Uh, got a point there, we bet!
The Senate defeated the Dirty Energy Industry’s sleazy attempt to prevent any kind of enforcement of gross carbon emissions, hooray, the ads on Wonkette worked! The AP had a pretty good single-sentence summary of what happened: “The defeated resolution would have denied the Environmental Protection Agency the authority to move ahead with the rules, crafted under the federal Clean Air Act.” But what really happened is Barack Obama literally pissed on the graves of dead veterans, at Arlington National Cemetery … and he did this right after Memorial Day!

Adhering to a half-century-old federal law to clean up America’s air that is enforced by a 40-year-old cabinet-level agency proposed and created by Richard Nixon, did you know this was a treasonous act? It is! Our Troops have been anointed by Sarah Palin to fight against our nation’s laws, so that …. uh, to support the troops! Anything else, such as American law, is technically illegal. When will the troops kill the Senate for this coup?

American freedom suffered a terrible setback today that desperately calls out for a constitutional revival. It will take forceful leadership to restore our nation’s elected branches back to their proper station. As Democracy gains ground in the Middle East thanks to perseverance of U.S. soldiers, it is ironic to see it lose ground here at home.

Ironic. There’s that word again! Wingnuts have been loving this word, on blogs, since Socialism/Fascism was imposed on America because of the anti-troops seduction of the popular vote, which savagely elected some moderate corporate Democrats. [American Spectator]

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  1. The Contards really don’t have much to work with anymore, do they?

    Is there a master Contard Mad Cons (because Libs R Ebil)

    *blank* happened and it
    a) makes Baby Jeebus Cry
    b) kills old people
    c) disrespects the troops
    d) Socialism
    e) Fascism
    f) destroys the US America Fambly Valus (sic)
    g) Rapes Baby Jeebus
    h) kills fetuses
    i) makes everyone gay or fuck dogs
    j) weakens US America
    k) all of the above

  2. “As Democracy gains ground in the Middle East thanks to perseverance of U.S. soldiers”

    Have there been some advances in Iraq that only this guy is privvy to?

  3. You see, irony would be this wingnut successfully lobbying against clean-air standards and then dying of lung disease. Or being hit by a bus, a big goddamn bus. Either one works.

  4. My grandpa served in WWII and what I’m really disgusted with are all those stopping me from catching pigeons and selling them as Kobe beef. What the hell did he fight for if not for that?

  5. “Restore our nation’s elected branches back to their proper station”? Aren’t these the dickweeds who wanted to make Dubya King George II?

  6. It’s only democracy if this Moonie gets a vote on every decision made by those elected to serving in the executive branch. Therefore, EPA actions not voted on by Mr Moonie are socialism/facism, which is ironic because we fought against the commies in WWII.

  7. Am I to understand that the EPA dishonors our troops by taking away their right to fight for fossil fuels? Is regulating the oil industry a job for the marines?

    [re=597041]gjdodger[/re]: It’s cyclical, just like climate change. Unitary executive when Republicans are in power, then restore the executive to its rightful place when they’re not.

  8. Fox Nation has a different take:
    Dey tuk ar jerbs!

    They used the other word to describe everything about Obama:

    “Jobs?….. Who Needs Jobs?

    The Democrats in the US Senate just rejected a bid to stop the radical Obama Administration from further strangling manufacturing and business in the United States.

    The vote was 53-47.

    53 Democrats rejected a bid by Republicans to block the new restrictions on American manufacturing!

  9. The elected branches are not in their proper station because the Senate rejected a law this nitwit wanted? Irony, I do not think that word means what he thinks it means.

    Oh, and when the EPA under Bush refused to regulate CO2, even this corporatist Supreme Court ruled they were failing to uphold the Clean Air Act. Or do older laws just automatically expire in Mr. Moonie’s world-view?

  10. [re=597025]Terry[/re]: “As Democracy gains ground in the Middle East thanks to perseverance of U.S. soldiers”

    You beat me to it. For me, that was the funniest thing in the whole post.

  11. The economic fallout would be devastating. The lowered CO2 targets favored by environmental pressure groups, which are in the neighborhood of 390 parts per million to 350 ppm, would spur a global depression. This would enable environmental activists to use the CAA as vehicle for forced deindustrialization.

    Well at least the author’s not comparing environmentalists to Nazis — just to the Khmer Rouge. That Kevin Mooney is probably up for some sort of award for understatement.

  12. [re=597034]Lascauxcaveman[/re]: Well I did recently lose 32 pounds obeying one rule discovered by a mom.

    [re=597048]Jim89048[/re]: Silly, Democracy is invalid when people elect leaders we don’t like. See also: Venezuela, Haiti, earlier in the 2000s in Iran (before the last, actually cheating election), and Chile 1972.

  13. My father fought the Nazis specifically to prevent the EPA from acting on its enabling legislation! (And like Gov. Jan Brewer’s daddy, he later died.) I also had forebears in the Civil War … on both sides! … and they each had the same dream: Environmental protection never!

  14. Old Texican here.
    All right, fess up. Which one of you wrote this:

    Folks, this tears it! This tears the blanket.

    Honestly, the healthcare bill can be buried and de-funded. This cannot be.

    This is literally cutting off the life-blood of our country.
    I am going to invest in mules that do not fart. I am going to spend what ever is left of my life looking at a mule’s butt, plowing my own corn.

    …heh…no I am not!

    I am firing the US government bureaucrats…en masse.

    “Feckless,” also.

  15. [re=597064]SayItWithWookies[/re]: 390 parts per million – 350 ppm doesn’t sound like enough parts per million of environmental pressure groups to actually spur a global depression.

    That sounds like scaremongering to me.

  16. My grandfather fought in WW1, WW2, Iran, Vietnam, Grenada, Laos, Cambodia, Nicaragua, Panama, Bosnia … and now works for Blackwater … and for WHAT? WHAT IS HAPPENING TO MY COUNTRY?!?!

  17. [re=597070]BeWoot[/re]: Yeah. Everybody knows that painting of Washington crossing the Delaware. What they left out was my great uncle Steve in the boat behind him, dynamiting fish and dumping huge buckets of treacle into the water with the rest of his citizen flotilla. They made this omission so as not to overshadow old George’s accomplishments with more important matters. A nation needs many heroes, after all.

  18. This guy was previously employed as the banker on The Beverly Hillbillies. Bachmann played Miss Hathaway, Palin was Ellie Mae. Can’t remember the name of the guy who played Jethro. I think I heard he has recently entered politics in SC.

  19. [re=597078]the problem child[/re]: Maybe if they all stood in the same place it would cause a depression. Definitely a little dent, at least — that is about a quarter of a million people.

  20. [re=597064]SayItWithWookies[/re]: Like we’re not in a global depression already…

    I’ve met guys who have actually shot Germans during my younger son’s various stays at VA facilities, but I forgot to ask them about any environmental issues other than lead projectiles of .50 caliber or less flying around.

  21. [re=597104]steverino247[/re]: They probably were too focused on other stuff to notice — but the cleanup fell under the Marshall Plan — you know, the socialist tax-and-spend boondoggle that didn’t create any real jobs and which kept Europe’s economy in the toilet after the war.

  22. [re=597156]SayItWithWookies[/re]: Yeah, there’s nothing to be gained from the Swords-to-Plowshares crazy. Why just the other day, I was wondering how many homes in the US could have solar panels installed for a trillion dollars. Oh, about 20 million of them, depending on the options. If you put some Manhattan Project emphasis on solving the problem of efficient solar instead of spoofing IED’s, you might get all of them done. Put them all on the grid and Arizona might actually be useful to the rest of the country.

  23. Real irony would be if there was a big oil spill right in Murkowski’s state. No, never mind. Irony would be if rising sea levels were endangering some species, say polar bears, in Murkowski’s home state. No, Damn all irony stuff.

  24. 5 things Republicans have in common with Alanis Morisette:

    1) Terrible hair
    2) Lack of idea of what “irony” actually is
    3) Pent-up rage
    4) … Canadian? Oh, fuck it.

    OK, THREE things.

  25. Oh. My. God.

    I tried to read that American Spectator article in hopes they could offer some twisted logic or twice removed kernel of truth to justify such a ridiculous headline, but apparently whoever wrote it just said “fuck it, why start now?” and just wrote whatever the hell popped into their head.

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