• Man, this picture is never going to get old, right?Financial regulation was dead yesterday, but today it is alive again, just like Jesus! And speaking of things or people who are like Jesus, we have Scott Brown to thank for this turn of events. All Barney Frank and his fellow Sadducees had to do to win the love of Brown and the New England RINO ladies was take out the tax on big banks and hedge funds, raise the FDIC’s reserve ratio, and end TARP early. Those sound like incredibly minor details that can be just added in last-minute negotiations, surely. [NYT]
  • True to their nature, the Democrats are desperately trying to give your hard-earned tax dollars away to people who aren’t even working (the technical term is “unemployed”). [WP]
  • Pharaonic zombie Larry King is retiring so that he can spend “more time on other things” (i.e., ruling over the millions of terrified inhabitants of his river-kingdom with a brutal hand). [LAT]
  • Hurricane season is here, with Alex bearing down on the US-Mexico border around Brownsville! Could a strong border keep this Gulf of Mexico-born storm out of our nation? Also, the storm is disrupting BP cleanup efforts, just like every other event that happens in the universe. [MSNBC]
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  1. Brown 25 – It has the strength of steel, the flexibility of rubber, and the nutritional value of beef stew. From Uranus Corporation. “Interesting things are coming from Uranus”

  2. I heard that several GOP Senators will vote for the package (AW SHIT) if it promises not to regulate anything and is in fact a new deduction in the tax code for sweaters tied ’round the neck and gold-encrusted badminton rackets.

  3. But without Larry King how will we get the death monkey skeletor position on the hard hitting issues of the day? Like, what’s his favorite soft drink or did he prefer loafers to docksiders?

  4. And I heard the TARP will be paying for it. So, we are paying for it. So, the big banks get a really purty taxpayer boost up, again. Yea!!! We, the taxpayers get to take it up the exit…again.

    Thank you Republicans for everything you do-do for us. All my love, assholes.

  5. All they had to do was, “take out the tax on big banks and hedge funds, raise the FDIC’s reserve ratio, and end TARP early.”

    I.e. make it not paid for, increase government liability (without funding for it), and increase exposure of smaller weak banks so that the megabanks can buy them.

    Golly, and here is the GOP saying that they are not the party of corporations, even as Boner literally weeps for how savagely corporations are being treated by Commissar Obama. “This is my truck” turns out to have been Scott Brown’s true statement, because what he didn’t say is, “everything else about me is owned by the banks.”

  6. [re=609127]ManchuCandidate[/re]: [re=609137]Numbat Dundee[/re]: Bork. The Repubes will never forget getting Borked. No vote without cloture, forever. Amen.

  7. [re=609133]JMP[/re]: Softball question part: Justice Kagan. Senile rambling nonsense part: . . . Wow, we’ve got so many celebs to choose from. Robert Byrd, maybe?

  8. [re=609188]weejee[/re]: And it seems that “cloture” means “water the bill down until it’s completely worthless, and then not vote for it anyway.” WTF is this shit? Is there not a way to basically force the hand of some dipshit Senator that waters down the bill to vote for the POS he/she helped create? It would be nice if they could take out all the crap before the vote if the one who amended the bill is not going to vote for it in the end. Hell, many times they even say ahead of time that they are not going to vote for it! I guess fucking it up in committee to “get my cloture vote” is the name of the game. Fine. That game should only work ONE TIME, but instead we have to use the fucking “Lucy and the football” metaphor for the dipshit Democrats in the majority of the Senate.

    I say we reduce the Senate to rubble, put a desk and chair on top of the pile with a nameplate that says “Sen. Al Franken”. I highly recommend Franken’s speech to the American Constitution Society here. Franken starts at about the 5 minute mark, and the speech is about 40 minutes long, but it’s totally worth it.

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