America's trailer park.Popular moderate orange-skinned married-to-a-lady-now Republican Governor Charlie Crist was knocked out of the Florida GOP Senate primary by angry teabaggers and their angry Tea Party candidate Marco Rubio, and now the “independent” Crist is looking pretty good to Democrats. Why? Well mostly because some insane rich slob has bought his way onto the Democratic ticket, and the guy is really gross and weird — even for Florida.

The Politico has this important political update:

Democrats are beginning to consider the increasingly realistic prospect that their nominee might be a “meltdown mogul” — one who collects erotic art, had Mike Tyson serve as his best man and once hosted “Hollywood Madam” Heidi Fleiss as a house guest.

Tacky, sure, but not a dealbreaker for Floridians, who are the tackiest people in America. The thing that makes Greene unpalatable to the people who welcomed Rush Limbaugh and O.J. Simpson may be the way Greene made his fortune: By betting against the housing market and cashing in on the collapse of Florida’s real estate. [Politico]

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