Mummified windbag John McCain was jabbering his usual nonsense during a Senate Armed Services hearing today when star witness General David Petraeus just keeled over. Why does McCain hate the Troops?

We can laugh, of course, because Petraeus returned to his witness table a few minutes later, greeted by applause, just like in ROCKY.

ABC News has this hysterical report:

While testifying at the Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on Afghanistan, Gen. David Petraeus, commander of the US Central Command, passed out at the witness table.

Sen. John McCain, R-AZ, was in the middle of praising Petraeus for his efforts in Afghanistan when the four star general appears to have briefly passed out. The C-Span camera in the room was focused on McCain at the time, a soft rumpling noise could be heard as McCain looked surprised. The feed then went to a high shot from the back of the room. Someone could be overheard quietly saying, “Oh my God” as several staffers rushed to help him.

McCain-Petraeus 2012!

Honestly, do you know much about David Petraeus, who is apparently kind of weird and un-killable?

Petraeus, who was treated for prostate cancer in 2009, is a marathon runner who is said to pride himself on his physical fitness. He survived a shot in the chest in 1991 when a soldier accidentally discharged his rifle.

As the general left the Capitol today, he told reporters that he will be back to testify tomorrow when the hearing resumes.

“I’ll eat breakfast tomorrow,” he said.

A breakfast of human hearts, he added, before looking up at the Sun and flying away. [ABC News]

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  1. “He survived a shot in the chest in 1991 when a soldier accidentally discharged his rifle.” Weapons safety is a bitch, isn’t it?

    This guy was the genius who was supposed to save our asses in Iraq with The Surge™. Sully was having multiple orgasms about him, as I recall. How many explosions in Baghdad today?

  2. I feel like John McCain’s “surprised” face must look a lot like his “Oh, I thought I was done pooping but here comes another log” face.

  3. Despite this hiccup, McCain is still well ahead of Petraeus in the ‘Dead Pool.’

    My friends, can we get the general a glass of juice?

  4. McCain thinks setting timelines to transition to Afghan self-rule and self-security betrays all those American dollars that lost their lives in Kandahar. After all, an exit strategy where Afghanis are an able to take care of themeselves is just another way to say the terrorists win.

  5. “A breakfast of human hearts, he added, before looking up at the Sun and flying away.”

    they serve those fresh every morning in the senate dining room, but he better get there early, they always go fast.

  6. This whole post, it’s just…sublime.

    The look on Juan “Urkel” McCain’s face is PRICELESS, and the little thought bubble floating in his atrophied brain surely read “Henngh? Did I do that?”

    Even better is the look on the face of the young lady in the pants suit. It was like something from “Dynasty” circa 1982.

    “You son-of-a-bitch! He never wanted your praise! He is doing this thing for love! You did this to him, just as surely as if you had walked over here and breathed the stale air from your trapped death rattle into his nostrils. May God forgive you.”

    Or something like that, it is a great look, anyway.

  7. Why do you think CindyMac demanded so many houses? She’s trying to protect herself from too much exposure to his Boredom Death Rays.

  8. Eh, I’ll give McCain credit. His gut reaction was to try to catch the guy. Too far away, obviously, but you can see his arms jerk.

  9. Petraeus came away from the meeting with a new weapon for Afghanistan, broadcasting McCain speeches to knock the enemy unconscious before an attack.

  10. [re=598612]Aflac Shrugged[/re]: See, this is exactly why we don’t make Highlander jokes about Afghanistan, even if there’s a guy running around with a sword like an idiot. You’ve probably gone and started The Quickening, you have.

  11. [re=598997]steverino247[/re]: Technically, the 5.56 mm round is not supposed to “kill.” If it does, fine. But as far as the military is concerned, it’s better to wound a soldier (enough to disable him). That way you take out the wounded soldier, the one or two buddies who will have to protect/support him, the medics, etc.

    That doesn’t make the M-16 any less of a POS. But the problem there is the weapons design, not the round per se.

    Anyway, back in the day, the conventional approach was to roll a M26 under the cot of overly enthusisatic ButterBars while the same was sleeping:

    That way, the target is not moving around. And with a hard floor, most of the blast is deflected upward.

    Neilist, Department of Personnel Management
    Your Army Forces
    Someplace Unpleasant (As Usual)
    Upper Absurdistan/Lower Revoltia

  12. [re=598924]populucious[/re]: No, no. That’s why she has those weird eyes. She death-rays HIM. This talent he has developed is just a defense mechanism … compounded by old age.

  13. Someone at HuffPo said (I know, I read some of those comments) that the photographers were trying to get a Gary Coleman shot.

  14. From an interview with Petraeus in Runner’s World: “I’ll go out hard, then ramp it up around five miles to try to waste him. I want to know how he’ll react and respond to the challenge, what his strength of character is … Obviously, I’m not just interested in whether someone is a good runner. But there’s something about an individual who has self-discipline, drive, basic fitness, and the heart to run reasonably well that indicates the kind of spirit that you are after in people who take on tough tasks.”

    Yeah, brag, brag, brag. But obviously, you’re no match for someone who “single-handedly” defeated the Viet Cong and then came home and destroyed the life of his first wife, just for fun.

  15. Petraeus must be McCain’s wingman when they hit the town after hours. He’s used to blasting those fuckers off the deck, yes he is!

  16. He cold fell over because of all the brass on the front of his jacket and shit. I mean, damn, that was a lot of brass on all those army types.

  17. A few minutes later Patraeus sat back down at the hearing. “Now where was I?” Said Senator McCain, “Oh, well, I’ll start over. Winning a war is a lot like landing an airplane, you’ve got two choices: crash it into the ground or eject yourself out in midair. Now, in Afghanistan, we’ve elected to stay the course and…excuse me, General? You seem to be fading again…”

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