As long as Campbell Brown never quits Wonkette.MSNBC host Keith Olbermann is sick and tired of you libtards complaining about him on the DailyKos. So that’s it, no more Keith Olbermann blog posts on the Daily Kos … unless you people start behaving. You don’t have to behave really well, just make the site “the way it was even a year ago,” and then “let me know and I’ll be back.” Will it happen? Can it happen? More and more, it seems like every dream of the Obama Presidency is an oil-soaked dead pelican. [DailyKos]

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  1. “Haven’t verified…but I’m hearing…” That’s pretty common among anonymous commenters. Translated, it means “Hell, I’m just making this stuff up but I feel like saying it…”.

  2. it’s a hard-knock life, enduring the withering mild disrespect of the occasional internet commentator. look what it did to ken layne’s drinking habits!

  3. Gah. Edward R. Murrow, if Murrow were a paranoid, cowardly crybaby. So in other words, he fits America today the way Murrow fit America in the uptight, chain-smoking, conformist ’50s.

  4. To be fair to Keith, Daily Kos (along with quite a few other liberal blogs) has gotten fairly obnoxious since 2009, with constant whining about how they elected Obama and he hasn’t given them all ponies yet. Of course, giving a soapbox to anyone who wants it doesn’t help.

  5. [re=600553]FMA[/re]: Here’s the worst thing about Olbermann: he’s moving into blog-commenter territory himself when he (correctly) calls Limbaugh a “goddamn pig” for goofing on the Sascha and Malia.

    No wait, the worst thing about Olbermann is when he reads Thurber.

    Oh also when he wanders back into maundering stentorian-voice sportstalk about no-hitters denied and such.

    Oh and his “Worst Person” schtick.

    Actually it all sucks. It’s embarrassing to even know this much about his lousy show.

  6. Doesn’t anyone remember how awful dKos and liberal blogs were during the 2008 primaries? Have we forgotten the Hillbot/Obamatard wars? Wonkette was a place of refuge back then.

  7. Wow, what a pussy. I guess he’s so used to spewing his invective in a uni-directional manner without the added fun of responses to his retardedness.

    Yeah, the internet is a scary place if you’re a douchenozzle.

  8. Dailykos commenters are not unlike the citizens of Springfield. “We’re twice as smart as the people of Shelbyville! Just tell us your idea and we’ll vote for it!”

  9. I’m a lifelong liberal, proud of it, hate the Republicans viscerally, think Beck and Limbaugh and O’Reilly are scum, will piss on Dick Cheney’s grave if they ever let out where the fuck is buried (when he croaks), etc etc etc.

    But, Olbermann makes me want to retch. What a self-regarding bag of bloviating bullshit he is.

  10. Keith, baby–your complaints sound more like the whining conservatards you blast on a routine basis. Suck it up or get offline, sweetheart.

  11. I tried signing up for DailyKos finally last year, just after Obama won the Nobel. I made a post wondering why they chose him and people immediately requested I be banned.

    So I always figured it was unwaveringly pro-Obama, no matter what. Meh, I’m glad Olbermann doesn’t like them now. Obama is pretty “bleh” and they’re all a bunch of people emblematic of the stereotypes about libtards you get from places like Red State.

  12. The funny thing is I was reading the Daily KOS, thread yesterday that so offends Olbermann. It was primarily an endless parade of attacks on Obama and his “ineffectual, not-sufficiently ranty, Olbermann-like speech”. At precisely the same time as all this was going down, Obama was in the White House shaking down BP (also known as the “Big People”) for $20 Billion large with no caps. And last night, after being humiliated by the sequence of events–a perfunctory speech followed by a very public humiliation of BP execs–Olbermann went on the air and pretended that he hadn’t been punked.

  13. What a self-important wanker. I could never figure out why so many liberals elevated this jackass to leadership status, though the usual response is something along the lines of “Finally we have our own Rush Limbaugh!”

    oh, hooray.

  14. [re=600638]PabaBritannica[/re]: It’s people who will never stand for criticism of Obama and people who do nothing but criticize him, endlessly arguing with each other; or at least it was the last time I read one of their comment threads, a long time ago.

  15. There are comment threads on Daily Kos? Who knew.

    Most comment threads are worse than call-in radio, which makes my ears bleed. They give masturbatory self promotion a bad name.

    The only comment threads on the web worth looking at are right here. I am still laughing about “wait until they have to press 2 for english.”

  16. frankly i expected to hear more from olbermann, he has had plenty of time to formulate and articulate a plan to clean up daily kos, i thought is rant was short on details, and he hasn’t explained how he will hold the commenters responsible for the spills they make…

  17. [re=600617]tencentcomic[/re]:

    No, actually mindlessly defending politicians is more like “conservatards”.

    What Maddow, Matthews, Fineman and he did is more like what people with actual principles do.

  18. Olbermann is generally more tolerable than DailyKos (I usually faint from boredom every time I go to the main page), but they are both really annoying, also.

  19. also, really, the only blog I can stand to bother reading the comments is our dear Wonkette– and just the comments are here are better than most things on the intertubez

  20. [re=600643]Fighting Bill[/re]: It does kinda bug me that people seem more or less convinced that he “jumped the gun” with his speech, and should have waited until after they got BP to do exactly what they asked, because they’re incapable of linking “cause” and “effect” together in any coherent way.

    Honestly, there’s plenty out there to criticize Obama over, but bloody hell if Salon doesn’t do a helluva better job there than Olbie and the Kossacks, who seem to just be echoing the “why isn’t Obama more of an angry black man” bullshit the rest of the media’s playing up.

  21. Olbermann’s down with O’Reilly now in thinking that Kos comment threads are the center of the liberal universe. They can commiserate over drinks at the robot-pundit commissary after their shifts. Don’t they know the real pulse(what people are saying) of the internets is over at youtubes comments? Also.

  22. Keithward R. Murrow-You just made the list, buddy. And I don’t like nobody touching my stuff. So just keep your meat-hooks off. If I catch any of you guys in my stuff, I’ll kill you. Also, I don’t like nobody touching me. Now, any of you homos touch me, and I’ll kill you.
    I also heard at Kos that Obie does the most delightful Malia impersonation of all!

  23. The funniest things on Daily Kos are the 30 million “diaries” demanding that people “go look at this on Fox,” “click on this link to Free Republic,” “head on over to Politico,” and “give more hits to Red State.” It’s like DK is the only liberal outlet they frequent, everything else is wingnutland, which must be monitored closely in order to return to DK to express frothing outrage in the manner pre-approved by the DK HIVEMIND. “Rec list? Gee golly gosh, you guys! I really don’t deserve this great honor for pointing you to the Glen Beck clip that was already aired on national television! Let’s keep fighting the good fight… by giving Glen Beck higher ratings!”

    Here’s a thought, Kos people… perhaps you should not go to those sites and TV shows you seemingly don’t agree with and give them traffic. I know it’s fun to make yourselves angry, organize mass email spam to the interns at Drudge Report, and then log on to Daily Koz to have a large-scale outragegasm, but to the rest of the world, you look even more gullible and reactionary than the people who actually go to those sites because they agree with them.

    And now that you’ve driven away your Liberal Rush Limbaugh®, Rachael Maddow has to spend more money on a new server to keep up with the millions of emails sent to her each minute by Daily Kos people threatening to boycott her if she does not show clips of Sean Hannity saying the things he purposely says to piss off liberals to get them to watch his show.

  24. [re=600638]PabaBritannica[/re]: I walked away shortly after the inauguration, when the wails of “Traitor” first started ringing out. Between the fact that Rick Warren was chosen to give the invocation and the fact that the entire Bushyt Misadministration was not being hanged from the gallows that were built from the lumber that was used to build the stands in front of the Capitol building.
    I guess some people still haven’t received the unicorn that they were promised for voting for President Obama.

  25. Apparently, you can’t criticize Obama at DKos. And you can’t criticize Olberman, or he won’t flog his TV show on your website anymore.

    Can I just say, and not for the first time, thank God for Wonkette. Finally, my bleeding liberal heart can stop feeling guilty about secretly detesting him. Olberman is absolutely insufferable with his sanctimonious, self righteous schtick, and I got a good giggle reading his GBCW post over on DKos.

    Never fear, Kossacks–he’ll come crawling back when his ratings need a boost.

  26. [re=601040]kayebee[/re]: Yup, a GBCW post on Dkos was the icing on the cake for me to. Apparently he is upset because someone on the internet is wrong and they happened to post on Dkos and thereby Dkos is bad.


  27. [re=601040]kayebee[/re]: …and don’t get me started on Rachel ‘Five O’Clock Shadow’ Maddow, Keithward’s hand puppet. Sorry, I mean ‘President’ Maddow. Is she Anne Coulter in drag?

  28. [re=601230]GtownMarla[/re]: Okay, I have to ask, and maybe it’s just the BP oil wasn’t properly used on my bunghole, but do you people like anything? At least at other political blogs the people seem to stand for something. I love the stories here and the comments often make me chuckle, but come on, stop bitching. It’s like someone taught you that being a subversive means you hate everyone. I’m a lefty and the Kos-burglars annoy me with their “we’re like wingnuts, only Democrats!” schtick. But honestly, short of Truck Nutz and Buttsecks the vast majority of you are just sour; sometimes funny but sour.

    At some point you have to take stock and realize “okay, I’ve become a bitch” and I think this moment has arrived. Olbermann is at times insufferable but at times entertaining. With the vigor in which many commenters here trash your own pundits and side you sound a lot more like redstate wingnuts than you do libtards. I’m on the West Coast so granted some of your odd East coast rivalries have always a bit alien, but seriously, mellow out people! You don’t have to take every story on here and turn into your personal exposition for how much you hate everything and everyone else for putting themselves out there.

    I doubt I’ll get comments and if I do they’ll be probably be flames but do me and yourselves all a favor and spare me. Instead, instruct me as a newer member and lover of all that is wonkette what you do stand for and why I shouldn’t write half the commenters off as Kossack Rebels or secret wingnuts with the lingo down without a place and an intrinsic need to bitch about everything and everyone else. Explain what you stand for, because I’m still trying to figure out if I’m in Neo-Abbey Hoffman land on Wonkette (which I love), or instead a gathering place with smart and funny writers and a cast of troll commenters expelled from every other liberal site with an axe to grind.

  29. [re=601422]One Flew Over the Wingnut[/re]: Think of Wonkette as your neighborhood after-work BYOB bar and it’s motley crew, half of us drunk, and with stoopids not served, but skewered.

    But nevar forget: Wonkette is the Funniest Blog in the Intartubes™!!!one!!!

  30. [re=600901]Slattenpat[/re]: One of the reasons why I don’t watch Ed Schultz or Chris Matthews is because they love to give platforms for rightwingers to spew bs. MSNBC needs to know that I mute their rightwing ad for Tweety’s special, and sometimes turn from the channel, because I don’t wanna hear the president disparaged and cursed out every 15 minutes. MSNBC is no flip side of Fox News.

    But I remain loyal to Keith. He was the first liberal to curse out Bush while working in the lamestream media. So everybody chill over Keith. And Thurber is good for you.

  31. [re=601422]One Flew Over the Wingnut[/re]: The reason Olbermann and “left wingnuts” (TM) are met with such nekkid hostility in these here erudite circles is that while we might agree with 99% of their views, they do those views (and us) no favours by being such fucking caricatures that they are instantly dismissable.

    …plus Olbermann’s faux outrage shtick is really tiresome.

    …oh! And the Edward R. Murrow-lite thing. Not good. He should piss on someone else’s grave.

    …but mostly it’s that extra helping of vitriol some of us can’t help feeling towards the clowns that make our side look bad. Kinda like the seething hatred you hear from the few thinking conservatives out there (now, now!) when they speak of the Glenn Becks and Sarah Palins of the world.

  32. [re=601422]One Flew Over the Wingnut[/re]: As a great man once said, and I’m paraphrasing, “Get busy hating, or get busy dying.” I’m pretty sure it was Thomas Jefferson.

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