A spaniard in the works.
National media embarrassment the Washington Post acted exactly like everybody figured the Washington Post would act in the wake of some pointless e-mail episode involving snide remarks by Dave Weigel about the teabaggers he covers and their main newspaper, Matt Drudge’s 1996 link list: the Washington Post pushed Weigel out of his job. Luckily, the “WaPo” (please everybody stop doing that, by the way) has an unpaid slave army of free-content bloggers, like this one, “Not Larry Sabato,” which is a good & serious Washington Post professional byline. It only took the paid taskmasters at the “WaPo” (sorry) about an hour to kill this amusing blog post, by which time we had the screenshot you see here.

Anyway, all this nonsense reminds us once again just how terrible this paper is, the Washington Post. Its news coverage is utterly without distinction, and its “name” columnists are some of the most loathsome hacks in the entire business.

What the paper is best known for, in the 21st Century, is its constant stupid internal scandals: selling lobbyist access to the paper’s political editors, filling precious column inches with the Marie Antoinette ravings of demented old socialites like Sally Quinn, hassling unpaid bloggers to cough up free content for this bloated corporate behemoth that makes its riches off the insecurities of college-bound children and their fretful parents, and of course the bending over for any domestic or international horror committed by the United States government or military, as long as there’s some Power to worship and genuflect before.

A remarkable thing about the Post is its complete lack of defenders. Nobody has anything good to say about it. And even after decades of slavish devotion to whatever fringe-right insanity at home or abroad, the Post is as loathed by conservatives as it is by liberals, moderates and basically anyone with an iota of editorial taste. It’s a bad local paper and a worse national paper.

Honestly, the only noble response to this latest stupid faux outrage is for all the management, board members and op-ed idiots to gather in the basement, watch a few minutes of All the President’s Men so everybody can feel all puffed up and proud about something that happened four decades ago, and then have G. Gordon Liddy pass around revolvers and boxes of bullets. Meet death with some class, some guts — the stuff you people never had in life.

Or, you know, just get closed down like Newsweek. That’s fine, too. (And a helluva lot more likely.)

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  1. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve read an online piece in the Washington Post since the ugly firewall days back at the turn of the century. Remember their 42 part “free membership” questionaire/anal probing?
    I can’t say my life has missed a damn thing by not reading the Post in a decade.

  2. Of course it got taken down. Someone needs to teach “Not Larry Sabato” falcon code.
    As for the “WaPo”: Falcon 105

  3. Maybe Kaplan will buy WAPO now. They could bundle it in a tranche with Newsweek as a CDO and sell shares.

    That bundle is so toxic they might be able to get some TARP money to bury the whole shitstorm in a cornfield somewhere.

  4. Jeebus, could someone dig up Jack Warden, Martin Balsam and Jason Robards and let them run the damn paper — they couldn’t be any worse than the current bunch. After all, “Nothing’s riding on this except the, uh, first amendment to the Constitution, freedom of the press, and maybe the future of the country.”

  5. I like Dave Wiegel, even though he’s a libertarian, and the Washington Post is contributing to the erosion of our country. It’s despicable. But is the HuffPo (sorry!) much better? I despise Arianna Huffington, with good reason. She’s a loathsome person, she’s got a loathsome site, I can only bear to read Jason Linkins, and I don’t because the site is such a cesspool of, well, cess.

  6. I just want to make sure I’m clear on the ground rules here. Calling Hilary Clinton a bitch in a video produced by and displayed on your newspaper is good and you will have a job forever. Making a couple hotheaded but not particularly egregious remarks in a private listserv to friends on a bad day is a firing offense.

    Sure. That makes sense.

    What the hell is Ezra Klein doing at this paper? It’s run entirely by dicks.

  7. [re=606771]Katydid[/re]: put him at TPM, or True/Slant, or The Guardian’s us branch, etc….Huffpo is NPR’s dumber ADHD cousin.

  8. Pretty sure WaPo (sorry, The Washington Post)has gone off and gone Full Retard today. Everybody knows you NEVER go Full Retard.

  9. The entire editorial staff (with the exception of Eugene “Gene” Robinson) is constantly on its collective knees blowing the right wing, shilling shamelessly for Israel, and touting the benefits of torture. Dick Cheney wakes up every morning and waxes his limp old man rod over the sociopathic rantings of Marc “Tiffani Amber” Thiessen. How anyone on earth can say “liberal bias” and “Washington Post” in the same breath is just beyond stupid.

    Self-immolation is too good for that rag.

  10. Well, it could have been more literary. “These are times that try men’s souls,” etc.

    But you have to admit, “Go Fuck Yourselves” is consistent with the zeitgeist . . . .

    [Man, I love it when I use Big Words like that.]

  11. [re=606754]trondant[/re]: Oh, the building will still stand. He can live there like some 4th rate Quasimodo, tossing about horribly grating prose at his whim. The government can appoint a guardian to hack a few of these ‘brain’ quirts into a two-sided flier on colorful paper a few times a week and drop it in the mail slot with a note proclaiming thousands of new subscribers. On Christmas, he’ll get a fruitcake with ‘Pulitzer’ written on top in candied pineapple.

  12. The Post is bunch of stinky union-busting scabs btw. Scumbags. Why don’t they try getting Broder to fucking blog, he can post hot updates how Harry Reid is so vulgar compared to Mike Mansfield and Everett Dirksen and every other person he met when was 24. Hot, Hot, Hot.

  13. The problem is that the Post is the newspaper of DC and everybody who is in politics reads the Post and therefore thinks it’s a font of brilliant cutting-edge thought and because that Krauthammer makes some mighty fine pigs in blanket. Put that editorial staff in charge of say the Omaha DoesanybodyreallyreadapaperinNebraska? and nobody would care because they suck and nobody in DC would read it. My cat could write editorial columns largely consisting of thoughts on sleeping and it would be instantly deemed conventional wisdom as well as a call for bombing Iran.

  14. This is the best blog post I have read. Ever!
    Sums up how I feel about the Washington Post and its stable of “serious”, “responsible”, “grown up” reporters and pundits.

    People like Bob Woodward who wrote the ultimate hagiography of the Dear Leader, George W Bush, portraying him as the 2nd coming of Alexander the Great.

    People like Charles the Bloody Krauthammer who get excited, to an indecent degree, of war and war and more war.

    People like Kristel Meth, the wrongest man in the universe.

    People like David Broder who seems to think we are still living in the Eisenhower era and the GOP is party of reasonable people.

    Don’t even get me started on Sally the Slutty Quinn.
    I can go on and on…………..

    Brad DeLong is right. The end of Washington Post can’t come soon enough.

  15. The Washington Post just can’t deal with the idea of reporters being human beings with opinions, either moral and aesthetic. I used to work as one, and I can say for certain that the main point of corporate ‘journalism’ is to deaden the soul of its reporters to the point that they are either grey-worded scribners or totally predicatable political hacks. Anything will send the publisher into conniption because god forbid there might by some idiots who read the paper and call up to bitch and moan. At this point, I’m ready to dance on the graves of most major newspapers. The ‘blogosphere’ may be annoying at times, but at least it’s honest.

  16. You don’t need boxes of bullets – there is supposed to be only one bullet per gun.

    Wasn’t there such a scene in “Catch 22?” “‘You know what to do.’ Yosarian did.”

    I’ve got to read that!

  17. someone should have said what ken said eariler in the day.

    “Wahh My Pussy Hurts”

    i just wanted to say that again…been on my tounge all pun intended.

  18. Dear WaPo Ombudsman,

    Is this really the sort of attention you want to get for yourselves? Do you really want to be known for publishing beyond-shoddy, smear-filled “journalism” simply because it gets a big reaction out of sane people who want to tell you how stupid you are? I mean, if you’re only looking to get higher web traffic, you could start offering us pictures of breasts with every Dave Broder column we read (though preferably without Mr. Broder in the picture). But if you want to be known as an even semi-respectable news organization, you may want to rethink most of what you do.

    Just sayin’, it’s your reputation, not mine.

  19. [re=606749]Doglessliberal[/re]: I like the funnies, though. And it is good to lay all over the floor when you are giving your pet a summer haircut

    Fact 1: You are a “dogless” liberal
    Fact 2: You are giving your “pet” a summer haircut

    Conclusion: You are shaving your pussy all over the WaPo funnies.

    Query: Can I watch?

  20. With what will people litter the Metro?

    (True story – I regularly pick up littered “Express” editions and throw them in the recycle bin – mainly so other people do not get their minds poisoned by it. Also because, you know, it’s trash.)

  21. [re=606829]Autoo[/re]:

    Answer: No. Spousal viewing rights only.

    Further fact: I have a large cat who happens to love having his hair clipped in the summer.

  22. I dropped my subscription to WP in 2002, when they starting saber-rattling for Bush II. Every other staff editorial was “We really need to invade Iraq RIGHT NOW!”. I miss “Doonesbury” but I’m sure Garry Trudeau understands. I will not support warmongers with my hard-earned Ameros.

  23. [re=606795]Hooray For Anything[/re]: Honestly, I think if we just swapped the staff of the Post with that of some mid-market Midwestern newspaper, it would be a dramatic improvement on the navel-gazing hose beasts that run it now.

  24. The Washington Post is successful because it’s not the Washington Times or the New York Post. The Drudge Report is successful because of the auto-refresh script.

  25. That did it. I canceled my free, online internet-only subscription to that paper today. THAT ought to be the straw that breaks their back.

  26. I have stumbled upon a bunch of dumb mindless foul mouthed liberal idiots. All you guys no how to do is write meaningless junk and think how great you are. I became a member of this blog today, I am sure I will be kicked out today – you may not even get a chance to read this. I am a NON-CONFORMIST free thinking with conservative values. I don’t agree with the Washington post firing, but for much different reasons. I believe in FREE SPEECH and LOVE — Not HATE like you guys and gals.

  27. I like Weigel and I hope he is able to get another job. My head is still spinning over why in God’s name did he think even a private email list was not going to have leaks? My other question is why didn’t he get a Wonkette account like, say, “NotDaveWeigel” and spew just like the rest of us Americans?

  28. [re=606827]Joshua Norton[/re]: Now that’s an idea– it works for papers in England. There’s nothing that could help them more than pictures of Lucy Pinder or Keely Hazeel on Page 3. As it is, they already highlight lots of big boobs anyways.

  29. [re=606880]TallyGlenn[/re]: Wait, which is it, do you have conservative values, or do you believe in love not hate? Since hate is the primary value of conservatives, and love is antithetical to them (in fact, I believe keeping some love illegal is one of their primary concerns these days) those are kind of mutually exclusive categories.

  30. Communication is slowly becoming a lost art.
    You just don’t hear the words “Go fuck yourself” enough anymore in day to day conversation.

  31. wtf?, teh Huff post has those kinds of bloggers, they get a title, some color in their comment box.
    I got banned there years ago.
    cause, why bother?

    does the wapo have the clicks?

  32. [re=606880]TallyGlenn[/re]: Great, another “yer-gonna-nail-me-to-the-cross-just-like-jesus”… person. Please, do tell us about your non-conformist free thinking [sic] conservative values. You have a captive audience here on the intertubez.

  33. Weigel was a piece of crap liberal dressed in conservative drag, and badly I might add. The WaPo may be a rag, but weigel was lucky to even have a job at it.
    Good riddance to a serious d*uche.

  34. Well, Olbermann just pissed on Fucker KKKarlson’s shoes over this little kerfuffle in his WPITW silliness, so we’re good now, right? Weigel passed on the after-action report, though so KO is slobbering all over Thurber again. God, I hate that.

  35. What’s this? Wonkette lets just any yokel comment now?! I can’t say I didn’t dream of this day, but my fantasy was so different. I won’t get into that right now, but suffice to say that it also involved a scandal, though it was a sexy scandal. And I was involved but not in a criminal way.

    Anywho, I must be one of Herr Weigal’s [sic] biggest fans. I’ve been reading him since he signed on as Reason’s political contributor. I cannot begin to understand the hatred that he provokes from conservatives and conservative libertarians (those are the proverbial pot smoking Republicans). Really, really shocked that they seem to have won this round. Live by the snark, die by the snark, I guess.

  36. [re=607067]Beanball[/re]: The weird thing is, I’ve noticed that quite a few blogs have had new right-wing trolls descend on them today on posts about Weigel; someone has has let the dogs out (is Reiley monitoring RedState now?). Yet quite a few normally annoying conservatives have joined in condemning the Post; even Ross Douthat.

  37. [re=607085]JMP[/re]: I’ve long since given up trying to discern the motivations of the so-called “conservatives.” I’ve read Weigal a few times, and found him to be reasonably intelligent and even fair, but in order to read him I have to open my browser to the puss-filled nonsense of the surrounding links, lying headlines, shouty doublethink teasers, and general asininity thereabouts displayed, and being as my curious info-sucking brain is often faster than my prefrontal IdiotCensor, off I go reading drivel until my head is about to explode. Fortunately for my blood pressure, that’s about the time I usually snap back to normal and duck back here to Wonkette to clear my head. Also.

  38. [re=606776]Nappied Hypotenuse[/re]: I thought it was the Daily Beast’s dumber, ADHD little sister? The Daily Beast being the dumber, ADHD offspring of Fortune’s listicle master and NPR’s dirty night of drunken sex, of course.

  39. Ken, you have some grand insights there, but I think you may be missing something.

    Passing around the revolvers does have some “concrete meditation labyrinth” overtones, but it requires courage. Even Brutus couldn’t actually fall on his own sword, and he had the guts to stab a man in the groin, not the back. This is more of a job for a closed garage or the pulled pin on a hand grenade than revolvers.

    Also, what The Washington Post does in the 21st c. is furnish “pundits” to television. In fact, that’s probably why the newspaper was worth screwing with in the first place for the right wing. Whenever the Sunday recitation shows go on, they have X, Y, and “Z from the Washington Post.” When NPR does a piece, they are joined by “A from the Washington Post.” For the outside folks who don’t see the poverty of it as a local paper, there is this Reputation, and it’s the Reputation that Kaplan won’t close down. They just want it to say what they think — which is apparently that Dick Cheney is a noble and wise leader, and Obama is an efficient/clownish figure.

  40. I’m not saying this to be snarky: I thought Layne let the Post off easy. The paper always occupied an uneasy space in the DC power structure, vacillating between a city paper and a civic paper, but has wandered off into the journalism elephant’s graveyard in recent years. Clueless.

  41. [re=607067]Beanball[/re]: Mensa?

    You didn’t mean that, I hope. (Suppose you are a genius. That makes you in the upper 2% of IQ in a given population. In a population like the U.S., that means that there are .02 * 300,000,000 geniuses, and even then you’re stuck with IQ. Even then, you’re relying upon the self-selecting crowd that wants to prove to itself its own intelligence by taking a Mensa test, as well as the Mensa test, and then you have the Mensa members, who are only slightly more obnoxious than a group of Furries having a convention with the Society for Creative Anachronism (the Venn diagram overlaps considerably, I know). In short, Mensa is as valid for finding intelligence as “Publish Your Novel” is for finding creative writing: it’s possible that isolated, frustrated intelligent people, in a desert of vacuity, will turn to it as the only lifeline they have, but it’s not likely that, if they are intelligent, they would stay.)

  42. Who the hell is the newsreader on NPR who decided to insert editorial content in the news summary?

    “The firing highlights the differences between so-called old and new media, where reporters formerly sought objectivity toward their subjects.”

    Yep. That was in the news summary in re Wiegel’s resignation. Nice, clear editorial as news.

  43. “A remarkable thing about the Post is its complete lack of defenders.”

    Amen. You can get fired from the Post by telling your friends that you think Drudge is useless? By that standard, anyone who isn’t fired from the paper is a moron.

  44. How I love reading Ken and the insanely good comments gleefully bashing the Washington Post! I smile and my heart feels warm when I come in here, and everyone is happy flailing away on their worthless hides like a particularly hideous pinata. This is a community!

    If Eugene Robinson decides to go elsewhere, they may as well merge with the Wall Street Journal and get it the fuck over with.

  45. [re=607112]Geogre[/re]: “Mensa members” is not a homogenous group, other than testing well. I got in when both bartenders at the Ale House refused to serve me unless I took the test (both were members); I was thirsty, so I promised to. Later I found out that my SAT scores would have gotten me in without an IQ test. I found the group to be as varied as the general populace, not more or less. Some had a terrific sense of humor (they were responsible for the wonderful “Stop Plate Tectonics” bumper stickers), others had none, and there were the usual quotas of jerks, egomaniacs and very nice folks. I didn’t stay active in the group for a number of reasons, but it wasn’t a bad assortment of people. There’s some focus on mental gymnastics, of course, but that’s like saying the local cycling club is a bit focused on riding bicycles. If the experts who wrote that there are at least eight kinds of intelligence are correct, I’d guess that Mensa might be underserving big parts of the intelligent community — but it’s a social organization, not an advocacy group. Lots more like a Trekkie convention than conspiracy to commit Bilderburg Group, and not really serious enough to rate much scorn.

  46. [re=606880]TallyGlenn[/re]: “I became a member of this blog today, I am sure I will be kicked out today – you may not even get a chance to read this.”

    They’ll do worse that kick you out, TallyGlenn. They’ll belittle your manhood; call your mother a whore; impune your patriotism; call your girlfriend ugly; and make mock of your punctuation and grammar.

    Or just ignore you.

    Same thing, really.

  47. Dear Mr. Layne:

    I am forced to object, once again, to your post.

    In this instance, you included the following line: “and then have G. Gordon Liddy pass around revolvers and boxes of bullets.”

    No specifics as to the type of “revolvers” were included, e.g., manufacturer (S&W? Colt? Tarus?); caliber (.38? .38 Pos.?; .357 Mag?); capacity (5 shot? 6? 7?); barrel length (1 3/4″?; 4″? 6″?); grips (walnut? ivory? pearl?); sights (MilSpec? Target? Combat? Night?).

    The objection lies as to your description “boxes of bullets.” FMJ? Semi-hollow point? Black Talon?

    Adequate research would have allowed you to obtain this information easily. If memory serves, Mr. Liddy’s moving 1980 biography, “Will,” contains not just a loving description of his various handguns, but a photograph of the same. (Including the .357 Mag. revolver that he carried during his FBI days.)

    In the future, please keep in mind that the essence of journalism is an attention to the facts that are of interest to your audience.

    Very truly yours,

    Executive Vice-President of Research, Phallic Symbolism Department
    National Rifle Association Washington Branch Office
    2nd Floor Congressional Men’s Room
    Stall No. 3

  48. [re=607161]Neilist[/re]: Dear Sir,

    Yeah, but I can ID a five-pixel-high Thompson gun on a Free Republic anti-Obama photoshop at 10 paces.

    But yeah, that insane Liddy biography is exactly what i was thinking about when typing that mass-suicide fever dream.

    AS FOR THE TROLLS: As long as they’re as weak & dumb as this batch, they will be welcome, to give the rest of you something to kick around and shit on. As per usual, send us an email if we need to delete an account.


  49. [re=607169]Ken Layne[/re]: “that insane Liddy biography is exactly what i was thinking . . . .”

    The biography was bad. The novel, “Out Of Control,” was worse.

    Unfortunately, I read both.


    As for trolls: Let’s ban that asshole Neilist!

  50. [re=607144]lawrenceofthedesert[/re]: The use and misuse of Mensa, a description (since no one else is outraged at the editorial insert at National Republican Radio):

    When I was young and living in a wilderness of mall culture and bourgeois plaster, I took the Mensa test, qualified, and was happy. I did no more than that.

    In the years after, “I’m a member of Mensa” was always uttered by an insufferable jerk. While it’s no doubt guilt by association and a hasty generalization, I came to piece something together. For smart people who couldn’t be around other smart people in their daily lives, Mensa was helpful. For dumb people who wanted to impress dumber people, Mensa was even better. The good done by the former was less than the harm done by the latter, I thought, especially after the Internet age, when the most isolated kid in South Dakota could find other smarties to talk to, eventually.

    Also, of course, as I moved into being an academic, such things were neither necessary nor apt. A Mensa meeting would have been redundant. In fact, it would have been insulting, because it would have marked some academics trying to measure dicks against others.

    So, Mensa may still be out there helping the lonely and validating the people who are made to feel crazy for not finding Larry the Cable Guy funny, but it still seems a sop, and it’s sure an aggravation to have “she’s a member of Mensa” told to one.

    Let’s just put it this way: I imagine Richard Cohen of Washington Post informs people of his membership. That’s the kind of guy I usually encounter: the words don’t prove the intelligence, so the membership is supposed to.

  51. [re=607213]Geogre[/re]: Yeah, score 32 on the ACT and you’re in like Flynt. Kind of interesting in the mid-late Eighties, before polymaths discovered Unix and/or VMS. The first rule of Mensa is to take the yellow gumball-headed tie-tack and hurl it into the sea.

    Then you start networking and find out about chapped-ass Skull-and-Bones organizations like Triple Nine, which point and giggle at Mensa people. Bang, you’re in. The insufferability goes up to eleven. Just don’t ask. Linux freaks are pleasant and accept alternate views, in comparison.

    Then it was 1993 and the drooling masses could point and click on their favorite 8-bit icons while a MIDI version of Stairway to Heaven played in the background. Straight downhill ever since.

    And now, let’s have a big round of applause for the little people who think intelligence is an 11-dimensional illusion, seeing as how they’re storming the stage on their stumpy little legs…

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