Huffington Post Makes All of America Believe Israel Is Devil By Cropping Photo

  i see what you did there

How dare you, HuffPo?! And in front of our innocent, Israel-loving Bieber?Pajamas Media is still updating its website, somehow, and today we have IMPORTANT NEWS about the front page of another Internet website. It seems Huffington Post has EVILLY CROPPED A PHOTO of Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu so that it looks like he has ANTLERS! Wait, DEVIL HORNS! DEVIL HORNS! That’s it. This kind journalist has brought this to our attention and has even done some shoe-leather reporting on this amazing sign that the Huffington Post is brainwashing us to hate Israel.

After a bit of searching, I found the original photograph, which you can see to the left and also here, in its original context on the Yahoo News page. (The picture also currently appears in this Yahoo News slideshow, but again it may not be there by the time you read this, as the slideshows change over time.)

There you have it! Pajamas Media are photo originalists. WE HAVE TO CONSIDER THE ORIGINAL CONTEXT OF PHOTOS. All photos appear on Yahoo first, then people who hate Israel doctor them up to put us in a trance and make us send bombs to the Palestinians. Ever notice a devil Jew in one of your family photos? That photo went up on Yahoo first, then some evil photo cropper made it so that Jew seems like a devil. And now you misremember that family photo, don’t you?

Anyway, Pajamas Media gives us an important UPDATE that this ISN’T the first time the Huffington Post has been anti-Israel! Sometimes comments on articles have gotten through that are maybe anti-Semitic! WOW, LOOK AT HOW DEEP AND BYZANTINE THIS ANTI-ISRAEL AGENDA IS!

It might just be, though, that Netanyahu does look sort of evil in news photos.
Look out, Justin! <3

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