polite, “Would you shut the fuck up, you lard-assed gringo ho?”

  10. Mr. Rodriguez needs to take meditation advice from Greene-sensei.

    For example, consider if you will this koan:

    If everything a teabagger says is a lie, and she calls someone else a liar, does that not mean that person tells the truth?

  11. [re=615683]Extemporanus[/re]: So maybe the post’s title should have been, Ciro Rodriguez Gets Chips Next To Some Delicious(sic) Mad.

  12. Everyone knows that Tortilla chips represent the Crescent Moon, since Mexicans are America’s own Muslims.

    [re=615691]El Pinche[/re]: I usually only pay attention to Breitbart when his videos feature fake pimps in heavily edited fake confrontations. They are just not the same without some white-boy playing dress up with his Mom’s feather boa.

  13. haha surely Breitbart was crying copious amounts of crocodile tears, such as that horrible “egging” incident on the Teabagger Express bus. (i.e. one raw egg was lightly tossed at the bus and Breitbart acted like it was a Molotov cocktail).

    Surely this is showing how “liberals” are Stalinesque fascists….

  14. I mean, seriously. If someone hasn’t already walked up to this chucklefuck and just clocked him, fuck assault charges and all that, I’m going to be really disappointed.

  15. From Breitbart’s site: “They better panic, they realize that El Heffe is an idiot who sold them up the river. He sold them a bill of goods that would make Pancho Villa proud.”

    Does that make any kind of sense?

  16. [re=615698]carlgt1[/re]: I thought people said Breitbart threw the egg himself, then stood back and screamed, “Hey! A Dimocrat threw an egg at the bus!”

  17. [re=615682]Numbat Dundee[/re]: I believe a standard model turnstile would generally suffice.

    However, Mexican restaurant owners would be advised to avoid using turnstiles similar to those found at amusement parks*, state fairs, and sports stadiums, as the majority have been adjusted in size to accomodate Real Americans.

    *(This is a TRUE FACT! Not even the “Small World” has remained safe from terror-ass attacks!)

    [re=615692]user-of-owls[/re]: The world needs more chips, not fewer.

  18. Fox Breaking News: Democrat Representative, Cisco Rodriguez (Mexico), lies to and then attacks handicapped American White Woman.

  19. [re=615683]Extemporanus[/re]: Perhaps irate teabag lady’s feud with the congressman does stem from his days working for the Dept. of Mental Health and Mental Retardation. This recently unearthed letter may shed some light.

    “Dear Senor Rogeriquez,

    How dare you try to put my babies in classes with tards. My babies ain’t tarded, they are Gob’s special angels!11!! yOU IS the tard. Keep youre gubment hands out of my public education you Messican faggot!
    Youres in HIS name,
    Myrtle P. Titweather”

  20. [re=615640]Neilist[/re]: A friend of mine works there. (THIS HAPPENED JUST 93 MILES FROM MY HOUSE!!)

    As soon as the po-pos start releasing names (and as soon as I’m sure that my friend wasn’t the shooter/a victim), I’ll get you some stats on the gear.

  21. “Salsagate” sounds like something Canadians would come up with to eat, like “Pizzaghetti”. Pronounce it “salsa-gah-tay”, please.

  22. [re=615743]facehead[/re]: It was a long day and I’d had a very early breakfast meeting….I will certainly not be claiming it on my expenses.

    If I had a nickel…

  23. I hadn’t even heard of this Brightbert character before, but his web site is precious! The comments are am-A-zing.

    The Lib/Dem/Wack-Jobs always show their “true colors”….it may take awhile…but it always happens…Just look at Barry, he and his minions/cohorts/backers/worsippers are constantly showing how much they hate this Country…And hate White People….”Let’s be clear”….as far as he is concerned, it’s been nothing but “pay-back” time since Nov.’08…

    Damn straight, Cracker Jack.

  24. [re=615691]El Pinche[/re]: Why has no one punched Beerfart and his pseudo-pimp in the throat yet? Are there no real pimps who are willing to throw these punches for the honor of the profession?

  25. I don’t know what *you* saw, but I saw a guy defending a condiment counter from a swarm of flies.
    My first call would have been to the health department.
    My second call would have been to PETA, ’cause I’m conflicted that way.
    My third call would have been to Breitbart to let him know that his surveillance of salsa-serving restaurants seems to be yielding results, at long last. Bring on the drones.

  26. Ciro Rodriguez’s previous ‘Congress in your Corner’ sites aren’t on his website but people have claimed it’s a Pancho’s Mexican Buffet, which is possibly one step up from a Taco Bell. Even if he wasn’t set up for this encounter he should have known the type of people who frequent Pancho’s aren’t the crispest tortilla chips in the bowl.

    Although the cheese enchiladas aren’t that bad.

  27. [re=615781]chascates[/re]: Mexican food served buffet style is an abomination, which is also the case with Chinese food served in that manner. The pleasure of these exotic comestibles comes from the mixed flavors of hot foods that have been placed together just before eating.

    The only foods that should be served cafeteria style are carrots with Kraft Miniature Marshmallows, and rectangles of red Jell-0 with a single leaf of flat lettuce beneath. Maybe cottage cheese with pineapple chunks, too.

    Sorry, I know it’s dinner time in some zones.

  28. This unspeakable act of paper-on-chair violence will not be forgotten come November.

    The Breitbart commentariat are very, very, fond of reminding us that politicians are “our employees,” which makes me feel incredibly sad for anyone with one of these retards as a supervisor.

  29. Ciro Rodriguez of Texasexico is racist. You can tell he hates whites because his last name is still Rodrgiguez. Don’t think so? Do you think it’s an accident Marco Rubio is now saying he’s not 150% against the Obamanisticare death panel bill?? He never changed his name, either! It’s an invasion of turncoats!

  30. [re=615785]V572625694[/re]: What you say is true, but when ur on a GI, or student budget, the good ‘ol Mexiteria can’t be beat – más y más para nada.

    Mmmmmph. Excuse me, my stomach just reminded about those 30 year old cafeteria memories. Maybe I should revise the “can’t be beat.”

  31. [re=615701]Katydid[/re]: Perhaps he was referring to Pancho Villa the Filipino boxer who died at the age of 23 due to an infection resulting from the extraction of an ulcerated tooth? Because had he had access to universal health care he could have gone to a reputable dentist instead of some back alley quack? I’m just spit-balling here.

    [re=615768]AnnieGetYourFun[/re]: Really, you never heard of Breitbart and Big Government during all our discussions about the ACORN pimp? Oh you’re in for a treat! You should google him, or look up some of the videos Salon took of him at CPAC last year. Dude’s nuttier than Chinese chicken salad. I’m almost jealous that you are getting to discover his insanity for the first time.

  32. Ugh — Ben Nelson is now not so sure about the finance reform bill — after managing to say nothing about it for weeks if not months. If, like Alvin Greene, I were asked which secret power I’d choose, it would be invisibility — so that I could sneak into Ben Nelson’s bedroom (probably a root cellar, as I believe he is some sort of human-potato hybrid) and replace all his underwear with exactly the same kind but two sizes too small. Then send him a note saying I’m a voodoo priest and I’ve put a curse on him that will expand his prostate until he votes for the bill. Then steadily shrink the undies and repeat until he caves. Ben Nelson is really a Republican — meaning that he only responds to threats and force. Especially threats of enlarged prostates and infestations of potato beetles.

  33. But on the bright side, it also looks like the party that cries wolf (over and over again, at nothing) is finally starting to erode its own credibility. Gallup has polled Obama at 47% approval, 46% disapproval, which is the first time in at least a year (I think) that his approval rating has been above his disapproval. Okay maybe not a year, but it’s been a long damn time. And even Rasmussen has him down only a point. And if Rasmussen says you’re in up to your waist, you’d better be wearing a snorkel.

  34. [re=615806]southern mark smith[/re]: Revised totals: Three Dead; Four Wounded.

    Gesh. That’s a medium-slow Saturday night in South Central.

    [Don’t encourage that ASSHOLE Neilist.]

  35. Democratic FAIL. Time to study The Way of John Kerry. When he had a podium and a live mike, and half a dozen cops had some mouthy student pinned on the ground yelling “Don’t Taze me, bro!”, did Kerry take his hands out of his pockets or open his mouth? Did he do a God damn thing? No. This is the kind of iron self-control Rodriguez must learn.

    “Are they physically threatening me, personally?” asked the elderly officer who once had a combat command in a war zone.

    “No, Master,” said the disciple. “But what of responsibility? What of leadership?”

    The Master maintained a stony expression, examining a butterfly on a nearby twig, and made no answer, and the disciple was enlightened. Then he took away the Master’s staff and broke it over the old man’s head, and the Master was enlightened.

  36. You will note that the footprint of bullfighting in modern Europe mirrors the footprint of the Islamic advance mirrors the footprint of lactose intolerance within the European populations.

    We are all the products of the environments of our forebears.

  37. Hey, that’s Don Pedro’s over on Southwest Military (deep southside, browntown San Antonio)! They have some fucking badass margaritas, and if you ask for the “non-gringo” salsa with your chips you will get a delicious spicy treat. The margs and salsa are probably what got old Ciro so fired up.

  38. Look I asked that Breitbart get an award for douchiness, but no one would listen. Instead you went with Krauthammer who is already cursed by looking like a turd pushed out by a Gorgon, and is therefore immune to calumny. What the fuck is wrong with you people anyway?

  39. [re=615663]WriteyWriterton[/re]: There was nothing shallow about the Hanna Barbera animation. It was full on cheesy animation, but an accurate representation of the attitudes of the time.

  40. [re=615802]imissopus[/re]: Yeah, I mean, I saw the name going around but it was WAY too much work to keep up with, so… I guess I get to opena big box of crazy this week!

  41. This whole thing is ridiculous. Rodriguez did not get that out-of-control, and the woman did not make that unreasonable a request. One commenter suggested he should have asked her if she read the CBO report. She could also easily ask if he had read the health care bill he voted to approve. I suspect both, if honest, would have to answer “No.” And it is unlikely that Rodriguez, king of the wild robo-call, knows whether that woman was one of his supporters or not. Sometimes people can be on your side and still see the value in asking hard questions.

    As for constantly referring to this woman as a teabagger without knowing her political associations, well that just reflects poorly on Wonkette readers. Tsk, tsk, y’all.

  42. [re=616121]Texas3Step[/re]:
    Might have been worse. Ciro could have threatened to cut her. I hear that his people will do that if you cross them. Instead, she got off easy with a bowl of stale Natchos spill her way. No more yard work for you, Anglo bitch.

  43. [re=616121]Texas3Step[/re]: So did Rodriguez scare you when he waved the paper at you or not?? Inquiring minds wish to know!

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