Mystery man is calling from *inside* the house.An unemployed black man who made no campaign appearances, has no campaign organization and mysteriously paid his $10,400 filing fee out of his own pocket handily won yesterday’s Democratic Senate primary in South Carolina. RedState teabagger creep Erick Erickson twittered “Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha” upon learning the news, and Mother Jones quickly revealed that the new nominee — 32-year-old Alvin Greene — is facing felony charges for allegedly showing obscene materials to a college girl and threatening to follow her to her dorm room. There is nothing at all suspicious about any of this.

Greene, if he’s not convicted and put in prison before the general election, will face entrenched wingnut Republican Senator Jim DeMint in November. And he will almost certainly lose, by a massive margin, which might be “the point” of whatever’s going on, if not for the fact that anybody running against DeMint was likely to lose, including actual qualified Democrats who maybe would’ve campaigned and raised money — including the actual qualified Democrat who did campaign, and did raise money, and lost by 16 points anyway:

The AP reports:

“Greene stunned state Democratic Party leaders by winning the nomination. He raised no money and put up no campaign website. He beat former four-term state lawmaker Vic Rawl, 64, who had raised about $186,000 and had to abruptly scrap a late-week fundraiser for the fall.”

Alvin Greene says he’s a veteran of both the Army and the Air Force, but he’s been out of the military and unemployed since last year. And that sentence is far more coherent than anything Greene has actually been quoted as saying, because the poor fellow sounds brain damaged:

Mother Jones reports:

But despite his lack of election funds, Greene claims to have criss-crossed the state during his campaign—though he declined to specify any of the towns or places he visited or say how much money he spent while on the road.

“It wasn’t much, I mean, just, it was — it wasn’t much. Not much, I mean, it wasn’t much,” he said, when asked how much of his own money he spent in the primary. Greene frequently spoke in rapid-fire, fragmentary sentences, repeating certain phrases or interrupting himself multiple times during the same sentence while he searched for the right words. But he was emphatic about certain aspects of his candidacy, insisting that details about his campaign organization, for instance, weren’t relevant. “I’m not concentrating on how I was elected — it’s history. I’m the Democratic nominee — we need to get talking about America back to work, what’s going on, in America.”

When asked by reporters today about the sex-creep felony charges he faces, Greene hung up the phone.

The Free Times reminds us that South Carolina Republicans are notorious for running fake candidates. Maybe it’s what people do these days instead of wearing the white robes:

Greene’s curious candidacy raises the question that something else might be going on. Republican place markers in Palmetto State Democratic primaries are campaign legend.

In the early ‘90s, a Republican strategist was prosecuted and forced to pay a fine when he was found to have coaxed an unemployed black fisherman into running in a primary race to increase white turnout at the polls in a Lowcountry congressional race. The political operative paid the man’s filing fee.

If the whole thing wasn’t so shoddy and mean, it would almost seem like a Wonkette joke brought to life. “We need to get talking about America back to work, what’s going on, in America.” Uhh …. thanks for exceeding expectations, South Carolina!

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  1. Hey, South Carolina Republicans are gonna do what it takes to ensure a free and fair election — and if the Democrats aren’t going to field their own candidate, the Republicans will field one for them. And in our divisive political climate it’s nice to see such bipartisanship.

  2. South Carolina’s State Motto: “You want stupid? We’ll SHOW you stupid, dagnabbit!”

    (The dagnabbit was added recently, in retaliation against other states like Texas, Florida & Arizona attempting to show us even more stupid.)

  3. [re=595675]SayItWithWookies[/re]: The Dems in SC actually snagged a pretty good candidate: multiple terms in the SC legislature, prosecutor, and judge!

  4. Don’t know why I love you like I do
    After all these changes that you put me through
    You stole my money and my cigarettes
    And I haven’t seen hide nor hair of you yet

  5. um, let’s see… positive spin, positive spin, where in this wreckage can we find some positive spin?

    at least the democrats will not be wasting any effort on a race they couldn’t win anyway?

    um… or how about…

    “whipping post” could be mr. greene’s campaign song?

  6. [re=595673]bago[/re]: He’s also well-read. He reads… and…. and.. all of them.
    And slept with all of the Democratic candidates.

  7. Someone at least had to staple up bunches of pics in areas where they knew he’d get votes. Let’s go to the security cameras!

  8. he’s an unemployed veteran; certainly that rings a bell with some folks. given the proper setting, no doubt he will articulate positions on issues.

  9. So the SC Reps basically fielded convinced a guy who appears to fulfill many racist stereotypes about black and convinced him to run as a fake candidate. Ugh.

  10. “Court records show 32-year-old Alvin Greene was arrested in November and charged with showing obscene Internet photos to a University of South Carolina student. The felony charge carries up to five years in prison….Records indicate Greene showed photos to a woman and talked about going to her room at a university dorm.”

    Obscene Internet photos…wow, what a stone psycho this guy is. And then he talked about going to her dorm room! Can’t understand why he isn’t in Gitmo already, particularly if the girl in question was a PiPhi.

  11. But who of us hasn’t shown obscene materials to a college girl and threatened to follow her to her dorm room?

    No story. Move along, now.

  12. [re=595702]Oldskool[/re]: Or maybe all the SC hate groups knew to register Dem and vote for Greene. No offense to the other (from what I understand, extremely qualified) Dem candidate, but it can’t have taken very many wingnuts switching registration to tip the balance in a Democratic primary for Jim Demint’s seat, right? Or shit, who’s to say the ballots were even counted?

    The vote is, if anything, more sketchy than the registration, because who the fuck voted for this guy that collected no campaign contributions and did no campaigning, has no job and no name recognition, and has literally been charged with a felony? Nobody who gives a shit about “may the best man win,” certainly.

  13. [re=595710]What Fresh Hell is This?[/re]: Really. I mean, if it had been a college boy, he could run for Lieutenant Governor, even.

  14. [re=595709]V572625694[/re]: i wonder what color she was. i suppose if she was white, alvin would have been hanging from a tree before christmas. or maybe she was white, and the fact that he’s out on bail is a demonstration that, despite its best efforts, even the palmetto state has not been able to withstand the forces of progress.

  15. [re=595707]edgydrifter[/re]: Too many explosions nearby in Iraq? Most members of Congress are brain-damaged anyway, aren’t they?

  16. [re=595710]What Fresh Hell is This?[/re]: Is it still a felony if you eventually wound up married to her? I’m just sayin’…

  17. [re=595709]V572625694[/re]: This is South Carolina, the South-iest of Southern places. A black country boy accused of propositioning/threatening a rich white girl is a stereotypical “lynching offense.” This is either a get-out-the-white-vote operation or the SC GOP 2010 equivalent of burning crosses just to keep the blacks nervous/terrified.

  18. [re=595709]V572625694[/re]: High above the Pi Phi garter, high above her knee, lies the symbol of her honor, her virginity. . .

    I wonder how often they prosecute white men for sending sexy-time pics to adult college coeds and asking if they can come to the dorm and fuck?

    But I guess its the pending black stalker pervy-rapey charges that explains why he is the perfect straw-man for the GOP to run, and this is why they didn’t just run Barney Gumble. Or Hitler.

  19. [re=595716]Come here a minute[/re]: Hell yes its still a felony, in fact, if she is white and the leering oversexed rape-obsessed predator is black (and what black man is not oversexxed and obsessed with raping white women), if they wind up married, it becomes a capital crime.

  20. Rawls seems to have done better in more populous counties like Charleston County, but he just got trounced in the rest of the state. Did Rawls spend any money on getting his name out? Maybe he bought some advertising in the larger markets?

  21. Clearly, this is all a clever plan on the part of the Republican party of South Carolina to make black candidates more acceptable in the South than Barack Obama.

  22. [re=595712]Zadig[/re]: It was more than 30k votes. It’s possible to influence that many people to do something, but hard to keep that influence quiet.

  23. [re=595731]Prommie[/re]: Maybe. But they didn’t get Greene to actually file any paperwork, so he’s going to be disqualified. And the dumbass took the check he got from them straight to the SC Dem party HQ-which they found quite curious. The SC Dem chair has already asked him to drop out.

  24. [re=595737]FunkyPalmettoBug[/re]: Latest news I heard is that at least some of the required paperwork did get filed, on…
    hrm, let’s see…
    Oh! The night of the primary. Which may or may not be legal, but is certainly not extremely fucking shifty, no sir!

  25. [re=595737]FunkyPalmettoBug[/re]: What will it take for folks in SC to get totally fed up with this crap? In Alabama, our politicians are corrupt and laughable, but more on a Connecticut level.

  26. [re=595712]Zadig[/re]: I think SC has open primaries so with DeMint positioned to win again, all the teabaggers and asshats could just throw their votes at this obvious loser. My lovely state of CA just voted Yes on having open primaries. WTF. It is bad enough that Meg “Translucent Bloated Yoda” Whitman is about to purchase the highest office in the state. Jerry Brown needs to get his fcking ass in gear or I’m moving back to Michigan. At least you can buy Hobo Beans for fewer Ameros there.

  27. [re=595750]MarSF[/re]: That doesn’t make sense unless SC let’s you vote in *both* primaries. Otherwise GOPers would have to pass up the Gov race.

  28. [re=595744]Zadig[/re]: You have to have your paperwork in long before the primary. If Greene doesn’t withdraw quietly, he’ll be dragged out of the ring by the SC dems(and the Richland County prosecutors).

    [re=595745]What Fresh Hell is This?[/re]: It keeps us entertained. And this is just the stuff that leaks out lol.

  29. I think we Merry Wonketteers need to go on a field trip to S.C. and fuck with the Repubs. or if somebody wanted to take one for the team and fuck Jim DeMint, preferably anally, that would also be good.Also.

  30. If you’re born again, you could pull this off quietly. Watch for an incongruous outpouring of “support” to his legal defense fund from the fundies of Assemblies of God. It’ll have a bow on it.

  31. [re=595762]Mr Blifil[/re]: How cool would it be if something went Terribly Awry, and he somehow beat DeMint? The universe would have a a hearty fucking laugh over that one.

  32. Gee, like Tea Bagger Belle of the Ball Jim Deminted was going to be unseated in rationale logical and librul SC.

    Brilliant work Ewick!

  33. [re=595718]Ken Layne[/re]: The bogus-candidate hypothesis is the best explanation.
    [re=595720]Prommie[/re]: I know the Pi Phi handshake, but your song is awesome.[re=595714]slappypaddy[/re]: YOU LIE!

  34. Man, this is some shady, shady shit right here. I can’t wait for the media to credulously present him as the “establishment candidate”.

  35. [re=595679]blogslut[/re]: “Disseminating, Procurring or Promoting Obsenity”
    Well, the recording clerk gets 3/5 on the spelling test.

  36. [re=595718]Ken Layne[/re]: Agreed. But will anybody in SC care enough to dig out the facts? Or perhaps the “qualfied” candidate figured he had it in the bag and didn’t work for it? Stranger things have happened, I suppose, but that filing fee money had to come from someplace. He needs that kind of money for his criminal defense attorney, not for a Senate run. (Duh!)

    [re=595750]MarSF[/re]: I’m thinking Maryland for my escape location. Maybe rural Pennsylvania where my rudimentary German could allow me to hide out amongst the Amish.

  37. [re=595788]steverino247[/re]: Easy: There’s $10,000 in it for you if you will deliver $10,000 and some forms for us.

  38. [re=595671]Come here a minute[/re]: If the ReThugliKKKans will give him $10,000 for these political shenanigans, perhaps the Demoncraps with give him $20,000 for a lurid tale of shaggin’ the ‘rag-head’ gubernatorial-candidate Nimrata “Darlin’ Nikki” Randhawa… how would a rumour that she rides the black stallion serve/kill her campaign?

  39. So what if they needed a little help from the friends across the aisle. The Democratic Party now has a candidate as incoherent and unqualified as Sarah Palin.

  40. I read recently that South Carolina is too small to be a republic and too large to be an insane asylum. Personally, I put my money on the asylum aspect. Stoopid. Also.

  41. Hell, beat ’em at their own fucking game. Get some real “independents” and any anarchy-minded Dems SC may have behind this guy. Elect him already! Hey, why not? Could he be any worse than what’s already there? Plus, how great would it be to piss off the smarty-pantsed Rethugs!

  42. [re=595787]the problem child[/re]: You must be grading on a special South Carolina-only scale. NO way in Hell I’d give a point for “or” if it were any other state.

  43. [re=595795]slappypaddy[/re]: There are all kinds of good things about the South. But when they keep electing people like Bob Barr and Zach Wamp and Joe Wilson you think that all the progress they seem to have made was just on the surface, and everybody’s ready to go back to lynching and segregation as soon as they have the slightest reason — like that HNIC in the White House.

  44. [re=595791]the problem child[/re]: Well, they do try to make it easy for candidates down at the elections office, don’t they?

    [re=595806]Bearbloke[/re]: The perp’s name is Chester, so it doesn’t count. I’m talking Pennsylvania, not those slackers from Missouri and Wisconsin. Usually the most trouble you have with the Amish (unless you’re a specialist in genetic diseases, of course) is in avoiding their horse carts at night. I almost wiped one out in Lancaster about six years ago. As for the double dating suggestion, go fuck yourself.

  45. [re=595808]Shot at Wolf[/re]: Petigru said that in reaction to South Carolina leaving the Union, and he was the State’s AG at the time.

  46. [re=595820]FunkyPalmettoBug[/re]: Yeah, thanks, that was it.
    [re=595818]V572625694[/re]: I agree with you. There are a lot of good folks here, however, like anywhere else. I guess the only thing the wingnuts and rednecks have going for them is their sincerity. In other, more genteel states, some folks harbor those dastardly feelings secretly.

  47. OT: Well, I now know that I was right for deciding to not support NPR anymore… All Things Considered just ran an 8-minute spot, sucking Sarah Palin’s dick (she’s AWESOME! She’s a PHENOM!), then brought a rep from on immediately afterward and mocked the progressive left as a bunch of irrelevant losers.

    Fuck you, NPR.

  48. Asked when he planned to file with the FEC, he replied, “OK, yeah, so what do you need? What are you trying to get from me, now? I’m in a hurry.”

    He sounds like a politician to me, (as long as he was in a hurry to go to a strip club.)

    The Palin comparisons are dead-on. I could quote this guy, put it under a picture of Sarah Palin, and the feebs that follow her around in hopes of sniffing her butt crack would proclaim her to be brilliant and accuse “libs” of being “scared” of her.

  49. Lets see, an unemployed guy somehow plucked down 10 grand of his own money to run for Senate. He didnt do any advertising, had no staff, no yards signs, was kicked out of the military, is facing felony charges, lives with his parents, doesn’t own a cell phone and has no computer in the house, yet somehow won the democratic senate primary. If only there were some clues for media to go on to show something is rotten in South Carolina.

  50. From traitor John C. Calhoun, to chickenshit Preston Brooks who “sucker” cained Charles Sumner, to rapist Strom Thurmond, to creepy whacko Jim DeMint, no state has more consistently sent bigger fucktards to the U.S. Congress in our history than South Carolina. Gotta be something in the water.

  51. Oh, and let’s not forget crossing party lines to vote in primaries, too.

    There are no consequences for voting in the “wrong” primary, so, if you’re sure of your choices in “your” primary, why not register as a Democrat and have some hijinks?

    Oh, they’ll pay the fine.

    See Gantt, Harvey.

    “We’ll pay the fine, but, uh, we won’t have to re-run the election, will we? We get to keep the political office we stole, won’t we?”

  52. [re=595832]CommitteeOfTheHole[/re]: And they should have never elected native sons, Chris Rock and Jasper Johns. Oh, they didn’t?

  53. [re=595750]MarSF[/re]: Meg “Translucent Bloated Yoda” Whitman

    Heh heh, win.

    So pissed the jungle primary thing passed. This state is insane enough as is.

  54. “The Alvin Greene Story – Profiles in Courage”, the BET Star Cinema Movie of the Week, starring Mykelti Williamson as Senator Alvin Greene (D-SC) will air in early June 2011…

  55. Also and too, how the fuck did Stephen Colbert (an SC native) not get on the presidential ballot a couple of years ago but this guy can get into and win the Dem primary for the Senate? Seriously, do any of our South Carolinian brethren on here know?

  56. [re=595832]CommitteeOfTheHole[/re]: Do some research on the names “Cole Blease” and “Ben Tillman.” They put anyone else to shame. Blease’s inauguration speech as governor wasn’t published in the SC newspapers because it contained so much profanity(and this was a century ago). Tillman almost died in a bar fight…while he was governor. Among the beyond the pale racism of both(Blease might be the most racist politician in American history).

    And there’s Cotton Ed Smith, who campaigned with a bale of cotton that he appeared to be sexually attracted to(he would stroke the cotton bale during his speeches). Time called him “a conscientious objector to the 20th Century.” And he openly called his fellow Senators “Buttheads” to their faces…during committee hearings.

    Good times

    [re=595841]imissopus[/re]: Corporate sponsorship on his show. He had to give up the sponsors, give up the show or give up his run.

  57. [re=595832]CommitteeOfTheHole[/re]: SC is our crazy younger brother but we still like to show off a little whenever we burp up a Jesse Helms or John Edwards. The competition over here is fierce.

  58. Which is like saying one should look under the hood of a car before they buy it. But of course, Mr Greene believes such current misdemeanors shouldn’t disqualify him- after all if Senators and presidents can have affairs and concubines why shouldn’t Alvin be allowed to walk around town with a stack of wet sticky porn magazines?

  59. Interesting that he wins, and on the next day the Chicago Black Hawks win the Stanley Cup….. The last year they won it? 1961, the year of Barack Hussein Insh’allah Obama’s immaculate conception.
    Obviously sports are controlled by the Jews.
    Do I have that right? Anybody? Hello?

  60. You know, I can’t wait for the GOP to get all indignant the first time someone calls Greene an Uncle Tom. It’ll be the usual interesting bit of contortionism when they call themselves the civil rights party — what’ll get extra points from me is how they’re going to portray their handpicked fall guy as some sort of average Joe Democrat who was rejected by the party elite. That might be stretching the truth too much for even a South Carolina judge to ignore. Not by much, mind you, if at all.

  61. [re=595875]mayor_quimby[/re]: Sorry, but our Muslim/Kenyan overlord (blessed be his name) was born August 4, 1961, so his divine/immaculate conception would probably technically fall before the generally accepted beginning of 1961. Nine months is still the usual incubation period, amirite? Not that you still might not have a helluva argument, the Jews and all, and considering that I have no idea what the Black Hawks…oh, wait a minute — Stanley Cup? I’ve heard of that! Carry on.

  62. [re=595791]the problem child[/re]: That’s my question. I want to know what his cut was. How much does it cost to get someone go do this kind of stupid legwork. I’m betting they paid him $200.

  63. Well since Hint of DeMint can’t run attack ads against him, for Racism, this is presumably HInt of DeMint’s plan to avoid the necessity of actual campaigning entirely.

  64. [re=595765]queeraselvis v 2.0[/re]:
    I was surprised that it hadn’t shown up sooner.

    [re=595821]Chet Kincaid[/re]:
    So maybe you can tell me what was up with Rudy’s face? What were those dots supposed to be? Acne? Freckles? Those things like the singer Seal has? I’ve wondered for years. Also, if you maybe know “The Cos” and could get me one of those Ichabod Mortimer pens? That would be neat.

  65. [re=595747]nappyduggs[/re]:perfection.

    re=595824]Blender[/re]: yeah. and they’ve been shilling for bp quite a bit: Today I heard one of their (NPR) hosts admonish a caller for being hard on BP because of the company’s importance to the economy. [re=595826]Bearbloke[/re]: well he knows Mike Tyson (coincidence?)

    I am frequently ashamed of my ability to underestimate people’s assholery. Sigh. SC Dems please give this set extra his $200 per diem. Now that the crowd scene is done, his services aren’t needed.
    [re=595841]imissopus[/re]: [re=595855]FunkyPalmettoBug[/re]: I look forward to Colbert’s insightful — and helpful — endorsement of this candidate.

  66. [re=595679]blogslut[/re]: OMFG the 5th Circuit Court of Richland, South Carolina misspelled both procurement (two rs) and obscenity (without the c). Twice.

  67. In re NPR: Scott Simon’s replacement of Bob Edwards was a signal. Inside, there was new “management” mandated by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (next time that title card is up on a PBS TV show, like “The News Hour,” read it, and you’ll see “a private corporation”). In fact, CPB has a nasty history of being a force set up and funded to “fix” PBS by making it “fair” by making it “represent our views.” The cleansing of NPR occurred with new presidents and vice presidents who wanted the “lefty” hosts gone or to shut up, who wanted copy to change, and who wanted more sympathetic coverage of the kindly corporate underwriters. Well, many scandals later, those particular executives are gone, but their influence lingers on like a crap in the buffet.

    SC, though: I would suppose that a felony charge in this case requires not simply that he shared his favorite porn with the universal male mistaken view that what is arousing for us guys is arousing for women and the childish mistake that, “You turn me on, so you must be turned on” (which is akin to, “You can’t see me: I have my eyes closed”), but that she went to a cop about it. Now, of course, we have to give massive props to SC for having laws on the books like this, where it’s a felony to shock a flower of femininity. In another state, it would probably just be “stalking.”

    My point remains: GOPers registered as Democrats to have “fun” and vote in the primary. That can’t be proven. On the other hand, if the party fostered a racial placeholder, that can. The problem is that the GOP will pay the fine, accept the bad name, and laaaaaaaugh, because they won’t have to re-run the election.

  68. Would it be so bad if SC seceded from the union? I’m sure this is one of the states that take way more money than they give. Then they could put the vaunted conferate flag back up and return the Jim Crow laws. Teabaghistan?

  69. As an SC Dem- if no contests have multiple candidates, I do not get to vote in a primary (nothing to vote for) because I can’t go in and vote for Reps instead. But this time there were multiple candidates in several races, yay! So what happens? I am asked how I want to vote- Rep or Dem! So, any Rep who wants to vote against a Dem candidate can if there are multiple candidates. This is certainly likely in local and district elections , but in a US Senate race? I suspect Rawls did not campaign vigorously to get out the vote because there was no real threat to his campaign.

  70. [re=595743]kapish[/re]: California’s version does not have this problem. It’s a fully open primary. All the candidates are on one ballot, and the top two go on. This avoids representation problems, like lack of party discipline allowing a dark horse to win because some ego maniac won’t get out of the race. You want to run as an independent spoiler, fine, you get into the primary with the rest of them.

  71. There’s something else going on BESIDES the fact that the man is a plant.

    Why on earth would they plant someone in the election when DeMint is a shoe-in for re-election? Hmmm…maybe because some sort of scandal involving some young dude’s schlong in DeMint’s mouth and/or butt is about to surface? Inquiring minds want to know!!!

  72. [re=595712]Zadig[/re]: He was on Olberman last night, and he is Trig all grown up. Also, SC has open primaries that allow rethuglican asswipes to crossover and vote in the democratic primary. A new feature added to California law by referendum; this will allow for similar fun there.

  73. Not sure why my earlier post was erased, maybe because I accidentally double-posted?

    In any case, I really do not think there was any fixing involved. I believe the voters were lazy and picked the first name on the ballot, or quite possibly thought they were voting for soul legend Al Green (I’m not kidding). Quite possibly Greene was elected because his name ‘sounded’ better, especially if Rawls in fact did not campaign outside of Charleston area. I did not see a single campaign ad for any prospective U.S. Senator here in the Charleston market. I had never heard of either Rawls or this other Mental Giant before.

    This Greene guy is too dumb to be a GOP plant, he would have slipped up by now if there was someone (anyone?) behind him. Its also pretty well known in this state that DeMint most likely handily defeat anybody put up against him, so why bother?

    I think the facts will prove that Greene really is a ‘lone gunman’, no grassy knoll, just a fool on the hill.

  74. This absolutely reeks of ‘fake candidate’ and is a sorry example of what our election system has come down to. A corrupt group of people who gain political office by having massive amounts of money and then doing absolutely nothing when they’re in office. Dems and Reps, most of them are as bad as each other. And they wonder why the US has one of the lowest voter turnouts in any ‘democracy’ in the world.

  75. [re=597386]stevnjessie1[/re]:
    I’ll say, the local Dem party head tried to talk him out of signing on. Greene signed on anyway, they took his money, then the Dem leadership failed to look into his background.

    Something else pointing to this being just a fluke… Robert Ford, a wellknown African-American pol in SC pointed out that the name Greene spelled with an ‘e’ is a known identifier as a person of African American descent. In SC, the majority of Democrats are African American, therefore he speculates the voters chose him based on his name — voting for ‘one of us’.

    Also, it turns out Vick Rawl did not do any ‘real’ campaigning either– he relied on Robo-calling in the last couple of days before the election to get his message out. Rawl is now seeking the advice of mathematicians to see if Greene’s win is statistically possible.

    I agree with Robt. Ford on the most likely reason Greene got elected. The only real trail to follow is the money trail– to see where he got the 10K to sign up. I think it is plausible that he did save the money up from his stint in the service, when he came back home, he moved in with his dad, so I doubt he had to pay rent, etc.

    In any case, I hope he does not buckle to the egg-on-face Dem leaders, so I can watch a most entertaining debate with DeMint! Its gonna be awesome!

  76. [re=595906]Zorg[/re]: On the contrary, it means eternal whining about the civil war, as if no one else ever suffered in history. The Sioux Rebellion of 1862 was crushed rather more brutally but more Carolinnies have never heard of it.

  77. [re=597386]stevnjessie1[/re]: Well, I’m not an SC Dem, but I like the idea of electing an unemployed vet. I’ve been there myself. Nothing like some experience of life outside a 5 star hotel or the sort of suburb where if you’re white you’re alright.

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