Remember this guy, Dale Peterson, with his dumb horse and dumb gun and whatever? Well, he lost. But like every other tween-aged girl on YouTube, this fool equates national derision with sudden local importance. We were laughing at you, Dale. Go ahead and dream of shootin’ people for taking campaign signs promoting the guy who handed your flat ass right back to you. [Political Wire]

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  1. no, no i don’t want dale peterson watching my back. in fact if i ever have to get from georgia to mississippi, i would probably go through tennessee, maybe even kentucky just to be safe….if ever a guy was born to die cleaning his gun its dale peterson.

  2. I teach hunter safety in Alaska, and noticed that in the first ad, this dumbass broke three of the four basic rules we teach students, and in this ad, he broke the fourth one. Nice going. Also, notice the phrasing “I was a Marine during Viet Nam.” I think it’s safe to assume he wasn’t teaching gun handling here in the states.

  3. Is “head on back to his chicken farm” a common Alabama insult, or another Dale Peterson patented nonsense phrase?

    For a second, the “psychopath lost election, will now shoot everyone” made me think I had fallen into a time warp to November and Reid had been reelected over Sharron Angle, and I was reading a traditional newspaper.

  4. So tough guy has a degree in Sociology, and has a thing for llamas. I know this thanks to a link from Wonketteer Enslave the Whales.

    “Dale and his wife, Kathy, became intrigued with llamas in the mid eighties.”

    Keep fuckin’ those llamas, Dale.

  5. He lost the primary and now he’s about to lose his Wikipedia entry. “It is proposed that this article be deleted because of the following concern:
    Failed politician.” LOL

  6. From “Shoot’em Up” Dale’s bio: “He joined the Marine Corps in 1963, returning to Birmingham in 1967, where he became a police officer”. I’m seeing no evidence that he was protecting lawn signs in Southeast Asia during the Viet Nam war…..damn it, no wonder we lost….

  7. poster boy for the sore losers of america.

    if he’s looking for a new meaningful pursuit, he should get himself over to pakistan. i hear they have a lot of openings there for angry white american men with guns and chips on their shoulders.

  8. [re=600834]Katydid[/re]: Musta been a big Michael Jackson fan, didn’t Michael have llamas, at Neverland? Wait a minute, are we talking llamas, or Tony Lamas?

  9. AWWWWWWWW SHIT, NO HE DI’N just insinuate that Dorman Grace’s paid sign-stealers are Tennessee fans (check the hat). “Dummy” is one thing, but he better lay in some extra ammo if he starts throwing “Vol” around.

  10. I just came across a passage from, of all sources, Theophrastus (371-287 BC) that seems relevant:

    “Ἀδολεχία is a mode of circumlocution in rambling and rashly chosen words, and the ἀδολέσχης is, e.g. a man who approaches someone he does not at all know (in a train or wherever) and gives him a long speech in praise of his own wife, ir relates to him what he dreamt that night, or treats in detail what happened in the afternoon. After that, if the other is still listening, he goes on to say that people today are much worse than formerly, that the price of wheat in the market has rise, that there are many foreigners in town, that since the Dionysian festival the sea has become more navigable again (these are all obvious things), that if Zeus would send more rain it would be better, that the harvest will be such and such this year, and that in general life is difficult” (Characters, M. Heidegger, trans.).

    So, put into historical perspective, Dale Peterson is just one example of a rich tradition of babbling assholery.

  11. I would like to apologize to the rest of America for this douchenozzle. I have no snark or words for this. He, Fresh Hell? You got anything?

  12. Hey, did you all see, that man filmed a political ad, in which, the entire time he is speaking, he is holding a loaded gun over his shoulder, and at the end, he threatens to shoot someone with it.

  13. That’s just fucking crazy…

    Most yard signs are taken down by road crews mowing weeds.

    On second thought there should be a law against yard signs. They are a total waste of money, cause all kinds of moronic problems and never get picked up after the election is over.

  14. [re=600847]13ollocks To The Rules[/re]: I’m betting he was an 8th and I POG. Combat vets generally don’t talk about it, and they tend not to be gun nuts, either.

  15. [re=600873]Johnny Zhivago[/re]: I dunno. My dad was a local politician in rural Tennessee, and he was ALWAYS getting his signs stolen by his redneck opponents. It’s sort of a Southern tradition.

  16. [re=600825]Tom the Bunny[/re]: I teach that here in Illinois. And I’m thinking I should show these ads in the next class…right after I tell the Dick Cheney story about shooting his friend in the face because the rich men were too cheap to have dogs along on their hunting trip. Stupid Fucks.

  17. [re=600880]Lazy Media[/re]: When I was in local politics here in NJ, I never had signs tampered with – but my opponent in a primary – claimed to have a bunch of his signs taken down and set on fire on his driveway. He never blamed me and the story was that he was a school soccer coach who was widely despised by a lot of parents and one of them decided to take it out on his signs.

  18. [re=600886]Gumboz1953[/re]: If he was in southern Louisiana right now, presumably he’d be shooting BP cleanup workers … “that’ll show their damn bossman”

  19. We could have had this guy at the Hayward hearing but noooooooo, we get Code Pink screaming nonsense and rubbing corn syrup on their face and hands.

  20. Meanwhile, Wonkette hero and macho Alabama bidnessman Tim James, is in the midst of an exciting RECOUNT in the Republican primary for Governor in Alabama, where he is behind by 208 votes out of some 490,000! Needs moar coverage. How about a liveblog?

  21. [re=600893]Johnny Zhivago[/re]: When I worked for a congressional campaign, and I would bet money its someone you know, a real rocket scientist, the kids on the campaign (I was considerably older) thought it was great fun to sandwich the opponents signs, leave them where they were, but put one of our signs on either side of it, about, oh, a millimeter away. I think the signs are more morale-booster, drama make pretend fun for the supporters, than any real value. You have to do them, just because you’d look bad if you don’t.

  22. [re=600865]Duz Itayew[/re]: This is much worse than the original. Whereas in the primary we could laugh while Dale Peterson and Les Phillip put out crazy ads and came in last, this ad has the potential to have a real impact. At least we have Glen Zorn in November.

  23. “”That means exactly what it says, ‘during Vietnam,’ ” Peterson said. “I say what I mean and I mean what I say.”

    Peterson said he never served in Vietnam.

    So where did he serve? “From San Juan to Camp LeJeune to Parris Island.”

    That’s San Juan, Puerto Rico; the Marine Corps base camp in LeJeune, N.C.; and the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in Parris Island, S.C. Peterson said he was an MP (military police) in San Juan.

    Does he worry that he might have given the impression that he served in Vietnam?

    “All they have to do is look at the words,” Peterson said. “If I had served in Vietnam, I for damn sure would have said I did. I served during Vietnam, and I am quite proud if it.””

  24. Man sipping a mint julep whilst standing by a picture window: Oh Jeez, hon. Dale’s out there with that goddamn video camera again. Wonder who he’s going shoot this time.

  25. Dale Peterson, charged with 7 counts of first-degree murder, pleaded not guilty, using the time-tested defense of “but them thugs and criminals was stealin’ yard signs!”

  26. somebody better tell em’ before I spill a hundred rounds and have evvverybody bailin. I’ll have your stupid ass dead up in the woods dude.

  27. “Ah wud in da Marines durin’ Nam. Ah smashed some roaches in Hawaii, beat up sum hippy girl and raped a few Chinks. Vote fer me, Ah’ll sayve ya from dose ‘niggers’ if’n yer a rich whate guy”.

  28. Dale Peterson selflessly sacrificed to be stationed in San Juan, Puerto Rico: thus giving another man in his stead the chance to say “I was a Marine IN Vietnam.”

    Unfortunately, that other man died in combat.

  29. [re=600808]crapshooter102[/re]: That’s not a “carbine.”

    It’s a Henry rifle that Dale’s great-grandpappy stole from the dying hands of an 18 year old member of the color guard of the 20th Maine VIR (Col. Joshua L. Chamberlain, MoH, commanding) before the remaining heros of the Pine Tree State drove what was left of the 15th Alamba down the slopes of Little Round Top at the point of the bayonet:

    Over the years, the rifle was past down, from father to son, as an honored heirloom and memento mori of the fact that ALABAMAIANS IN PARTICULAR, AND SOUTHERNERS IN GENERAL, ARE A BUNCH OF FOOOKIN’ LOSERS!!!!!!

    :::Ahem::: Sorry about that last bit. Col. Chamberlain, a professor of rhetoric, said it better: “Boys, give them the bayonet! CHARGE!!!!”

  30. [re=600889]pondscum[/re]: Dogs are not going to stop one from shooting someone in the face after having “a few beers”.

  31. [re=600831]JMP[/re]: In Nevada it’s called a chicken ranch. In New Jersey it’s a “pussy parlor”. I love our regional colloquialisms. So quaint.

  32. [re=600834]Katydid[/re]: One “L” lama is a priest, two “L” lama is an animal. Three “L” lama is a dang big fire.

  33. [re=600847]13ollocks To The Rules[/re]: From 1963 to 1967 most American service personnel weren’t white. It was when white folks started getting drafted and sent over there and shot up that we called the whole thing off…

  34. [re=600867]Prommie[/re]: I call BS. I don’t think that gun was loaded. The recorded report sounded a whole lot more like a .22 LR than a carbine round.

    Needed more jump cuts like in the original. Also.

  35. [re=600921]Prommie[/re]: Agreed. And I think some are torn down in every campaign. What I really love, however, is the “winners’ signs” that go up the morning after the election!

  36. [re=600889]pondscum[/re]: Good idea- show the two ads, and ask everyone to list the instances of unsafe gun handling- I’ll bet every single student spots every offense right off the bat. What an asshat.

  37. Dale, it’s MICK-millan, you goofy gun-mad sign protectin’ ‘lection losin’ chicken farmer hatin’ Vietnam action hintin’ big John likin’ more than is natural heapa shit. Does it to you?

  38. Oh, one other thing: Anyone who carries/owns a brass receiver Winchester lever-action copy/clone (or whatever it is) such as Dimbulb is mishandling is, by definition, a homo.

    The same is not necessarily true of a reproduction black powder revolver. Not necessarily, mind you. But even in a revolver it would be suspect.

    (But the hooded front set, on a “saddle rifle,” definitely is GAY. Completely.)

    Executive Director,
    Transgendered Outreach/Reach Around Program
    National Rifle Association Capitol Lobby Unit
    The Men’s Room Closest To The Office Of The Senator Minority Leader
    Stall No. 3
    Washington, D.C.

  39. [re=601327]Tundra Grifter[/re]: :::Ahem:::

    Both the Winchester Model 1894 .32-40 John Wayne Commemorative and the Model 1892 .44-40 John Wayne Centennial have steel receivers:

    (The problem is that brass is a softer metal. It is easier to machine, but not as strong. You can get away with using brass in a lower-powered black powder pistol replica, but it is much more problematic in a rifle receiver chambered for modern ammunition.)

    That said, anyone who hangs a “commemorative” anything on a wall is, by defintion, a homo.

    Executive Director,
    Transgendered Outreach/Reach Around Program
    National Rifle Association Capitol Lobby Unit
    The Men’s Room Closest To The Office Of The Senator Minority Leader
    Stall No. 3
    Washington, D.C.
    “Tap Three Times, And ENTER!”

  40. So he’s…basically admitting that his was a shadow candidacy designed as a turd in the punchbowl of the frontrunner. That’s real white of him to come out and admit it. Now pull the danged trigger, dad gum!

  41. I suspect even Tim James knows that Vietnam is a place, not a time period.

    Space/time issues don’t confuse me so much anymore. How ’bout yew?

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