The Woodward & Bernstein of the Teabagger-Paultards.The illiterate who ineptly cuts-and-pastes things at “Fishbowl DC” (remember that site?) is trying to get some traffic for the long-ignored MediaBistro blog by posting some banal crap from that “JournoList” email group the media kids in town use to send emails to each other. What could turn that into some SEO traffic, two years after the Politico pretended it was a Hot Story for six hours? Why not claim that actual reporter Dave Weigel is the Washington Post‘s “conservative blogger” and make up some dispute with “liberal bloggers” and then throw in mentions of teabaggers, the Drudge Report, and Michael Calderone. And put “scathing e-mails” in the hed. Will that do it? Uh, probably not.

Weigel, who apparently spends half his time at the Post apologizing for the mild stuff he types on his blog or Twitter — because the teabagger people he covers are notoriously thin-skinned — wisely decided to keep this Media Bistro person from getting any desperately needed traffic. He apologized to his readers for whatever utterly uncontroversial things he typed on a private email list, quoted the allegedly offensive parts so they’re out there for all to see, and hopefully that will be the end of it.

It is kind of shocking that the Post — an awful newspaper that employs a dementia ward’s worth of idiot old neo-con hacks who spew the most vile, dangerous bullshit on a daily basis — ever hired somebody like Weigel. We have long admired his weird obsessions and actual shoe-leather reporting. But it’s getting ridiculous that he is either forced or feels compelled to constantly apologize for everything. HEY, THE ATLANTIC, why don’t you people solve this problem? Or Weigel, how about just start acting like a privileged asshole who can say/do whatever he wants. It’s the way of the Washington Post!

Never apologize, never explain. [Dave Weigel]

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  1. [re=606053]progressiveinga[/re]: Don’t worry, this is about as Inside Baseball DC Media as you can get. But it’s part of our Editorial Mission, along with the Blingees and the poop jokes.

  2. He only fully apologized for one comment, but really shouldn’t have; he was right, this world would be a better place if Matt Drudge set himself fire.

  3. Wasn’t there some sort of “controversy” over JournoList during the ’08 campaign or soon after Obama’s inauguration, when the conservative media decided it was a nefarious tool the White House was using to send around that day’s liberal talking points to all organs of the mainstream media so they would all do Hopey’s bidding?

    Whatever. Good to know the inside-the-Beltway media continues to cover the important issues.

  4. [re=606064]imissopus[/re]: Newell wrote about it, let me find it and link it. And yeah, it is CRUCIAL NEWS, these email lists. It just repulses me that these near-death newspaper companies want the twitters and the blogs because hey, cheap content, and that’s what “the kids” (40-year-old people with graduate degrees) are doing, right? And then when the Twitters and blogs display any actual personality or opinion, the newspaper people are all “wahhh my pussy hurts.”

  5. [re=606069]Ken Layne[/re]:

    Wow, that last sentence made me flash on Helen Thomas for a second. And it wasn’t pretty, Ken. It wasn’t pretty.

  6. [re=606069]Ken Layne[/re]: Righteous indignation becomes you. Damn, now I’m all lathered up, too. Not really, but hey, it’s the best I can do re: a story w/o buttsecks.

  7. The Atlantic cannot help Dave Weigel, because they are too busy trying to find the next Tom Friedman.

    I mean, come on. The man actually wrote a book titled “The World is Flat”, and one literally (LITERALLY) had to read the dust jacket to figure out he didn’t mean it in the literal sense, actually. Because he’s Tom Friedman, and you really couldn’t put it past him, is what I’m saying.

  8. I too have had the persistent thought that everything would start going right in the world if Matt Drudge were just to die a horrible, painful self-inflicted death, and soon.

  9. [re=606053]progressiveinga[/re]: There is the right-wing narrative and there is mocking that narrative, but there is no other narrative, is the point.

  10. Properly written, that piece should have read as follows:

    “To those who may have been offended by anything I have recently written: suck my gnarly balls.

    Eat Shit,

  11. Can someone turn this story into some kind of skit? Skits are good at helping me to understand complicated, arcane and/or convoluted issues. Soap operas are a good example of why this is so. Bristol Palin, the actress, can play the teenager who gets knocked up by one of the Washington Post editors, in an irrelevant yet interesting side story.

  12. The comment section on the article is very amusing. It seems someone opened the gate on the comments section of Politico, and all the lunatics escaped to the Weigel article. Or maybe they’re Freepers or RedStaters. Anyhow they are demented and funny, and I can only hope Mr. Weigel keeps insulting wingnuts and posting apologies.

  13. List of Actual Journalists (People Who Go Outside And Find News) left in America:

    1. Dave Weigel
    2. Matt Taibbi
    3. Jim Newell
    4. Daily Show correspondence team
    5. Josh Marshall (retired)
    6. ?

  14. [re=606144]RoscoePColtraine[/re]:

    1. Guy makes mildly obnoxious comment about right-wing.

    1. Right wing goes utterly batshit.

    See: Palin, Sarah

  15. Personally, I want an apology for his scathing comments being so excruciatingly dull. In the right-wing nutosphere, Debbie Schlussel and some random conservative blogger are calling each other “hooker” and “fat idiot.”

    Step it up, Weigel. Damn.

  16. HEY, Ken, how about apologizing for putting the scary dead animals or whatever over the hot guy from FIT. Can’t you reverse the position of the ads?

  17. Matt Drudge has always been flaming, so Dave’s comment seems redundant. I don’t know of anyone who reads the Drudge Report since America Online stopped service to senior citizens on dialup modems.

  18. [re=606069]Ken Layne[/re]: I followed a link to the story Weigel wrote about the emails he received that set him off on his JournoList tirade to begin with, and of course it’s some minor-league bullshit that made the wingnuts jump on him to begin with. But yeah, a private email list. Next they’ll want to know what kind of venting he’s doing in his diary.

  19. He blinks too much when he’s on tv. Very distracting. And now he’s grimacing when he realizes he’s blinking too much. Guess email is the only way to make blinking people grimace.

  20. [re=606204]Looy[/re]: If you watch all the sites closely, all the top “traffic” sites just read each other. You can see how a story written in Georgia Times of Atlanta replicates across them. Whoever chances on it posts it, and the rest just rehash with minimal commentary hoping their audience thinks they found it first.

    Basically, we are all aggregators, portals, whatever the new “name” sites that want to call themselves news sites use. To do a real news site requires putting on pants at some point.

  21. [re=606058]Ken Layne[/re]:

    “Don’t worry, this is about as Inside Baseball DC Media as you can get. But it’s part of our Editorial Mission, along with the Blingees and the poop jokes.”

    ok, I admit it, I’m a few cocktails past walking the line, touching my nose and saying z,y,,x,w, (what the hell comes next, didn’t I memorize this shit once?). Um, whatever, I’ve taken to only clicking on shit that has Ken’s name on it cuz I’m a communist socialist pig.

    Seriously, what’s up with these damn babies and their blingees shit and smart commentary and what the hell. And did I miss the poop jokes, really? Damn, that sucks, cuz I really like the poop jokes.

    And OMG…. Blogs, twitters, Newell, and Pussies? You are aware that these top the list of shit that we don’t give a shit about right? Ok… never mind, if I were a guy or gay, maybe I’d give a shit about pussies; and Newell, let’s just make that a “ditto”, cuz I hate to admit that I’ve missed the s.o.b. a bit, and what are we left with, twitters? Fuck twitters, I am desperately clinging to the last of my humanity.

    I take great pride in being the non-conformist. I didn’t buy pong when pong was cool. I didn’t buy a Rubik’s cube when that was cool, I never bought a cabbage patch doll or a beanie fricking baby… so I’m not buying into these newbies and twitties and whatever bullshit now. I’m a crabby old bitch, but I bet I’ll be out dancing, out humping, out surviving you conformist pussies. Just sayin’… also.

    And OMG,

    [re=606144]RoscoePColtraine[/re]: anything you say… skits, bullshit, whatever,you’re the man! You make me wish we were doing the whole thumbs up/thumbs down, like/whatever posts, cuz just about everytime you post I’m looking for the whoo-hoo button!

  22. The funniest part of this is watching conservatives routinely take umbrage for his inability to properly blend in as a conservative. It’s as if they forgot that it is possible to cover news objectively.

  23. It is an inside baseball D.C. journalism thing, but Ken approaches it just right, with the proper amount of saracasm, cutting-down insults, humor and by noting that the people involved in this stupid thing–Weigel, Drudge, whoever ruined FishbowlDC, which used to be pretty good, several others–are all guilty as charged of just practicing juvenile, childish, unprofessional journalism, if you can even call what these guys are doing journalism. Weigel, or Weeble, or whatever the hell his name is, needs to do something called REPORTING, and use what real journalists call RESEARCH, REPORTING, INTERVIEWING, ATTENDING EVENTS, TALKING TO PEOPLE, SOURCING, GATHERING DOCUMENTS, GETTING MORE SOURCES, TALKING TO MORE PEOPLE, DOCUMENTATION, MORE RESEARCH, MORE REPORTING–you know, real journalism. Not some stupid “blog” thing. FishbowlDC needs to forget about these stupid bubble-world parties, stop acting like an 8-year-old, get some real sources, get your readers back, get your sources back, do real reporting, and post real news about real media issues that actually matter to the world. Sludge, or Drugery, or whomever the hell he is, also needs to get back to practicing real journalism. And change the look of that outdated, horrible website.

    These people need to know that just because you have access to a computer or some fancy electronic device that has applications and the internet–that does not, on any conceivable level, make you a real journalist. And writing an idiotic “blog” also does not make you a real journalist–on any level.

    If there’s any lesson here, it’s that the number of terrible, amateurish so-called “journalists” has risen along with the rise in websites and the internet, and that’s not a good thing.

    It’s very simple for these juvenile people: Start practicing real journalism. And stop writing idiotic items about idiotic things. And get some news judgement.

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