At least the Udall guys all use the family name, unlike Rory whatever-he's-called.
Senator Boxer is very thankful for Stewart/Mo/Mark/Tom Udall’s nice endorsement/letter/whatever, in that one state, in the Western U.S. What a guy(s)! [Twitter]

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  1. [re=608177]user-of-owls[/re]: Um, yeah, ok. When I made that comment, this post was way down among the morning batch and I could swear that the time stamp was 11:41 AM.

    So, either I’m dipping my toes into Lake Dementia or Ken, the Udalls and the Federal Reserve are plotting against me.

  2. [re=608200]user-of-owls[/re]: In your defense, now it looks like you commented on this post, from the past. o.O

    Today, we are all going insane. Or possibly time-travellers. Or both.

  3. Has anybody else noticed that the clan of Udalli has apparently taken over a large swath of the western United States like some later day, redneck Habsberg dynasty?

  4. Horticulturally speaking, the Udalls look more like woody vines, rather than grasses, to me.
    But I defer to Senator Boxer’s extensive botanical experience.

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